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Tifa and Cloud -- Reunion (Part 1 of 3)

((Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum... we suck, we're sorry that this took FOREVER AND SIX YEARS to finish and post but work owning both of us was the cause. (Summer? Where are you???) And random "OOOH SHINY!" moments, but oh, the story of my life lol. Anyway, Cloud comes back with the cure for Tifa, she drinks it, they talk, there's a little angst, and then... horny muses were on the loose and Cloud gives Tifa what she's been begging for wanting since um... February.

THANK GOD, she can SHUT UP in my brain now. Lol. So yeah... Contains smut... mostly in the third part!!! Just wanted to bold it so you could see it, but honestly, I'm surprised they waited until the second part, because... um... horny muses emerged in the first part too.

I am so tired, can you tell? lol. God, if it wasn't 2:30 in the morning, I would want coffee....lol. XD Anyway! I need to get to bed because I have an exam in... *counts* six and a half hours. :D LONGEST SUMMARY EVER but that’s why it’s only in the first part. :D))

Tifa: Tifa wasn't sure exactly what she wanted to do next. Part of her wanted to sit outside on the porch and wait for Cloud to return and the other part said to finish her little project that she was working on. Her 'redecorating' in fact, was her moving all of Cloud's belongings into her room. Clothes, materia, everything. Tifa figured that since Cloud had less stuff, she had the bigger closets and more drawers, and her room was further away from Denzel and Marlene's, her room was now going to be 'their' room. She thought it was a very good idea. It wasn't like they were going to sleep in separate beds when he came back, so now it just saved him the trouble of having to go into his, now 'old' room and having to get out clothes.

It actually entertained her for quite a while before he text messaged her saying that he was coming home. Where the hell had he been anyway? He was gone for so long. What, almost two months? Two months since she had seen him. That was far too long. It was the longest they had been apart since he left with the Geostigma… did something like that happen again? No, that couldn't be it. With the way that he was when she woke up from her coma, and the way that both he and Rufus held in information to what happened down at the Junon lab, it had to be something important.

At least he was coming home now. Finally.

Fixing the necklace that was around her neck, she smiled and walked over to her bed, where a pile of Cloud's clothing was. In fact, it was the last thing that she had to put in her room, for now he was completely moved in… even though he didn't know about it. It was just a surprise. She softly hummed as she packed the clothing into her drawer, realizing that now there wasn't any free space, but she didn't mind. At least it was done before he got home.

Cloud: With Fenrir fixed up again, Cloud had made the journey back to Edge easily, the flask of healing water tucked safely in one of his pockets. He had been unwilling to let it leave his side since he had managed to acquire it back in the church, and it seemed that Tifa was excited to know that he was coming home. He had kept her too long, but it had been required to find a cure for the cloning material that she had been injected with. He had been determined that he was not return until he had either failed miserably or found a cure; he had nearly failed.

He sighed when he thought of Aeris, thanking her silently for all the help. He hoped that he could visit with her again as he missed her terribly.

For now, he pulled up into the back parking lot and cut the engine, sliding from the seat and standing up. He pushed back a wet lock of blonde, having wet his hair down in an attempt to make it settle normally on his head. No such luck, but the spikes were at least resembling his normal hair style instead of all over the place in odd ways like when he woke up. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now he had water dropping down his cheeks and neck, wetting the collar of his sweater and sliding down his chest. He just wanted to see Tifa now and see her attempts at redecorating.

Walking inside, he left his sword by the door and kicked off his boots. He pulled off his gloves as he entered the kitchen, leaving them on the table and looking around for any sign of where Tifa was. He thought possibly upstairs and decided to investigate, moving towards the stairs.

Tifa: "Come on, fit," she said, straining a little as she tried to shut the drawer. She could've pushed it harder, but she would've broken the dresser in the process, so she had to stop and pull some things out. It wasn't even him who had all the clothes, it was her. She didn't think that she owned so much clothing, in fact, she wasn't even sure where it all came from, but apparently she had enough for everyone in Edge to share. Opening up the drawers around that one, she took a few of his shirts out of the stuffed drawer and put them in a drawer that still had some space.

