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Tifa and Cloud -- Reunion (Part 2 of 3)

Cloud: "You know I like to give you challenges... it keeps you on YOUR toes. I would have much rather have been out of bed and wandering around instead of just lying there unable to do anything and just itched all the time," he said dryly, not at all pleased with having to stay in bed for any real length of time with nothing to occupy himself with. He had known he wasn't allowed to get up, even if he cheated a few times, but he had been bored out of his skull and he had been all too glad to get rid of the stitches that had held him together until he had healed. "It is when all thoughts that you have somehow relate back to me... don't deny it. I know you."

Shivering as she used his full name, he pulled her harder against him if it was at all possible. Still keeping the wall at her back, his gaze turned to regard the hallway leading to the bedroom then glanced back to Tifa then the hallway again. "I make myself hard to read so that I can keep you guessing on what I'm thinking... just another challenge for you," he murmured softly before he inhaled at the feel of his pants becoming looser around his hips, a signal that the button had been opened and he shifted his feet to allow his hips to press up harder to Tifa's. He leaned forward a little and buried his nose into her hair and neck, breathing her scent in deeply. "Not sure I want to move... could ruin the moment..."

Reluctantly, he watched as she refused his request and took the flask back from her hands. He had waited too long with it, the cells having probably already established themselves. He withdrew from their contact but didn't move too far away, not wishing to scare her at all. "It's water," he said simply though he didn't offer the flask back just yet for her to drink from. "Before I tell you anything, I ask that you drink it. It is all that I will ask of you..." he murmured softly, turning his head so his face was obscured behind his blonde hair and slowly extended the flask to her. He would leave it up to her to take and drink from.

Tifa: “You like to give me challenges to see what I will do to match it, or try to overcome them. Therefore, I’ll throw a challenge back at you… I won’t lie, I’m rather good on my feet, but I have yet to see what I’m like off of them, so I think it’s about time we give that aspect of myself a try, hmm?” She let her tongue trail on the outside of his ear, finishing the thought by blowing a small stream of air directly into his ear as well. “Not every single thought, just about 90% of them, so I can’t consider myself a stalker just yet. Give me time and maybe I’ll get to that point, but for now, I just consider myself dangerously in love.” She wasn’t sure just which ‘title’ was better, or… healthier, really.

She enjoyed being pressed up against him like that, having been so long since she had been able to be in his arms. This time was much different though, this time it seemed as though he had other plans of things to do… and she wasn’t about to complain. If anything, she was encouraging. “This is something that you shouldn’t challenge me on though, it’s not fair. Not when it’s something that I’ve been waiting for since the day before Valentine’s day, and have asked you about several times. You know I want to give myself to you, and I know that you want me. So stop waiting.” She shifted her hands from the front of his pants to his lower back, slipping her fingers into the waistline, not pulling oft the pants just yet, but indicating that she wanted them off.

“Just… water?” She asked, holding the flask in her hands and looking at it, not at Cloud. She had a hard time believing that; it didn’t go down like water, and she had never had water burn her in such a way. Her hand that was still on his back fell to her side as she flicked her gaze to Cloud. If he wanted her to do something, she was going to do it. “…If you say so,” she muttered before drinking more of the solution. Again it burned as it went down, so she put her hand to her forehead and nearly dropped the glass from the sensation. Trying to ignore it the best she could, she drank the rest and held onto Cloud until her mind began to feel a little clearer. It scared her for she didn’t even notice her mind becoming a little fuzzy over the past few months, she assumed it was just a headache that didn’t go away.

Where did he go for so long? What was in that water? She was able to trace back the events, so she clung onto him a little tighter, then without moving her head from his shoulder, she whispered, “Cloud, what happened during the Junon mission?”

Cloud: Ignoring everything else by the shift in mood within himself, Cloud said nothing as he watched her with the flask. There was nothing more that he could say about it, nothing he could do to convince her to take it without having to explain everything that had lead up to this point. He wasn't ready for that for he didn't want any aspect of Jenova to know how hurt he was, that this reunion had been one of his only solaces and just holding her had released him almost completely for his guilt of failure. Now, he could only let her drink it and hope that it worked, that she would not ask questions until after she had done as he asked. Before then... he doubted he could answer.

He watched silently as she drank, wincing a little at her reaction and his hands immediately slid around her waist to support her and prevent her from falling over. That was something he had power over, and he could only stand allowing her to drink the entire flask of water. There was a reaction to it, probably some form of removal as the water did the work that it was supposed to do.

