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Date Night! -- Cloud and Tifa (Part One of Two)

Okay, this rp is backdated to a few days after the last Cloud and Tifa one, and it's just composed of fluff. Tifa and Cloud go on their date! No plot, nothing important, but fluff that makes me squee. And make out rain. :D (Which is VERY important)

Cloud + blue silk shirt + makeout rain = *fangirl squee*

Tifa: Tifa glanced at the clock to see just how much time she had left. It was about 5:40, so she had some time before she and Cloud were going to leave for their date. She told him that she was going to get ready in their bedroom and he had to stay out so she wouldn't be distracted and get ready as quickly as possible. It had taken her a very long time to get ready, but she had a feeling that it would. It was her first date with Cloud, so she wanted to make sure that she looked absolutely perfect. After taking a very long bubble bath, she dried herself off, put on her robe and started to get ready. That was at about 4:00. After drying her hair, she was able to curl it a little bit, but it took her 45 minutes and about a half a bottle of hair spray to do it, knowing her hair was so stick straight. Hopefully it wasn't going to move, and thankfully it was still soft. She put on some makeup, but nothing too fancy because she wasn't really all that fond of having makeup all over her face; just a little cover-up, mascara, and eye shadow. She even painted her nails a light pink color, just to match the necklace that he had bought her for Valentine's day.

Her black dress was laid out on the bed, all ready for her to change now that she was done with the majority of everything else. Humming to herself, she picked it up and slipped it on, having to use the mirror to zip it up. It was a halter top dress that was very formfitting and had a very low dip in the back... a dress that she had bought herself specifically to go out on the date. She was going to wear the red one, but when she tried it on, she didn't like the way that it fit her. Apparently she had lost a lot of weight from not training over the past few months, so the dress didn't fall on her correctly. Therefore, she went out earlier and decided to just buy a new one.

She felt herself wincing a little bit as she bent down for her shoes, even though she was feeling better than she was the past few days. They even had to postpone their date so Tifa could again walk normally without pain... and Cloud definitely had his share of making fun of her for the way she was walking. Of course, that didn't stop her from basically not letting him come up for air which hindered her healing process a little. She even had to cheat to use a healing materia the first day... wondering if she was the first person to use a healing materia for that reason. Sitting on the bed, she slipped on her shoes, sprayed herself with a little perfume, and then walked downstairs to see where Cloud was. "I'm ready when you are!"

Cloud: It was one of those moments he wasn't supposed to be nervous about, and he admitted that he wasn't that nervous. This was pretty casual it would seem, just some dinner in a fancy restaurant and perhaps some dancing. Still, this did seem special as it was their first date together. He could take on the world with a sword, but he had trouble thinking about his first day with his newest girlfriend. Tifa would surely make fun of him as he had the days before for her funny walk. She had deserved that though.

He had been amazed how long it took her to get ready, and he thought she had died in the bathtub the first long time. He had been sitting around sharpening his sword for nothing better to do as he couldn't use the bathroom until she was finished with it. Really, he had taken a quick shower to make his hair bearable in its spikey way and wandered off to his old bedroom to get into some clothing, and he was certain that Tifa would take forever for whatever reason. He didn't care as he dressed though, thinking he would get her yet again with how he always managed to surprise her. It kept her on her toes, which she needed, though he vaguely wondered if she would let him out the front door at all.

Never liking or wearing colour since his childhood, Cloud stood in front of the mirror wearing just that at Tifa's request. He ran a hand down his starched white dress slacks to make sure they were not wrinkled then stood up and tightened his black leather belt around his waist. He wore a blue collared silk shirt that matched his eyes - the lady in the store told him so - and it was buttoned to his neck even as he fretted with the black tie he was trying to get done up completely. It was so tight and uncomfortable, and it was no wonder men hung themselves with the bloody things. He sighed as it settled into place before grabbing his white blazer, slipping it over his arms and arranging it into place and staring at himself. Him, in white? He should have borrowed Rufus' trenchcoat to top it off... and he swore they probably looked like brothers now.