Once that drawer was shut, she backed up to admire her work. It only took her a few hours... and nothing really looked different since she was able to fit everything in her closet and the dressers, but it was just the thought that they now shared a bedroom. He'd find out about it soon enough when he made it back home safely.

Looking at the bed, she saw Reno perk up his head and look toward the door out into the hallway. Walking toward the cat, she picked him up and started to walk toward the entrance of the room, leaning against the door frame to listen. It was the front door. Her face broke out into a smile as she put the cat down and bolted toward the stairs, seeing Cloud advancing toward them as well. She wasn't sure why he was all wet, but she figured she'd ask him later. He was finally home... standing twenty feet away from her. She never thought that she could be so happy to see him.

"Hello, stranger," she managed to say calmly... before she ran down half the stairs, then hopped the rest of the way down in one jump before reaching him. She wrapped her arms around his neck before jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist, hugging him so tightly that she thought she would cut off his breathing. However, she didn't loosen her hold as she tucked her head against his neck and said, "I missed you so much."

Cloud: Pausing when he was almost at the stairs, Cloud turned his head to listen to the thumping in the upstairs that was the obvious movement of someone coming towards his direction at a good pace. He waited there in case Denzel or Marlene came charging down at him, but he wasn't surprised when Tifa appeared at the top of the stairs. He hadn't forgotten how beautiful she was, but he thought she glowed as she bounded down the stairs to him. He shifted his arms away from his sides when it became clear that she wasn't going to stop, and he set his footing as she leapt up into his arms.

As she did jump, he took a half step towards her in his own greeting, wrapping his arms around her waist in return and spinning them both in a circle, happy to see her so excited. He didn't even really mind the tightness of her hold, realizing that she had probably missed him a lot. "I think you managed to somehow get more beautiful since I last saw you," he whispered into her ear as he simply held her close to him, sliding a hand up her the length of her back and massaging the back of her neck with his gloved fingers. "I missed you too, but I'm home now... and everything is going to be fine."

He was reminded of the weight of the flask in his pocket, but he made no move to grab it and destroy this moment. Instead, he leaned in and pressed a kiss her to cheek, breathing in her scent as he spun them around again. "Did you finish your redecorating?"

Tifa: She chuckled as he complimented her and spun them around, then planted a kiss on his neck. "I'm so glad you're home. I was getting so restless, you have no idea. I was going to leave but you said not to, so I stayed here. I was bored, but... it's okay because you're here now." She was repeating herself; something she did often when she was very excited. She just couldn't believe that he was home... and still couldn't understand why he was gone for so long.

In response to the kiss on her cheek, she loosened up her hold a little bit to back up her head and look into his eyes, nodding. "Yep. I did. I had to do something while you were gone, so the house is extremely clean. I will scream if I see any speck of dust on anything over the next few weeks because I worked really hard, but the kids have been good about it. They miss you too... but I think they're out playing right now." She rested her forehead against his and smiled wider, even though she didn't think it was possible. "As for the redecorating. It's upstairs in my bedroom. Well..." She was about to correct herself and mention that it was 'their' bedroom now, but she wanted it to be a complete surprise. "Let's just go up there and see if you can see what I did. I really hope you like it."

Cloud: Cloud nodded his head, thinking that it had been wrong of him to restrict her from leaving the house, but he wanted to know she was safe. He hadn't expected to be gone as long as he had either, which complicated the order that he had given her. It was something he would have to make up to her, and he fully planned on how he would do that, had been thinking about it for the entire trip home. "Yes, I'm here now, and I don't have any plans to leave again for a long time either."