He could feel relief flood him when it appeared that she had emptied the flask, his head turning and pressing against the side of her head as it rested against his shoulder. His arms slipped completely around her waist to hold her tightly to him, allowing his eyes to fall closed at her question. "Too much happened on that mission... I failed you on it, so I had to go away and right the wrongs that I had committed at that time and place." He pulled her up and off her feet, cuddling her close as he walked without further word to the bedroom that was now theirs and seated Tifa on the bed before seating himself beside her. He curled an arm around her shoulders and bit his lip.

"Junon mission was a failure... Sephiroth was there and attacked us..." he started and set out to detail every event of the mission in full to Tifa, telling her from the moment that Sephiroth had appeared to the battling that had occurred to Tifa's attack which resulted in Sephiroth injecting her. He detailed how he had figured out what had happened and the resulting anger and fear that had taken two lives, one of which he regretted. He added what the solution was meant to do and why he had been gone so long only to find the healing water from Aeris at last.

Tifa: Her hold on him loosened as he lifted her up, but she rested her head against his chest as he walked her into the bedroom, the mood between them much different now than it was. She had never felt herself cool down so quickly in her entire life.

The information he told her was almost overwhelming, yet part of her knew what had happened. She just needed something to respark her memory, and with his words, it happened. She remembered Sephiroth being there, remembered the fight… remembered being injected. Even with the words, she put her hand on her leg and looked down.

And then the worst part of all, the General. He was killed… by Cloud’s sword. In a moment of protecting her, he had taken a life. Thoughtshard or not, she had grown attached to the miniature Sephiroth… and it almost made her forget that he was the good half of the man who destroyed Cloud of everything, destroyed her hometown… nearly killed her. The General was good… he was what Sephiroth was supposed to be. And now he was gone.

“So that’s why he didn’t answer his phone when I call…ed…” She exhaled through her nose as she shook her head, still not looking up at Cloud. “Rufus. He knew what happened, didn’t he? He knew exactly what happened when I called him yet he lied. He told me that he would pass the message along to the General, that I was worried about him and wanted him to contact me… but he knew the whole damn time.” She felt completely betrayed by the man, but part of her felt as though she deserved it. She betrayed Rufus first of all… but this was something that dealt with the General, who she had taken into her own care.

When Cloud told her how he spoke to Aeris and the healing solution, she rested her head against Cloud’s shoulder again and held him tightly. Clone? What would’ve happened to her if he didn’t find the solution in time? Would she have lost touch with reality? Have her memories erased from her? Or…Would she have turned against him? Turned against everything that she knew and cared for and sided with Jenova and her sons?

She felt slightly betrayed by Cloud as well, he could’ve told her what happened when she woke up. Should’ve told her what happened instead of just leaving and telling her to stay in the house. Yet, she did understand why he kept it from her; perhaps she would’ve been able to alert Jenova by searching her mind. It probably wasn’t easy on him either, so she tucked her head against his neck and said, “Thank you… for finding a cure. I… understand everything. We avoided disaster, at least.”

Cloud: After finishing his long tale of the events he had kept close to the armour, Cloud stared at his hands that were neatly folded in his lap. He didn't expect her reaction to be a good one, aware that he had kept a lot of knowledge from her when he probably should have told. He simply couldn't do it back then, knowing that she was going to suffer, be taken away from him in the worst possible way, and he had not been ready to speak so plainly about the events to her. He was hurting too much just watching her in that comatose like sleep.

He turned his head a little at the mention of Rufus, remaining silent before he closed his eyes. Rufus... Tifa had called Rufus looking for answers, no doubt. Rufus had not spoken of anything, kept his secrets as much secret as he had to protect Tifa. The man had put a lot on the line to not say anything, and there was a flood of gratitude towards the man now. "Don't blame Rufus, Tifa. I met with Rufus while you slept to pass on information about the mission and I asked him to say nothing to you if you called. He was doing as I asked him, so please... don't blame him for what he said and any lies he told you. It was my fault." It would hurt her to know he had gone to that length to keep information from her, but he couldn't let her know that Jenova could find her.

"I couldn't let you know... she could have found you and used you, turned you into someone that you're not. Jenova would have found you if you had tried to verify anything... she was probably so angry with the loss of Sephiroth that she didn't search, but... she would have if she knew what had happened." His hands clasped more tightly together and he bowed his head a little so his blonde hair fell over his eyes to hide them. "What I did was unforgivable, I know... I failed you on so many levels, but I had to find a cure before I told you. I fail you still right now, I know... I should leave you to think, but I can't bear to be apart from you right now. I finally have you back."