He shivered at the thought of the relation, especially since he had kissed the guy. He heard Tifa's call and drew in a deep breath, telling himself that he shouldn't be nervous as he slipped from his bedroom and walked to the stairs. He knew she was down there, and he decided to act casual as possible, simply walking down the stairs and moving to where he had hidden half a dozen red roses before moving to find Tifa. "I'm ready, Tifa," he called when she came in sight, stopping to admire her in that dress before holding out the flowers for her. "Hi," he said, feeling really shy and lame.

Tifa: "Where are youuuuu..." She said softly as she walked into the family room to see if he was sitting there waiting for her. She did take a rather long time getting ready, but he was always the patient one out of the two of them anyway. Finding it odd that she was rather nervous, she inhaled to slow down her racing heartbeat and fixed the necklace around her neck, making sure that it was centered correctly. They had spent a lot of time together their entire lives, so there wasn't a reason to why her palms were starting to sweat. It just made her feel a little more like a school girl than anything. He wasn't in the family room, but as she turned around to make her way into the kitchen, she turned the corner to see him.


Her jaw dropped slightly before it turned into a smile. The blue shirt she was expecting since he said that he would wear blue for her, but it was the first time in a... has she ever seen him in anything besides the dark shades that he always used to wear? She was too in shock for her brain to actually come up with an answer to that, letting her eyes trail from his shoes, to the white pants, to the... he was wearing a tie too!? Even the look in his eyes... he was wearing a rather shy smile as he presented the flowers to her.

"Cloud..." She said softly, taking the flowers in her hand and sniffing their scent for a moment. "Thank you." Unable to take her eyes off of him, she moved in closer and gave him a small kiss on the lips. "You... look so incredibly handsome that I can't even express it into the right words. You look amazing."

Cloud: Cloud got a silent kick out of Tifa's reaction to him dressed as he was, but he told himself that he did this because the restaurant was a formal one. He doubted that they would have let him in walking around in his navy clothes, and it had been an opportunity to prove to Tifa that he wasn't a sword-wielding slob with uncontrollable hair and pretty eyes. She seemed to like the outfit too, but he cast his eyes down when she took the flowers from him, taking a bit of a breath to settle himself. This would be the first time they were out together in such a way, and the media would eat it up if they found out.

He dropped his hand back to his side, but he leaned into the little kiss they shared, surprised she didn't just jump him on the spot. Perhaps she wasn't that impressed with his outfit... or she was feeling sick... or she was too shocked for her normal behaviour to take hold. He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her closer, leaning down to breathe in her scent, noting instantly that she was wearing perfume. He admired the smell and the feel of her pressed up against him that he was almost reluctant to let her go, but he did after a moment.

He took a small step back and stroked his fingers over her cheek. "You look... like a dream come true," he murmured softly. He couldn't deny his attraction, but he knew what might happen if they stood around looking at each other too long. He carefully withdrew from her a little more and then went in search of his wallet, slipping it into his back pocket before grabbing the keys to Fenrir. The motorcycle was already stocked with his swords, and he knew he wouldn't be allowed to bring them otherwise. "We don't want to be late, now do we? Are you wearing a coat? I heard it might rain later in the evening."

Tifa: She put the hand with the flowers on his waist as the other rested on his chest, kissing his cheek gently and just enjoying the moment. Simply being with him calmed her down a little more, even though she was very excited to go out on a formal date with him. She wasn't even sure where they were going, he didn't tell her. All he told her was that she had to dress up, and seeing how dressed up he was... it was no doubt a very fancy restaurant.

Blushing at the compliment, she whispered, "Thank you," then leaned in for another kiss. When he backed up, she had to smile, for she knew exactly why he did it. Any more time of standing around kissing each other and she would've pinned him against the wall and not let him go... and like he said the other day, going out on a date wouldn't have a point they stayed inside, and she was looking so forward to this night out. As he went to get his wallet, she found a vase for the flowers, filled it and put the flowers out on display on the counter.

When she saw him with the keys to Fenrir, she felt herself blush again. "We're.... going to be taking Fenrir?" She knew her dress was rather short, and sitting with her legs far apart on the motorcycle, she wasn't sure if she was going to display everything to the whole world and didn't really want that to happen. Then again, having to walk could've been bad as well; more people could've seen them and that's all Tifa wanted was camera flashes in her face and her and Cloud's faces in the tabloids and magazines in the morning. She'd just have to be careful when she sat down, she figured. "Never mind, that's fine. As for a coat? Um, I don't really have one that would go with this dress, so if it rains, I don't mind getting a little wet."