He bent a little to set Tifa back on the ground when she was ready to unwind her legs from glomping his waist, but he was hesitant about letting her go from his arms as well. He remained stationary in contemplation on the situation before he glanced over to the stairs at her comment about redecorating her room. Hadn't she said that she was redecorating his room? He pushed that thought aside and looked down at her. "I look forward to seeing the children, but I would like to spend some time with you first. I've been a neglectful boyfriend being gone, but... let's see what you have done with your room."

He set Tifa down and pulled her in front of him, circling his arms around her waist and allowing her to lead the way up the stairs so he could follow behind. He leaned down and kissed her neck, nuzzling the smooth skin with his nose. "I'm sure I'll like whatever you did."

Tifa: "Well, that's good to hear," she said with a slight nod, kissing him on the edge of his nose before massaging the back of his head with her fingertips. Although she really was restless being at home with only the kids, not knowing where Cloud was or what happened in the Junon mission, it was a chance for her to get some things around the 7th Heaven done. She was even planning on opening it again soon... maybe. It just depended on if she felt motivated to open it knowing that she was on such a long hiatus from it. "That means that you get to keep me company."

Realizing that he was going to put her down, she unwrapped her legs from around his waist and set them on the ground again, not removing her arms from around his neck. She smiled at the word 'boyfriend'... it would never get old. They had been dating for a few months now that she thought about it, but they really didn't spend all that much time together. However, now that he was back, she was going to make sure to change that. "You can spend all the time with me that you want. The kids are just a phone call away, so maybe they can spend some time with Barret or Amy... or maybe even Elena." That was perhaps putting words in his mouth for other activities, but really, she just wanted to spend time with him alone. Perking up at the mentioning of her room, she gave him a devious look. "I hope you can tell what I did. If not, I'll give you hints."

She started to lead the way, but slowed down as he kissed her neck. Putting her arms over his, she paused and softly exhaled. "I might not make it up the stairs, Mr. Strife..." Not like she was complaining at all.

Cloud: Not really wanting to bring up the reason he had gone away, Cloud decided that for now, it was best that they just spend a few minutes together. They had not been there with each other for almost the entirety of their term of dating. It wasn't really fair to her, but he hoped that there would be time for them to spend together and have a few days to themselves and with the children as a family. He thought that he needed a break even for a day or so to catch up with all that he had missed out on over the course of his journeying to get a cure.

He walked with her towards the stairs and nodded. "I know, and we haven't been the most diligent about spending time together... my fault, I know. I'm just glad to know that you are safe and so are the children," he murmured into her neck, leaning into her back a little more, even as he picked up the subtle undertone from her. She was still as desperate as ever it appeared, but it was terribly refreshing and attractive that he decided to not make a comment or tease her about it. He simply tightened the grip he had on her waist at they started to ascend the stairs, wondering what she had done. "Well... I suppose I will see when we get there."

Lifting his head a little, he cast a glance at her from the side of his eye. "I suppose I could carry you if you're having trouble." He twisted his arms up and locked his elbows to trap her arms under his before he casually gave her a playful knee to the backside. "You really did miss me... and you haven't changed a bit, Lockheart."

Tifa: "No, it's not really your fault..." she said, trying to think of a way that she could put part of the blame on herself. She really couldn't, but it didn't really matter to her right now. "Besides, does it matter? I know you were out doing something important. You're here with me now, aren't you? To me, that is the only thing that is important." It truly was the only important thing to her. It bothered her over the past few months, even twenty minutes prior to seeing him, but she knew that she shouldn't take it personal. If anything, she was just a little lonely and worried.

Tilting her head to the side a little, she closed her eyes and concentrated on the way that he was kissing her. It had been too long since she had seen him... and she wasn't sure how she was able to keep her hands off of him at the moment. The stairs were getting harder to ascend though. "You might have to do that," she informed him, gasping a little as he trapped her hands. "Of course I missed you! What, you didn't think that I would?"

She was teasing him and now was able to go up the stairs again since he snapped her back into reality a little bit. "Well, it's a good thing that I haven't changed. You wouldn't have wanted to come back and see me a different person, would you?" Chuckling softly, she continued to lead him to their room.