He tilted his head down so his chin rested on the top of her head and sighed heavily. He curled his arm more tightly around her shoulders to hold her close to him. "I'm sorry... for failing you, for taking too long for a cure, for putting Rufus in the position I did, for lying to you, for not... protecting you. I should have taken that needle..."

Tifa: Tifa wasn’t sure what her reaction should be to anything that Cloud was saying to her. She was rather hurt that he hid things from her, but she did know that he had good intentions to everything that he did. Even if that was the first time that he had ever hidden anything from her, he was only doing it for her benefit, and for that she had to respect.

“Oh,” she replied quietly at how he informed Rufus what had been going on. It was noble of the man to keep his mouth shut when Cloud asked him to; he could’ve easily have told Tifa that Cloud made him remain quiet, but he didn’t. She actually had to silently thank him, for Cloud was right. Who knew what could’ve happened if Jenova grasped onto the fact that Tifa had her cells in her. Nodding her head slightly, she whispered, “I won’t. I’m… actually glad that he did keep his mouth shut. He’s a good man. Even after everything that I did to him… everything that we did to him… he’s still a good man to both of us.”

Lifting her head from his shoulder, she stroked his cheek with her index finger before kissing his lips gently. Seeing the look on his face, she just couldn’t stand it. It hurt her more to see that expression than having him hold things from her, and she needed to let him know that. “No, Cloud… look at me.” Tilting his head up with her fingers, she forced him to look her in the eye as she kept her face very close to his, whispering softly. “You could never fail me. You found the cure… went through so much to do so without stopping. You protected me from Jenova and from myself, really, so for that I thank you. You’ve always been my hero, Cloud Kristoph Strife. Ever since I was a little girl, you told me that you would protect me and be my hero, and every day you live up to that promise more and more. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

She put her free hand on his lower back before kissing him again to reassure that she was now fine, and just happy that he was with her. “I don’t want you to leave me. I want to be with you… not just right now, but forever. I can’t stand to think of being apart from you any longer, so just stay with me, please. You protected me, you didn’t fail me, so please don’t think that. Just think… if you were struck with that needle, I wouldn’t have known how to cure it. I wouldn’t have known what it did… what it could do…”

Shaking her head, she smiled gently, not really wanting to think about that. “But, the important thing is that didn’t happen. I’m back to normal, thanks to you, and you’re here with me. So…” Cupping his cheek with her hand, she rubbed her thumb over his lips before continuing; “smile for me.”

Cloud: Hiding things from Tifa had been the last thing that he wanted to do, but he knew that it had been necessary. It didn't make him feel any better about doing it, and he knew that it was something that he would have to make up for to forgive himself for it. He had hidden it for the purpose to keeping Jenova from finding out, and it would have protected Tifa as it had - he could see that it had. He just knew that, upon coming back, he would have to explain himself to her, and she would come to realize just how much he had hidden from her as he explained his absence. He still felt like he had to make it up to her somehow, even if she had probably already forgiven him for it.

He cast a glanced over at her, hoping that she would not be angry at Rufus and any anger would be directed at him. He was relieved that Rufus had said nothing, and he also thought that the man had a good heart despite the enterprise. "He is a good man, and I respect him," he murmured softly. He bowed his head a little as he thought of the sacrifice that Rufus might have made for him... no, not for him, for Tifa, to keep her safe. Rufus was still obviously cared for Tifa deeply and wanted to keep her safe. "I will lend him my sword and my strengths whenever he needs it."

Turning his head to receive the affection, he kept his eyes down until she ordered him to look at her. It took him a moment, but he slowly lifted his head a little so that his blue eyes peered out from under his blonde hair. He could feel her fingers helping in the process but he resisted when she pushed his head too far beyond his comfort level. Shyly, his eyes almost drifted away at her words, but he leaned his head in so his forehead rested against hers. "I looked everywhere for it... labs, hospitals, herbal medicine and then the tainted water." He closed his eyes at her last words and nodded his head a little. "I will continue to protect you until I have no strength left and even then, I will protect you with my body so that you will feel no pain."