Cloud: As he collected up his wallet, Cloud looked back at Tifa to make sure that she was actually getting ready to head out. He watched her put the flowers he had gotten her into some water, feeling a little out of sorts having to watch that as it left him doing nothing but watching. He stood silently waiting for her to finish, taking the time to admire her in the dress and the lengths she had gone to in the act of getting ready for a date. At least his own dressing up had been worth the same amount of time that she had put into her outfit and getting ready.

He quirked an eyebrow at the blush and the mention of Fenrir, looking down to the keys in his hand before thinking about another mode of transport. He didn't own a car, and he didn't exactly want to take a taxi either as it would leave them out in the open. Walking has a similar effect as a taxi, but if she didn't want to go on Fenrir, he could make something happen to get them there safely and effectively. He was glad though when she relented as it meant he could keep his swords close and he knew they would be driving in style too.

He nodded and walked to the door, pulling it open and gesturing for her to go out of it like a gentleman. "If it does rain, you can have my coat then. I have the shirt, so it won't matter if I get a little wet instead of you," he said and nodded to the door. He really hoped that this evening went even vaguely as planned or he would not know what to do with himself otherwise. It had been quick planning, and he wanted it to go right.

Tifa: She smiled at how he opened the door for her, and nodded at the offer of his coat. "Aww, you're so sweet, thanks." As she walked outside, she placed her hand on his cheek and gave him a kiss on the lips for the gesture. Looking up at the sky, she said, "It looks clear outside, are you sure that it's supposed to rain? Hm, maybe it won't. Not like it matters, a little rain never hurt anyone." With a small shrug, she walked out on the porch, making sure that her hair was still in place. She didn't bring her cell phone with her, mainly because that way she wouldn't have to carry a purse. Purses were just annoying and got in the way and she felt that if had to remember something as she tried to walk in the damned high heels, she would've fallen on her face.

Leaning her back against the railing, she watched him lock up 7th Heaven and waited for him. Flicking her eyes over at Fenrir, she semi wished she brought a brush or something with her knowing that the wind was going to make her hair go everywhere. She really didn't mind though because she loved riding on Cloud's motorcycle with him. If worst came to worse, she could take out some of the hairpins that were keeping some curls into place and rearrange them so her hair was half tied back, but she would make that decision once they arrived to where ever it was that they were going.

Holding out her hand for his, she asked, "Where are we going anyway? You didn't tell me."

Cloud: Watching her slip out, Cloud followed and pulled the door closed, slipping his key into the lock and closing things up. He made sure everything was locked tight while they were out before he turned to regard Tifa, arranging his blazer a little more comfortably on his shoulders. He didn't know how anyone could wear such a monkey suit all the time as they weren't particularly comfortable and he was hot already. The only thing that was saving him at the moment was the silk shirt he was wearing under the blazer, and next time he would refuse to wear something like this again, even if it was his own fault.

He walked slowly over to where she stood, glancing up at the sky and noting that it was clear. He shrugged at her suggestion of no rain, never really believe the weather people anyway. He reached out and took her hand, pulling it up and kissing the back of it before using it to pull her to him where he planted a sweet little kiss on her lips. "You'll see when we get there, Miss Impatience," he rebuked playfully. "It's a nice place that isn't that far away, but it still requires transport of some kind."

He stepped down the stairs to the parking lot, leading Tifa as he did so before he stopped and slid a leg over the side of the motorcycle and started the ignition. He tossed Tifa a sexy smirk and gripped the handlebars in his hands before turning his head to watch her get comfortable behind him. He had a feeling that she would snuggle up, not that he would protest the action at all. "Let me know when you are ready, and we'll be off."

Tifa: She hoped that he wasn't able to see her blush as often as usual knowing she was wearing cover-up, but she was still able to feel the heat rise to her cheeks as he kissed the back of her hand. Leaning into the kiss, she smirked at him. "You just love to call me impatient as often as you can, don't you?" Not like she could actually deny the fact that she was impatient... the fact that she was walking funny for two days and rarely let Cloud out of bed was a sign of that impatience, but she didn't really mind, and as far as she could tell, he didn't either. He just liked making fun of her for it. "I had a feeling you weren't going to tell me, but it was worth a shot of asking."