Cloud: Nodding his head, Cloud decided not to say anymore on the subject of his being away for such an extended period of time. He knew that he had done the right thing by going away and searching up a cure for her, and he could not regret that decision even if it had been terribly difficult for him to do. He just knew that he couldn't lose her in such a manner, and he was here with her now. He didn't plan on going away unless it was really required, wanting to spend quality time to make sure that Tifa was alright and not feeling lonely. "Yes, I'm here now and I won't be going anywhere without you any time soon."

He snickered softly before nibbling his way up her neck before letting out a contented sigh. "Well... maybe you had found a better man than me? It could have happened... the cat didn't replace me, did he? Damn dustbag," he muttered the last part but he still had a tug of fondness for Reno the cat. He just wasn't going to share his pillow with the beast. "That Reno better not have stolen my woman or he's sleeping outside... I'm not in a sharing mood with the dustbag cat."

He followed her up the stairs without question, aware that she would eventually move back to the mood where she was flirting and getting hopeful towards him. She was very funny doing that. He stiffened a little at her comment and stopped walking immediately, pulling her hard against his chest and burying his face into her neck, nestling his face up and just taking a moment to feel her against him. "I wouldn't change you for anything. I love you just the way that you are," he murmured into her neck before he pulled back and forced them to walk again, pausing at his bedroom and finally releasing his hold. "I'm going to grab a change of clothing... I'm guilty of not smelling very nice and I need a shower soon."

Tifa: "You make me so happy," she said instantly at his comment. It was good to hear him say that, even though she probably would've been very upset if he left for a while. She almost felt selfish, but as long as he said it first, it was fine. He wanted to be with her too. Not like she needed him to convince her of that.. but it was just good for her to hear it. "Again, I missed you more than you will ever know."

Unable to stop herself, she exhaled again with the contact to her neck. It was her weakness, he was aware of it, and more than likely doing it for that reason. "What?" She playfully scoffed at him. "First of all, there isn't anyone in this world better than you. You are the most amazing man I have ever met and it will forever remain that way." At the mentioning of the cat, Reno walked over to them and started to follow the two of them. "You love my cat, don't deny it. But you know... he did keep me company. He was warm and comfortable, gives me lots of kisses..." Trailing off, she hugged his arms tighter around her waist. "Don't worry, you're the only man for me. I told you that you're stuck with me, did I not? I still hold to that."

She wasn't exactly expecting him to suddenly hold her much closer, so she tensed up for a second. Was it something she said? "I love you too, Cloud," she said, closing her eyes before they were walking again. Once he released her, she flashed him an innocent smile. "Well, um... if you want clothing, you're not going to find any in your room. Plus, you smell fine. But I wouldn't argue about a shower. I could use one too, actually... from sweating while redecorating."

Cloud: Pleased with the fact that he did make her happy, Cloud thought that he would have to work on making her more than happy for a while to show his appreciation of all that she had done for him over the course of their friendship. "You make me smile," he murmured and it was true. She always seemed to nag him about his moods and lately he had been wanting to smile again since finding the cure. He knew he could be a happy person even with his mood swings, but he wanted to smile for her to let her know that he cared about her.

He glowed under the compliments, and he took a strange satisfaction in the fact that she was so obsessively in love with him that no one else seemed to compare up to what he was in her eyes. He doubted the cat got in the way that much, and he glanced down when he saw the orange beast wandering around after them. He tolerated when Reno rubbed up against his legs, but he gave a bit of a warning look when it was clear the dustbag might make an attempt to climb up his legs to get to where his hands were still wrapped around Tifa's waist. "I'm glad that I am... though the dustbag is strong competition, I can see."