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he lifted a hand and stroked his fingers down her cheek then neck. "I will stay for as long as you like," he murmured softly, his voice barely above a whisper. "I won't go anywhere for a long time, just stay here with you or you can travel with me wherever I have to go." He glanced at her with his eyes then cast them down. "If it had been me... I could have fought it. I might have been a puppet again for awhile, but I would have fought it."

At her request, he blinked at her. He wound an arm around her waist and pulled her close, laying his head down on her shoulder as a child might before he turned it. The corner of his lips quirked up before blossoming into a radiant shy smile for her. "I love you."

Tifa: She nodded, keeping her eyes locked on his as he explained where he went to for the cure. Basically everywhere... she knew that the black pool was his last resort, mainly because he wasn't even sure if it was going to be a valid cure or not. If Aeris hadn't shown up and helped him find the cure, there wouldn't have been any other way to cure it. She would've been lost to the darkness without knowing how to fight her way out of it. Again, Aeris had helped Cloud through his toughest moments. Even if she didn't physically do anything, a few kind words of encouragement was enough to help him through everything. Missing Aeris was something that Tifa constantly went through, but as long as she helped Cloud, she was more than grateful to the woman. "And I will do the same to you, Cloud. In whatever way I can, I will protect you and help you, no mater what trials we have to overcome in our lifetime."

Leaning into the touch to her skin, she closed her eyes and listened to him speak, again, nodding her head slightly just so he could recognize the motion. "I'd like that. I missed you so much while you were away... and I don't mean to be selfish by staying around you all the time and wanting your time. If you need to go somewhere without me, I'll understand. But I just love being with you so much and missed you while you were gone." She knew that he wasn't going to argue about it. "I'm glad that it didn't end up that way and I'm glad that everything is now back to normal. We can focus on other things now. I can start training again... I'm sure I've lost some muscle mass from staying away from the training room for two months, but I'll get back up to my peak strength again. I promise."

The way he pulled her close caused her to wrap her arms tightly around him, looking down as he smiled for her. She smiled back before turning her head to kiss him on the cheek. "I love you, Cloud Kristoph Strife. I always have... and always will." Backing up a little, she pressed her lips to his, massaging the back of his head with her fingertips.

Cloud: Nodding his head a little, Cloud had no doubt that Tifa would do the same for him if the opportunity for her to do so came up. She seemed to protect him more mentally than physically, watching over his emotional and mental well-being and fighting for that as he hardly was taken down on a physical level anymore. "I'm grateful for that," he said softly and sighed contently. He was started to feel better already, and he was so glad that she was cured of the Jenova cells. "Even if I don't show it, I value you your strength and I need to know you're there with me."

Thinking over his plans that he had been thinking about for a long time, especially on his way back, Cloud shifted closer to her and held her more tightly to him. One of his hands left the post at her waist and slipped up to massage the back of her neck as he rapidly made the plans that he wanted, to show her that he cared. They had been dating awhile and they had done nothing together, which just wouldn't due. "I want to take you on a date... you know, dinner and a movie or dancing or something. Will you let me do that?" He pulled his head back so that he could regard her, tilting his head to the side. "We can train whenever you like... you look like you have lost a little weight across your shoulders," he murmured and stroked his fingers across them. "I suppose now I can beat you without trying... not that I had to try very hard," he said and the tiniest of smirks tugged at his lips.

Enjoying her smile in return, he leaned into her weight a little more as his fingers continued to caress her shoulders. He would have said something in reply, but her lips covered his over. He lifted his head from her shoulder and pressed back, his hand rising to stroke down her cheek again. His fingers slipped down the ridge of her jaw and caressed her neck.

Tifa: "You do show it. Even if you don't think you do, you show it in your eyes when you look at me. " She informed him, cupping his cheek with her hand., stroking her thumb along his flesh. "Even if you don't think you do, you show it in your eyes when you look at me." She protected him in a different way; like he had told her before, she was his strength, the emotional strength for him to lean on whenever he needed her. She would stand by him no matter what happened, and whenever he needed her.

She smiled at him at his proposition and lifted her head up to look at him. They had talked about going on a date a while back, when he first asked her out, and she was glad that he brought it up again. It would be the first thing that they would do as a couple... and now she had to find something to wear. "I'd love that. Just some time to spend with each other... and you wearing color. Don't think you're getting out of that because you promised me that you would. Not that I don't love the black, because I really do, but I want to see you in something other than black. If I need to dress you, I so will, don't tempt me." She playfully tapped him on the nose with her finger. "It's been a while since we've trained together. I like it when you train.... you get all sweaty and glisten-y." With a small scoff at his last comment, she clicked her tongue a few times. "Now that's just initiative for me to get all muscular again so you can't say that. Not like you would've been able to beat me in the first place. You keep on trying to challenge me with that one, yet I have yet to see another spar."