Letting him lead her by the hand, she let him climb aboard the motorcycle first before thinking of how she was going to approach it. Biting her lower lip slightly in concentration, she pulled down the skirt as far as she could, not really minding that more of her cleavage was showing. No one was going to be able to see that part of her if she was pressed up against Cloud. She was more worried about her panties and rear being exposed. "Oooh..." She whined slightly, sliding the leg as gracefully as she could without her panties being shown... no luck. At least no one was around, but she wasn't sure if that was going to be the case once they arrived to wherever he was taking her.

Once behind him, she scooted up closer, then put a hand on her backside to make sure that she was still covered. All was good on that front, so she placed her hands on his thighs, teasing as she trailed her fingertips up his legs, over the front of his pants and then hugged his waist to hold on tightly. Chuckling, she said cheerfully, "Okay, now I'm ready."

Cloud: Saying nothing at first about her impatience, Cloud took a moment to tilt his head back as he thought of all the moments in which Tifa had been impatient with him. He made sure that his thoughts were obvious to her even as he counted on his fingers those number of times. He eventually gave up and stared at her with a raised eyebrow before he simply shrugged. "I only speak the truth about such things and you know it."

Watching her ease on Fenrir should not have been as amusing as it actually was for him. Cloud took some enjoyment out of watching her struggle and kept his mouth closed as he simply waited for her to settle in behind him. At the sound of her whining noise, he turned his head to regard her and a smirk appeared on his lips as he watched her, "still sore? I have a cure materia handy if you really need it," he offered, though he was not being serious. He was simply mocking her odd little walk that had been a result of her impatience with him a few days back. "You know I would never want you to suffer... without a camera on hand."

He shivered as her hands settled on his thighs, and he knew she was going for a reaction out of him. They had at least made it out of 7th Heaven, which was actually further than he thought that they would make it. He did his best to ignore her caresses and instead turned Fenrir and pulled from the parking lot into the streets. He made a left hand turn onto one of the main drags before taking off down the way and weaving down a few side-streets to arrive at their destination which was a rather fancy restaurant very well known in Edge for the food and the wines. He paused outside and looked back at Tifa before gesturing with his chin for to her get off so that young man standing nearby could park the rather large motorcycle. "Don't fall... I don't have my camera," he said just so that she could hear him.

Tifa: She shot him a playful glare from underneath her bangs as she tried to get settled in behind him, making a small 'tch' sound with her tongue. "Ha ha, get your laughs out, Strife. But if you must know, yes, I am still a little bit sore, and I used a restore materia earlier for that reason. I'm not going to let the fact that I'm a little sore interrupt with everything else that goes on in my life, so I will deal with it." Again, she shifted herself to make sure that the dress was going to stay put. "Nah, don't worry about it. It's a good kind of sore... and I will find that camera one of these days." It was an empty threat for she would never go looking for it. If it popped up out of nowhere, it certainly wouldn't stop her curiosity to see just what kind of blackmailing material he had on her.

Pouting slightly how he didn't react to the way she was teasing him, she decided not to say anything about it. Getting a reaction from him would've meant that they weren't going to leave the parking lot and she was proud of herself for not pouncing on him and getting this far. Holding onto him tighter as he sped off to the road, she rested her cheek against his back, hoping that she wasn't leaving makeup on his jacket and that her hair wasn't whipping around as much as it felt.

Once they stopped, she looked up at the restaurant that he chose. She was impressed, but didn't expect anything less from Cloud, knowing that romance was his side job. Now she had to get off the motorcycle, so she smiled nervously at the valet, hoping that he wasn't watching her extremely closely. "I think the valet would like the view," she threw back, joking, for she knew that she would be extremely embarrassed if she fell. Somehow, she managed to get off quite ladylike, and if the valet saw anything, it was only for a split second. Looking back up at Cloud, she fixed her hair and her dress, everything seemed okay still. "Okay, I'm good."

Cloud: Ignoring her glare as if he hadn't seen it at all, Cloud was much more concerned with keeping the really smug expression off of his face for as long as possible before he knew that it would take over. As long as she wasn't looking at him while he was smirking, he would probably avoid getting hit or molested since both had about the same probability nowadays. "It's your own fault about being sore," he commented and knew she couldn't deny it. "You'll never find that camera and I have replacements already... I can blackmail you for the rest of your life, Lockheart."