He paused at the fact that he wasn't going to find his clothing in his room, giving her an odd look. Had she moved him out of his room, perhaps to his work room? "What do you mean? Did you put my clothing in my work room or something?" He had a growing suspicion what she had done, but he decided that playing it safe would be his best bet. Though, he could help but roll his eyes a little. "And here I thought you just needed a shower to have one with me..."

Tifa: Hearing him say that she made him smile was the best compliment that he could give her. She told him that once before, but it was the truth. She loved it when he smiled. Not just because he had an amazingly gorgeous smile, but it was a sign that showed happiness. It took so long for Cloud to finally smile again, even throughout all of Tifa's sometimes not so friendly nagging to make him forgive himself for things that weren't his fault, and to know that she helped contribute to his smiles made her feel amazing. "I love you so much," she whispered, closing her eyes again as she gripped onto his arms tighter.

"I'm glad that you're glad that you are, if that makes sense," she chuckled at herself, then looked down at the cat. She could tell that he wanted attention from her, especially since he was receiving so much while Cloud was gone. Reno helped ease a little of her loneliness, but not exactly enough. Now she felt as though she didn't want to leave Cloud's arms for longer than a few seconds. Turning her head to look at him out of the corner of her eye, she kissed him on the cheek. "Don't worry, I'll be snuggling up to you tonight and not the cat."

The way he reacted made the whole situation so much more entertaining for her, because it was clear that he didn't have a clue to what she did. "Why would I put your clothes in your work place? Did I not say that I redecorated my room?" Practically bouncing on her toes, she pointed in the direction of their room. "So, not only did I put everything of yours into my room, but in the process, transformed it from 'my room' to 'our room.'" She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Surprise!"

Seeing the roll of his eyes, she mocked him. "Oh, don't give me that look. I was trying to make up an excuse instead of bluntly saying that I wanted to get you naked." She gave him a quick kiss on the lips, then when she realized that was the first time that she had kissed him in months, she pressed her lips up against his against his again, lingering much longer this time.

Cloud: "I love you too," Cloud replied softly and nuzzled Tifa's face with his nose, responding to her grip with a light squeeze of his own hands. It was very good to be back at the 7th Heaven with Tifa and soon the children as well. It even smelled just like home, a welcoming place that he wanted to spend some time in for a long period.

He chuckled softly and pulled away from her hold in the direction of his room. "I suppose that means I'll be sleeping in your bed or you in mine..." he trailed off at her announcement of the surprise and the extent of her redecorating. He blinked at her and pushed open the door to his room to peer inside, noting that it was rather empty in there and all of his things were completely absent from the space. It was rather clean as well, even if he never had been a messy person to begin with. "You... moved me into your room..." It was more a statement than a question, looking from his empty room to the direction of Tifa's before turning his eyes down to her, lifting his hands as her arms came around his neck. "...our room?" He wasn't sure what to make of that concept since they had spent so little time together.

Nodding his head slowly, he shook his head. "You don't have a subtle bone in your body, you know that?" He returned the little kiss before finding himself locked in another one that was longer. Instinctively he leaned down their minor height difference and pressed his lips back more firmly and wrapped his arms around her again.

Tifa: "It means that we'll be sleeping in our bed!" She said, emphasizing the word 'our', still rather proud of how she moved all of his stuff without him knowing about it. As she studied his reaction, he seemed rather... shocked about how she moved all of his stuff into her room without him knowing about it, but she knew that he was happy about it. She hoped anyway. Her face fell slightly when she started to have second thoughts about it all, then muttered, "You're... okay with that right? I...I mean, if you think we should still have separate rooms I'll move everything back, not a problem, I just thought... maybe..." She wasn't about to tell him how she basically had plans about how his room was going to turn into the baby's nursery, mainly because she was thinking far in advance and the baby topic still was a little fragile. He just came back, she didn't want him to be upset.

"Yes, I do know that." She wasn't about to lie, especially over her subtlety. Or lack of same. "But this way, no secrets. You know how I feel." Once he kissed her back, she pressed her body up against him and flicked her tongue out to touch his upper lip, practically begging for permission to deepen the kiss.