Even though she was next to him, her arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders, she still felt too far away. Shifting her weight, she went up on her knees, then turned to face toward him, placed one knee on either side of his hips before sitting back down again, resuming the kiss without saying a word. Pressing her chest against his, she scooted up so she was sitting directly on his hips and nibbled on his lower lip.

Cloud: Pleased that he did show his need of her strength, Cloud leaned towards her a little more. "It appears that my eyes give me away a lot of the time, since you know me... I keep a straight face as much as I can," he said and placed a kiss on her forehead. She had trouble reading his lack of facial expression, but he was certain that if he let anything slip in his eyes, she would read it from him all too easily. He was glad that she could though because if it hurt enough to show up, he probably needed her strength to help him through it.

It appeared that she liked the fact he brought up a date with her again, something that they really needed to do in order to really feel like a couple. He gave her a look at the mention of colour, not liking that option one bit as he preferred his dark blues and blacks. He had promised that he would wear colour, and he had been hoping that she would forget about that... no go though. At the tap to his nose, he was suddenly struck with an idea, a colourful idea no less and he sat quietly plotting against her. If she wanted colour, he was give her colour... enough to make her blush. "Fine... I will wear a little colour for you," he said, casting his eyes down as if upset with that. "Are you going to be free tomorrow night for a date then? I can make all the arrangements for tomorrow," he said. "Unless.... you may need more time to find something since all my clothes are mixed in with yours?"

He quirked an eyebrow at her description of him when he trained, figuring he should have seen that coming. "Of course... you just like to train with me to get my sweaty... with all my muscles bulging and such," he said to humour her. He rolled his eyes playfully and shrugged. "Well, you better get training then, since I know I can and always will beat you in a contest of training. I am stronger than you... so I can technically pin you my readily."

Lifting his arms away when Tifa began to shift, he quirked an eyebrow when she shifted over to sit in his lap. He should have seen that one as well. He settled his hands on her hips and groaned a little in surprise when she sat on his hips, not expecting that one. He let out a playful growl at her and curled his arms around her waist, one sliding up her back until he gripped one of the shoulder straps of her bra, pulling it down before the other one, her shirt preventing anymore. Instead, his hand trailed down her back, exploring and touching. "...you're bad."

Tifa: "I pride myself on being able to read people, even if you are perhaps the hardest person in the world to read," she said with a small smirk, an obvious statement that he was more than aware of. He had gotten much better with expressing his emotions and she had gotten better reading said emotions, but sometimes when he was able to keep his face completely emotionless, she wasn't sure what was on his mind. Of course, that didn't discourage her from digging deeper and prying for the thoughts on his mind. It just frustrated her a little bit how he was able to completely close off his facial expressions.

"Now you have one of those expressions where you're up to something." She moved in closer to him with the same smirk on her face, hoping that he would spill what he was planning. "Don't try to fool me by acting like color is evil. I think it says that you'll wear color... but I'm not sure which one. I still vote for blue. It'll match your eyes.." Blinking in surprise about when the date would be, she was unable to help the smile on her face. Trying to play it off nonchalantly, she looked up at the ceiling as if she was in thought. "Well, if I move that to next week, shift that to the morning.... Yes, I can move around my busy schedule for a wonderful and romantic night with you." She nuzzled his face with her nose to prove that she was kidding and didnt have anything planned for quite a while. "I'm sure I can find something to wear. I have a lot of clothes... and while I was moving things around, I discovered some clothes that I've never even worn before. Like a cute little strapless red dress that I bought a few months ago. I might wear that."

At the talk of his muscles, she allowed her imagination to take over and nodded. "Yeah, I can't lie. You just might have to be careful that I don't pin you down and ravage you right on the floor of the training area looking like that. Don't underestimate me, even in my weaker state, I'm sure I would do it." Shrugging a little, she added, "Or if you want to pin me down, I won't argue with that either. I might not even fight back, but I guess we shall see."