He was glad she gave up trying to get him to react to her touches and just settled, though he watched with interest as she made the attempt to get off Fenrir in a normal and decent fashion. His head tilted just a little when he caught sight of more than should be publicly displayed, but he said nothing about it as he dismounted Fenrir and allowed the valet to attempt to manage the large machine. He smoothed down his white jacket and stepped beside her, curling an arm around her waist and pulling her close to plant an affectionate kiss on her forehead. "You are better than good, my dear... you are the best."

He led her into the restaurant in question, and he glanced back at her as they were directed to a private table which had obviously been put on reserve. While he considered it a romantic evening, he could never tell with Tifa when she would feel the need to come rushing around the other side of any object to jump on him. He pulled a chair out for her and offered for her to sit, at the same time, leaning over to the waiter and whispering about a particular brand of red wine for the evening meal. He leaned down after the waiter set off and nuzzled his face into Tifa's neck. "Good behaviour, Lockheart... clothes on until we get home," he teased before taking a seat himself.

Tifa: She played with the hem of her skirt even though it was already down as she looked around, just to make sure that no one saw her panties. As much as she liked them, the only other person she wanted to see her in them was Cloud. The valet didn't seem to change his expression, so she was sure that he didn't see anything, but by the way Cloud moved his head, clearly more was shown than she wanted. "I hope you're the only one who saw," she muttered, blushing slightly as the valet drove off with Fenrir. She snuggled a little closer to him when he put his arm around her, then gave him a kiss on his cheek in response to the compliment. "Thank you... and you are as well." With a small smile, she rested her hand on his chest and trailed her fingers up his tie, not enough to tease him at all, but just to show him that she liked the tie. It was the first time that she had ever seen him in a tie, but she enjoyed seeing him all dressed up.

She followed him and quirked an eyebrow at the fact that he went through the trouble of getting reservations, although she wasn't exactly surprised. Cloud always seemed to go out of his way for her, give her special treatment, surprise her with things... just another way to make her blush and appreciate him so much more. Thanking him as she sat down, she adjusted her dress around her so it wouldn't wrinkle and then looked up through her bangs at him talk to the waiter. She wasn't sure what he said, but she had a feeling it was just part of his plan for the evening. He always had things so well planned out, even if this was on rather short notice. Then again, the date was delayed several days, but she was sure that he had it all planned out since he came back from getting that cure for her.

Chuckling as he whispered to her, she scoffed playfully. "What? You think that I'd fly across the table and tackle you on the restaurant floor? Please, I have so much more tact than that. I'd at least drag you into the bathroom first." She flashed him a smirk, but she was only have kidding, which he probably was more than aware of. "All right, all right, I promise I’ll be a good girl here but once we get home, I can pounce." After he sat down, she gave his leg a gentle nudge as she crossed her legs. "Is that a deal?"

Cloud: Nodding his head a little, it didn't appear that anyone else had caught sight of her underwear except him. His seated position had given him ample opportunity to catch a glimpse of her undergarments as she stood, not that he had not seen it all before. "...and here I thought you were presenting for me," he replied casually, even if he noticed her blush. His eyes shifted down to the touch to his tie, still unsure of the strangling device that hung down his chest. This outfit had too many moments of not being comfortable and he was already longing to have his sword's steady weight against his back.

He chuckled softly into her ear and lay a kiss on her temple. "I actually have no doubts that you might try given how secluded the table is," he said softly so that only she could hear. To anyone else, it would probably look like he was whispering sweetly to her instead of taking a moment to tease her. "I actually have money that you won't last until home, but then... who am I to know you?" He settled his arms on the table and regarded her, reaching across the table to offer her his hand. "Deal but shake on it so I can hold you to your word."

He smiled at the corner of his lips before looking down at the menu in front of him. "Get whatever you want, hmm? This is our evening and our first date. We have to make it special."