Cloud: Nodding his head slowly, Cloud allowed the word 'our' to roll through his mind. He had suspected that their relationship would move quickly from one step to the next, but they had only seen each other very briefly since the start of their relationship. He supposed that was no excuse since they had been friends since the time that they could walk in some form or another, and there was still the fact that they had basically proposed to each other months before. They were probably acting like foolish youngsters rushing things along, but he didn't think that he minded at all. It seemed right in his mind that there would be a quick progression from one thing to the next.

He tilted his head to the side and finally nodded a little. "No, I'm fine with having a bedroom just for ourselves. We can turn my old bedroom into something else, maybe a weight room or another training room." He would have to think about what they could turn another room into, though he thought that perhaps Denzel or Marlene might want a change and shift into a new room. "You don't have to move anything back... I want to share a room with you. It's been a long time coming," he admitted and knew it was true. Other circumstances simply prevented them from moving along that route.

"You make a lot loud and clear," he replied dryly before allowing himself to be consumed by the kiss. He was not surprised that she took the initiative in deepening it, and he parted his lips in response and flicked his tongue out against hers before he curled it around hers to trap it against his lips. He rubbed the metal stud against her tongue teasingly before withdrawing his attack and waiting to see what she would do.

Tifa: Biting on her lower lip and massaging the back of his head as he thought about it, she anxiously awaited an answer. She knew just how quickly she wanted things to progress... she knew he was aware of how quickly she wanted things to progress... so she was just giving them a little push into that direction. Now that he was back, there wasn't anything in the way of things progressing like she wanted them to. Unless, of course, he didn't want them to progress that fast. In that case, she wouldn't argue.

When he answered, she smiled and nodded. "Okay, good. Sure, we can turn it into something later. I'm sure something will pop into our minds over some time." Yeah, a nursery... she added in her head, only showing her very wide smile. "But for now we can leave it empty and enjoy our room. I picked my room because I had a lot more things, and..." she let out a gentle cough before continuing, "it's on the furthest end of the house."

She didn't bother saying anything back to him, for she was proud of her bluntness most of the time. Even if she wasn't blunt, he was able to read her anyway, so it didn't make that much of a difference whether she just said it or made him read the subtext. Moaning softly from the feeling of the tongue piercing, she lowered her hands from his neck to his chest, blindly finding the zipper to his sweater before pulling it down to unzip it all the way. Placing her hands on his slightly wet chest, she trailed them to his back to hold him closer to her.

Cloud: He agreed that there didn't need to be any solid plans for what they turned his old room into. They could potentially renovate it into something more fitting for the house, not that they actually needed anything else. Maybe a study room for Denzel and Marlene? He decided not to think too hard on it, as he had a sneaking suspicion that Tifa had already chosen the destiny of his old room while he was gone and would arrange it according to her own whims anyway. He dared not ask what sort of scheming she had been doing in that regard as it would probably result in some response like, 'play room' or 'more cats room'.

He couldn't help but shake his head at her logic of moving into her room. He caught the undertone of the second reason and murmured simply, "you're insufferable." It was an attractive quality, and she made it clear what she wanted most of the time. "And you've been in your room a longer time than I have been in mine too... so I'm a bit more easy to uproot from that room anyway." He gave her shoulder a little shove anyway. "You planning on being a screamer or something? You're being awfully pointed towards getting into my pants." Two could play the blunt game.

Shifting in the spot he had rooted himself, he shivered when he felt her warm hands against the bare skin of his chest, pressing his lips against hers a little more firmly in response. He moved into her grip to bring him closer and curled an arm around her shoulders before he simply stepped up and pushed her back against the nearby wall, trapping her there. His other hand shifted up and cupped the side of her face before he allowed his fingers to trail down the gentle curve of her neck and around to caress one of her clavicles with the back of his hand. His fingers shifted down the length of her chest before slipping under her tanktop, pushing it up a little ways as he tickled his fingers across her flat muscular stomach.