She let a small moan escape her lips as his hand went up her back and touched her, followed by a low chuckle at what he said. "Maybe a little bit..." Her hands moved from the back of his head back to his bare back, digging her fingernails into his flesh slightly and trailing her nails down the length of his back. "Are you complaining? You're the one who didn't even want to wait until we got into the bedroom, but since we are here, my wish remains the same."

Cloud: "I pride myself on making things difficult for you. Someone needs to keep you on your toes," Cloud commented casually even if he knew he had the advantage when it came to reading people. He could read Tifa like a book no matter the facial expression that she wore. Her body language would often give away what her face did not show outrightly, and he had somehow trained his entire body language to stray into completely neutrality. "You are probably the easiest person for me to read... always giving away your secrets."

He shrugged his shoulders a little at her comment. "I am up to something; I'm planning the date, that's all. I think I'll take you somewhere fancy," he murmured as he had a particular restaurant in mind for the job that would do nicely and there was little chance that they would be caught publicly. He was not ashamed of his relationship with Tifa, but he knew the media would be all over it. "Fine... I'll wear a little blue," he said with a heavy sigh. There had to be a blue shirt in the closet... he was sure he could see one when he came in. "I thought you would move things around for me... you tend to do that when I need your attention." He thought about Tifa in a red dress and nodded his head appreciatively. "I'm sure that whatever you wear will be beautiful... nothing can look bad on you."

Quirking an eyebrow, he sighed in feigned exasperation and looked as if he had the biggest duty in the world to accomplish. "Well, I suppose I will have to accept that you will pin me down when I train and just find a place you can't find me when I do... though, with my bedroom now vacant, I suppose I could train in there. Not like we are going to be using it soon." He snorted softly and flicked a strand of dark hair next to her neck. "You wouldn't fight back if I pinned you... I bet you're submissive if given the choice."

"Just a little bit?" He let out a soft hiss when her nails dug into his back, causing it to arch and press up against her body more, his eyes clenching shut as she scratched down his back. "Who said anything about complaining?" He slipped his hands down and gripped her shirt, pulling it up and over her head, tossing it aside before leaning back on his hand and grabbed the front of her loose bra, tugging it down before pushing Tifa off of him to the bed while still holding the bra. He held it up to his chest as if inspecting. "See, black looks sexy on me in all garments."

Tifa: "Yeah, you do keep me on my toes... and you do a damn good job of keeping me on my toes when I want off of them too," she said playfully, sticking her tongue out. She knew that she was less than subtle and very easy to read, but she wasn't about to change that fact about herself. It was less guessing anyway, and less stress of holding in secrets and other information. It was just much easier to wear her emotions on her sleeve so anyone could read them. "I don't have any secrets. Like, right now for instance, can you read the thoughts in my mind?" Smiling, she shrugged and waited for an answer.

Thinking about the fancy places around, she wondered which one that he was going to take her to. Not like it really mattered as long as she was with him. "All right, I'll wear something nice. Maybe the red dress, maybe a black one, maybe something a totally different color. I'll have to surprise you." She had so many clothes, but she wanted to wear the necklace that he gave her to go along with it, no matter what she chose to wear. It went well with most of her other clothing and she wore it all the time, with the exception of the shower, and, when she got to it again, training. Noting the reluctance to wanting to wear blue, she said, "If you want to wear a different color, that's fine. I'm just stating my opinion. You will look extremely handsome in anything that you wear. Too bad we can't go out naked." At the latter part of her statement, her lips quirked into a smirk.

"About your room, I wouldn't go making any rash moves just yet," she said, perhaps a little too quickly. It wasn't as though she had her own rash plans for his old room.... it wasn't as though she knew exactly where the crib, the changing table, and the rocking chair were going to go. Clearing her throat softly, she calmed down a little. "I mean, the training room is fine for our training just now, and if you need more space, I can throw you around the bedroom a little. You don't know if I'm submissive or dominant, so you have no right to be making judgments and your own conclusions until you know for a fact." She raised an eyebrow in challenge, yet, she wasn't sure of the answer herself either.

"Okay, maybe a little more than a little..." She chuckled at the sound he made and moved in his lap a little in response. Before she could say anything else, he stripped her shirt and bra and she found herself on her back on the bed, looking up at him with a bra held up to his chest. "Cloud, only you. Only you could do that and actually make it look good. However..." She grabbed him by the waist and threw him onto the bed then straddled his hips. Bending over so her chest was against his, she began nibbling on his earlobe and let a soft moan escape her throat. "I think it needs to go on the floor now, hmm?"

