Jenova/Lorelai (eyestothestars_) wrote in ffvii_ac_rpg,

From Rage

((SUMMARY: Jenova had felt, found, and leveled her realm. It is time for war))

The anger had only begun to fade away a week earlier, and it has slowly leaked away to leave memory of just how volatile those emotions has been. The time that had passed – however long it had been – was inconsequential to the swallow empty residual anger that throbbed beneath the surface. It rose and fell during the course of the day and night, but not matter how much it faded from her mind, it was always there… but paled in comparison to the raw brunt of emotion before this time.

The heated emotion had come on quickly, and she blamed it on the taint of humanness that still swam below the surface. At first, she had been calm, waiting for that confirming moment when she knew that there was nothing to think over as he always came back. It was as it should be, but something had been wrong back then and she had ignored it. The little annoying fragment had faded away as well, but she merely took that has a melding of personality again, something that was not foreign to her.

But it had felt empty afterwards.

Death of a body was not of her concern as bodies could be replaced, as it had been proven many times before. Even the injury of a spirit had been overcome. She had sat in waiting with her other children as she monitored the Lifestream, waiting as patiently as she could for the shift that would indicate a return in the future. It wasn’t as if she expected it, but the probability from previous impossibilities had spoken louder of a return.

It had never come. As soon as it became evident that the Lifestream had taken care of itself with the help of that blonde insect, there had been that sudden wash of emotion that could only be described as rage, pure and raw. It had consumed every thought that she had, blinding decisions and thwarting proper thoughts of revenge. She was just… angry.

Her anger had come with full punishment for any living thing that was around her. The taint of herself had extended outwards as she threw many temper tantrums that spoke of the childish nature that still forcefully clung to her adult form. The trees had become blacker, leaves and needles wilting under her rage while bark and branches twisted in slow attempt to get away from her which made them look like something from a horror movie. Living animals had fled the area, but a few became the unwitting victims of her angered taint, flesh crawling from writhing bodies as her disease overtook living cells. Those that had been lucky were simply subjected her to mental battering which had killed more than a few instantly. Others had been forced to suffer for days as she mentally rended them.

In the wake of anger, she had finally settled from the haze of red and set about repositioning her plans. Her first step had been to reabsorb the three remaining children who had been blessed with bodies that she had created for them. They had not been able to escape her wrath, and she determined that infecting humans would be easier for her than worrying about the frail children that had proven only slightly useful since the days of Sephiroth’s reign.

With their absorption, she had gained full access to her abilities. The need to be reduced to a weak silly child was no longer in effect, so the loss of the black pool was not of her concern for the moment. Her full strength would be enough to cause disarray and death among the humans, but she would need to use her wit that she had possessed in the time of the Cetra reign when she had first landed. Humans were no less sensible as the Cetra, and they had fallen without her effort save that ability to seal her away. Humans could not do such a thing.

She had no fear and no regret of actions, and thus, she would prevail. There was nothing that could stop her at a distance, but her first strike would have to be clean, severe and leaving nothing in question of who was in control of the situation. While she could go for the one who had destroyed her plans many times over, she decided that Rufus Shinra would be the first to feel her wrath.

Afterall… ShinRa was to blame for the creation of the other annoyance. It was only fair that Rufus, the last member of the line of brilliance go first. Or better yet… be used to draw out everyone else that needed to be infected. She liked that idea a lot more as a powerful man like Rufus could bring out all sorts of fun ‘allies’ to join her disease.

It was time to infect again.
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