Tifa: "You don't sound too disappointed in me being this way," she chuckled as she nuzzled his face with her nose. "This is very true, and that's why it only took me a little while to actually move your stuff into my room. It would've taken me three days to move all of my things. I never really realized just how much stuff I have, and I'm not even talking clothing. I save everything, apparently." Bouncing back from the gentle shove, she shrugged and blinked innocently. "Cloud, that's nothing new. I'm always trying to get into your pants." Gripping the front of his shirt, she pulled him closer to her and added in a lower voice, "I'm just waiting for the day that you'll give me what I want, Cloud Kristoph Strife, and then we'll see how much of a screamer I really am."

She was pleasantly surprised when her back met the wall, but certainly wasn't going to argue or try to move. Instead, she moaned softly at the way he was touching her and pulled his shirt over his shoulders and down his arms, then threw it randomly somewhere in the hallway where it could be picked up later. The water was still dripping down his hair slightly, falling over her fingers as she held onto him tightly, making him a little slippery. At the touch to her stomach, she broke the kiss for a moment to say, "Just take it off."

Cloud: "How could I ever be disappointed? You keep me on my toes... and the fact that you took the time to move all of my stuff into your room where you have so much stuff just goes to show how little I actually have since..." he paused to peer over towards different aspects of his room for any sign of moved furniture to her room. "It appears that all the furniture has stayed the same, meaning you found a place for everything of mine without taking away from the room have." He nodded his head in agreement, not about to deny that she had and probably always would be wanting to get him out of his pants in some form or fashion. "True... it's lucky I have self-control."

He blinked when she pulled him closer by his sweater, though the words didn't surprise him. Somehow, he had seen it coming even if this was one of the more blunter things that she openly admitted in such a manner. "Oh really?" He looked thoughtful for a moment and leaned forward, eyeing her before glancing off towards the bedroom then back at Tifa, allowing one eyebrow to rise a little. "Perhaps my curiosity is getting the better of me... maybe we should go and find out right now?" He suddenly pressed himself up against her to the wall, letting out a soft airy moan into her ear. "...nothing is stopping us anymore. I could take you right here..."

Shifting his arms back, he helped in the removal of his sweater, allowing it to be tossed aside as he set his hands back on her waist, one hand brushing against the flask that was still in his pocket. He ignored it for now and slid both his hands under her shirt, sliding them around and up until his fingers found her bra clips. It took him only a moment to work them open before caressing the soft skin of her back while using his forearms to push her shirt up to her underarms then pinned her against the wall. "...and who am I to refuse this wish of yours anyway?"

Tifa: "I love to keep you on your toes... with the exception of the times when I don't want you on your feet." The comment was rather forward, but she just wanted to see how he was going to react to it. Probably not any different than usual, knowing that the comment was in regards of her being so blunt in the first place. "It was a little bit of a tight fit for all the clothing, but otherwise there wasn't a problem. Your materia chest is under the bed and the rest of your things fit in my closet." Pouting about the self control, she disagreed. "I'd like to say that it's unfortunate that you have self control."

Nodding, she noted how he looked off toward the bedroom. "Yes, really." At his comment, she wasn't sure how to react. It was what she wanted him to say for so long, but now that he heavily hinted toward it, she didn't know what to say. Was she supposed to say anything at all? It was the first time that he basically gave her a positive reaction about having sex that didn't involve the words 'when the right time comes...' So she just stood there with her eyes rather wide and a smile tugging at her lips. She dug her fingernails into his back gently as he pressed her against the wall, and moaned in response to his. "I..." She began panting, and she was pretty sure he could feel the rate her heart was beating at, for it felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. Slipping her eyes shut, she whispered, "I want you to..."