Cloud: "What can I say... I'm just the kind of guy that likes to see you tip-toeing around all the time," Cloud said with a larger smirk on his lips as he regarded Tifa. He let her pointed sexual comment slip by him without needing to comment on it, as he was very well aware how much she wanted him to pin her down and have his way with her. She was the easiest person to read in that regard as she had proverbial lights on in his direction and giving him longingly pestering looks. "I can read them, but I don't see the point when they are staring me in the face with clear writing of 'I'm ready and waiting, big boy... what are you waiting for?'"

Nodding his head, Cloud had no doubt that Tifa would wear something that would make the nice very pleasant, though he had plans of his own to knock her off her feet with his outfit. He would have to go around and see if he owned any clothing like the one he was thinking of and if not, he would have to go out and find something that would do it well and suit him. "I know I would... I'm just a handsome guy that makes even women's clothing look good. But, just because you have fashion sense and I don't, I will find something that is blue for you... no more nagging about that though." He shook his head a little. "It's a good thing we can't go out naked; you'd never let me out the door."

His eyebrows knit together at the suddenness of her trying to steer him away from utilizing his own old bedroom. He gave her a look as he tried to determine what she could possibly want it for, shoving several impossibilities out quickly. She couldn't hope for a hottub in that room. "I suppose you're right..." he murmured, still looking at her as if trying to make her spill her secret to him as he had no idea what she would want an old bedroom for aside from maybe a playroom for Denzel and Marlene. "No, I don't yet... though I'm sure you want me to find out as quickly as possible. Besides, I'm generally a good judge of character..." He raised his eyebrows in response to her challenge.

Looking over at Tifa dumped on the bed, Cloud shifted his chest from side to side to show how nice the bra looked on him. "I'm one in a billion," he said before being tackled over with a small gasp, losing his hold on the bra in exchange for curling his arms around Tifa's waist as she settled back on his hips. He slid his hands up her bare back as he felt her breasts lay on his chest. "What does? My hands are empty, no worries," he murmured before he tilted his head down and nibbled on her neck at the same time as his hands slid down the length of her back and up over her hips before he slapped both hands down on her backside playfully. "Desperate?"

Tifa: "Oh boy, you're going to buy me pointe shoes for my next birthday, aren't you?" She gave him a playful smack on the shoulder and allowed her sexual comment to pass over the two of them; she knew he caught onto it anyway, no use reiterating it. At his comment, she opened her mouth to say something... but nothing more than a tiny squeak would come out. After a scoff, she managed to get some of her wits about her and say, "I don't... have that look on my face!!" After a pause, she knitted her eyebrows together and added, "Do I?" She did and she knew it. It was the look on her face whenever she looked and Cloud, and she couldn't even deny it because that was roughly what over ninety percent of her looks toward him meant. The amount of times she verbally stated something very close to that were proof.

"You're a handsome guy that can make anything look good." It was true, and even if he was joking around about it, she meant it. The fact that he was able to win Don's affection over her and Aeris meant that he could even look wonderful in woman's clothing, so no argument was going to be of any use. He was just an all around sexy man. Brushing a blonde spike off of his forehead, she gently kissed him on the lips. "My fashion sense isn't perfect, but I like it. Maybe just something a little blue... but I'll let you decide that. I'm done talking about the clothing issue. Just surprise me." Letting her mind wander about him walking around naked, she nodded. "True. I wouldn't let you get five feet away from me before I tackled you to the floor."

She was only able to smile nervously at his expression; it slipped out anyway. The baby talk was basically taboo for the two of them, and since he was back and now in a much better mood, she didn't want to ruin it again. It was just something that was going to have to run its course. Yes, Tifa wanted to plan things her way, but she would just have to wait and see. what happened for them along the line. "Of course I'm right. I'm always right, it's the woman's job." He could read her well, but this is something that she had to keep close to the chest and not let him catch on to. "Maybe.... but maybe not." The coy card wasn't working on her, because she had it written all over her face.

"You certainly are. I am a damn lucky woman," she whispered into his ear, not going further into that statement although she could've. In fact, she probably could've given an hour long presentation on the topic, pie charts and statistics included. Feeling his hands on her back and him nibbling on her neck, she moaned again, jumping slightly when he smacked on her backside. Backing up so she could look him in the eyes, she said dryly, "Desperate? Since it is apparently written all over my face, I believe my answer to that is, 'I'm ready and waiting, big boy... what are you waiting for?'"
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