Tifa: She rested one of her forearms on the table as the other moved a few loose curls away from her face, hoping that her hair still looked okay. With the way the wind whipped through it, she wouldn't be surprised if it was a little disheveled, but he was right, the table was rather secluded. Having the table secluded meant that less people could see them, meaning they wouldn't have cameras flashing in their faces and people staring. It was relaxing to be able to have a nice night out in public with Cloud without being mauled. Having the relationship be quiet for a little longer would give Tifa some peace. She wanted to enjoy it just with him, not with the rest of Gaia.

Closing her eyes as he spoke to her, a pleased noise escaped her throat and nodded her head. "That's cheating. You know me better than anyone else in this world does, so you know how to get to me in that kind of a way and get me all worked up. For instance, you keep talking to me in that tone of voice and you know that I won't be able to keep my panties on in this restaurant." Able to grip her self control, she turned her head and kissed his chin gently. "So that means you have to behave too, you know. Just until we get home, that is." She placed her hand in his, squeezing a little tightly as they shook hands. "There, you have my word, and you know I don't break it."

She opened up the menu and glanced across all the items, trying to figure out exactly what it was that she wanted. She was rather hungry since she skipped lunch to go shopping for the dress she had on and everything looked excellent. Of course, that didn't stop her from smirking, and without looking up from the menu, she said, "Yes, it is our night. That's why the kids are at Amy's. I don't want to scar them."

Cloud: Leaning back in his chair, Cloud nearly considered taking off his jacket and setting it aside, but then he would be stuck sitting around in the collared shirt with a tie on. He couldn't decide which would be more uncomfortable at this point, so he just left everything as it was. Instead, he turned his attention to subtly admiring Tifa across the table from him, not that he hadn't before, but the opportunity presented itself in the dim lights of the restaurant so he took it. There was no one to bother them except the waiter who would take his pointed to look and leave them be he was sure. He could get his point across with his eyes anyway.

He cast his blue eyes aside and shrugged his shoulders a little, making the act seem casual. "If it makes you feel that you can uphold your word, I just won't talk at all? And as for panties... I already saw them, so it doesn't matter where they are." He flicked a spike of blonde hair from his eyes and looked at the menu again. "When have I ever not behaved as required of me in public? You're the eager one, not me..." he murmured and gave her a pointed look from his menu even as he dropped his hand back to his side and flexed his fingers. "...is that a challenge?"

He would have badgered her more about that, but the waiter returned and poured them some of the specialty wine with a nod. He knew little to nothing about wine, and he had only thought of the possibilities of them getting drunk on it after it arrived. Tifa drunk in a public place could prove interesting, but she promised to be on good behaviour. "Yes, and it would be you to scare them at all." He paused to look to the waiter and ordered the item from the menu that he wanted, settling his gaze on Tifa to see what she would order.

Tifa: Tifa rolled her ankles to stretch them out a bit, never liking high heels. They weren't that high, but it was just the fact that she preferred wearing sneakers or walking around in socks. At least the ones that she bought for the occasion had a smaller heel than the ones that she bought for Valentine's Day when Rufus made them dinner. Knowing he was so much taller than she was, she wanted to be remotely close to eye level, and she succeeded, even though she took her shoes off the second they walked into the Shinra mansion. In these, she had to walk a little bit further, so sitting down was quite a relief, and she even slipped out of her shoes. There was a tablecloth that went pretty much to the floor, no one would notice. She hoped anyway.

"Not like I wouldn't be able to hold a conversation with myself because I do have a wonderful gift of rambling on about nothing and i never get tired of hearing myself talk, but I think the night would be a little more boring if you just sat there and nodded your head occasionally. I do love the sound of your voice, but you do have two different tones of voice and one has a great affect on me that gets me out of my panties rather quickly." The end of her sentence was whispered as she raised an eyebrow at him to see if he grasped her hint and she reached for the glass filled with water, taking a small sip before placing it back down. "Cloud. If I were to challenge you in a public place, that would not be very smart. If I challenge you, you will rise to the challenge no matter what it is, so I think that we should leave all challenges until we get home, hmm?" It was more of a warning for herself as well, for if he had a challenge, she tried to rise to it as well. Both of them challenging each other in such a way... not a good idea.