Being pinned against the wall again, she was shocked... and still wasn't sure what to do. There's no way that he would be teasing her... would there be? After all the times she practically begged for him, he wouldn't just tease? That would be cruel. The look in his eyes definitely didn't show a sign of teasing, nor did his actions or words. She was a little disappointed when he didn't take her shirt off all the way, but by the way things were going, it was going to be off soon. She moved her hands to his pants and began to unbutton them, then said, "...are you only teasing?" She wanted to smack herself for being skeptical, but the words slipped out.

Cloud: Shaking his head a little to Tifa's comment, Cloud was so used to her lack of subtlety by now that he couldn't call himself surprised by her comment. "Well, I suppose that it true, though you seem to have some trouble getting me off my feet in the first place. Though, you did a good job when I was all bandaged and couldn't fight back against you.... then you were just babying me." A small smirk appeared at the corner of his lips before he could only shake his head again. "You're such a determined woman to have things your way... I suppose I can't take issue with this since I didn't have a working phone to contact. You're a stalker, you know that?" He chuckled at the end to show he didn't mind that fact.

He took the time to watch her reaction to his advancement, the first time that he had willingly and openly reacted in a positive light towards the mention of actually having sex. He couldn't help but enjoy the way her eyes widened and the smile took over her features, though a seductive hiss left his throat as her nails raked down his back. He arched his back around the touch, his chest pressing harder against hers. He maintained the pin before his hands shifted down and stroked her exposed sides, keeping her shirt up under his arms as his short fingernails slid down her sides. He pushed himself harder against her and whispered seductively, "do I feel like I'm teasing? Do I sound like I'm 'just' teasing?"

One of his hands shifted back from touching to the flask hidden in his pocket. He pulled it free and turned his head to the side so he didn't hit Tifa with it as he raised it to his lips and pulled the stopper out with his teeth, making the action appear erotic as he could. He watched her out of the corner of his eye as he pressed the flask to his lips and took a small drink, allowing the shiver to run down his spine. He then pressed the flask to her lips, leaning forward and pressing his lips to her ear, nibbling on the lobe a moment before whispering, "take a drink of this. I brought it just for you... it tastes wonderful." He tipped the flask back for her to drink from it.

Tifa: She playfully made a face at him before kissing the tip of his nose. “You’re making that into a challenge for me, you know. Now I’m going to try to get you off of your feet even more than I have in the past. Having you sick in bed doesn’t exactly count, so I have to try other means. Besides, I liked babying you and I’m sure you liked it too. I gave you all kinds of special attention, bathed you… and most importantly, you were able to strip me down as we took out the stitches.” With a low breathy chuckle, she shrugged her shoulders. “Nothing wrong with being determined. I just know what I want and do whatever I can to get it.” At the mentioning at being a stalker, she scoffed slightly. “I don’t ‘stalk’ you. I just love you and want to be around you. Is that so wrong?” She could tell that he didn’t mind it at all, but she still felt like giving him a hard time about it.

When he pressed more up against her, she gasped slightly, then turned her head so he could whisper in her ear. It took her a second to regain her composure so she wouldn’t just take things in her control and pin him down to the floor, then turned her head again so her whispers would be directed into his ear. “I would sure hope not, but you’re a hard man to read sometimes, Cloud Kristoph Strife…” with his name, she chuckled and undid the button on his pants in one quick movement, before holding onto the material of his pants and pressing his hips against hers. “So, if you’re not teasing, take me into the bedroom… or if you can’t wait, take me right here.”

She felt his hand leave her side, so she looked down to see what he was doing. Although he was trying to be seductive with his movements, the flask distracted her to the point to put all seduction in the back of her mind and wonder what was in his hands. Even with his lips to her ear, she raised her hand to hold the flask in her own, moving it away from her lips a little bit once a small bit of the liquid was able to go down her throat. The liquid was potent enough for her to feel it go down her esophagus and through her entire body, burning slightly. More importantly, she felt her body almost try to fight it off. She backed away from Cloud a little as she held the flask in her hand, asking him seriously, “Cloud… what is this?”
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