Impressed by the wine, she thanked the waiter and took a sip of it. It was a very good wine, not like she drank all that often, but she figured that a small glass wouldn't hurt her or make her drunk. If she were drunk, she probably would allow that challenge to come to play, so she knew that she would just have to stay sober. "I won't deny that, which is why I'm glad they're not home tonight. It'll be nice to just spend some time with you alone." She smiled politely at the waiter before ordering, then handed him her menu before he walked away.

Cloud: Quirking an eyebrow, Cloud shook his head a little, trying to decide the difference between these two voices that Tifa apparently said that he had. He didn't notice any difference unless he was whispering, but that was because a whisper dropped his voice a little deeper. "Not necessarily, you know... you could just sit over the other side of the table talking to yourself while admiring how nice I look and saying all your fantasies about me. We both know that would take the entire night to say given how many that there are," he said in the most casual of voices before taking another sip of his wine.

He raised his eyebrows at the mention of challenge and glanced out the window. It looked like it was going to start raining, but hopefully it would hold out for the evening until they at least got home. "I might not," he tried to say, but his voice gave away the fact he didn't entirely believe his own words. He would rise to her challenge and her to his, so it was not the safest idea to be challenging one another. "Point taken," he finally muttered softly behind his wine glass. "You're just jealous that I would publicly humiliate you before you could think otherwise about it."

Noting her order, he shook his head a little at her suggestion. "Indeed... sounds like someone has ulterior motives tonight," he said and gave her a pointed look. He reached across the table and took one of her hands in his, running his thumb over it and another little smile turned his lips upwards. He took the moment of silence to simply bask in the comfort of her presence.

Tifa: She could tell that he was thinking about it, so she chuckled. "You don't have to try to pretend to figure it out because I know that know the difference. You know which one I like at what times." At least that's what she thought, because when he whispered, she made it crystal clear that she would basically do whatever he wanted her to do. Tilting her head to the side a little bit, she realized that she would do anything that he told her to do in his normal voice too. "Well, just take my word for it, there's a difference." Playfully rolling her eyes as she held her wine glass close to her lips, she stated, "Perhaps that is the case, but I just have a wonderful and rather vivid imagination."

Lowering her wine glass slightly to look up at him through her bangs, she shook her head. "Mm hmm, sure, Strife. I don't know who you think you're fooling, but I know you better than that. I would try to think of a challenge right now, but I can't think of one that wouldn't get me in a lot of trouble. Therefore, I'm going to just sit here, drink my wine and pretend that only innocent thoughts are going through my head." To prove her point, she took a sip of her wine. However, when she put the glass down, she leaned forward to give him a chance to glance down her low cut dress and added, "and I'll also pretend that I know that you don't have any fantasies about me. Who knows what's going on in your head right now."

Placing her hand on her chest, she looked out the window for a second. "I don't know what you are talking about. Pure thoughts remember?" She allowed him to take her hand and she stared into his eyes for a moment. "Do you?"

Cloud: "Well, as long as you know the difference and inform me of when I'm using the voice you don't want me to use, I doubt that we will have any problems tonight," Cloud said, though he was getting warm in his white jacket. That might eventually prove a problem, but he decided to ignore it and the fact he felt like he was slowly choking thanks to his tie. He knew Tifa liked to see him dressed up, so he didn't dare touch either... there was a knife near her hand and she might not be afraid to use it to make him stay put. "I am well-aware of just vivid that imagination of yours is, which makes me wonder what kind of ideas you think about in that innocent head of yours... it can't be good."

He admitted that he was fooling neither of them and knew it, though didn't voice it outrightly. He instead bowed his head a little and then looked out the window at the flickering lights of the city. He cast a look to her out of the corner of his eye and snorted softly. "You are not innocent, and you are not fooling anyone about that. I can't yet decide if the thoughts in your head will get me in trouble or you... or possibly us both. I'm going to the last option myself." To emphasize, he slid a leg out and rubbing his calf against hers gently, though dropped it down so his feet were placed on either side of hers. "Well... you would have to pretend rather hard about that because I mine as well admit that I do have them..." he trailed off as his eyes drifted down to her presented cleavage and his expression coloured in an odd manner that showed his thoughts were obviously drifting. "I know what's going on in my head..."

He snorted softly and just rubbed her hand more. "Pure as snow?" He paused at the sudden returned question before looking out the window, shrugging his shoulders a little. "Maybe."
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