Karina (xrosenightmare) wrote in ffvii_ac_rpg,

rp log/Rian and Karina

who: Rian and Karina
Where: in town
What: Reunion/Chat/Plushie deliveries
When: Monday afternoon

Karina sighed as she looked at the address list in her left hand and hoisted the small bag of moogle plushie over her shoulder with her right. When Amy had called her to ask for plushie deliveries, she jumped at the chance, hoping it would help her forget the mess she'd made with Rufus at the party Saturday night.

With that in mind she headed off to make her first delivery.

It was good to be back, to say the very least. Nevermind the fact that, for all practical purposes, the last two months had been spent in the gutters of Edge, exploring places familiar and unfamiliar within the remnants of a city that had once been the playground of a familiar little girl. She had been around, just...not in the usual places. To Rian, simply being able to step out of the shadows and onto the street was a relief...one she wouldn't forsake in the name of fear. For anyone or herself.

Some dangers simply had to be faced.

And so, as she rounded the corner with gun blade hung over her shoulder, she was rather happy to see a familiar face upon her approach...

One that met her height, for a change.

"Well, well," Rian smirked just slightly as she lifted a hand to her hip and leaned forward a bit, "if it isn't Rin! You look--" At this, she paused. Her tone became somewhat more reserved at that moment, as the memory of Karina's three brothers resurfaced. Time to collect oneself was very good, save for the fact that it left one's friends exposed to harm. "--kinda glum. What's up?"

Karina blinked when she heard a voice she hadn't heard for a long time. "Rian!" she said, dropping her bag of plushies and giving he rfriend a hug. "Where have you been?"

At the mention of her mood sh elooked down and blined back tears, the memories from Saturday night flooding her mind again. "I blew it, Rian," she whispered. "I had a chance with Rufus and...I totally blew it!" She wiped a few stray tears from her face and took a deep breath so she wouldn't burst into tears again.

The gun blade was shifted automatically in response to the other's advance and the hug was returned with the hint of a smile. When Rian noticed the tears, she paused and took a deep breath. Ah, yes...there was the matter of President ShinRa and Rin liking him very much...

"Slow down, Rin." Rian said as gently as possible. "Now...tell me what happened?"

Karina nodded and swallowed. "He and Tseng came to mine and Elena's housewarming party Saturday...I...tried to ask him for a dance...but..." She bit he rlip and looked down. "Elena said it was probably cause we both were drunk at the time, and Cloud and Tifa were there too, and...I guess he used to date her and they had stuff to work out..." She knew she was babbling but she knew she'd start crying if she didn't shut up.

Rian frowned and crossed her arms, her eyes flickering slightly as she took the other's words to mind. She put her weight on her heels, leaning back a bit...but not so much that she would lose her balance. The last thing she needed was head trauma at the moment.

"...Rin, tell me," she cleared her throat and closed her eyes, "what do you really know about Rufus?"

It was at that moment that Mr. President chose to waddle up and take his place at Rian's side. The cactuar proceeded to squiggle lightly, bristling as though upset.

Karina swallowed and thought about it for a bit and sighed softly as she bent down and patted the cactuar carefully. She stayed in that position for a while and then sighed as she realized....

She didn't know that much about Rufus after all.

Slowly straightening up, she shrugged. "Guess...not that much after all..." she admitted softly.

"Maybe you should slow down, Rin." Rian said as she returned her weight to its proper place and stood up straight. "If you really want to have a relationship with Rufus, perhaps you should try to get to know him a bit better first. If he was with someone before, he may not be ready for a relationship right now. Then again...I don't know the guy all that well."

Karina bit her lip and nodded slowly. "I...I guess so..." she said softly. "But....I've liked him for so long...it's gonna be pretty hard..."

"Then you need to ask yourself if you really want to continue pursuing him." Rian shifted slightly, the weight of her gun blade having nothing to do with her increase in movement. "There's a risk with every step you take, Karina. I can't protect you if you put yourself in the position to be hurt. It's a different kind of fight."

Karina closed her eyes and wiped some more tears off her face, nodding slowly. "I know," she said softly, remembering the risk she took to find her brothers, even though that didn't end up very well either. "

Then she took a deep breath. "I'll think about it," she said softly.

Rian nodded slightly and attempted something of a supportive smile before placing a hand upon the other's shoulder. "In the mean time, cheer up. You're making me feel guilty."

Karina couldn't help but smile. "OKay," she said. "Come on you want to help me with my deliveries?" she asked as she went to pick up the bag of plushies.

"I've got time." Rian replied, a genuine smile appearing upon her face. After all, President ShinRa and the Turkeys have waited this long for those muffins. They can wait a little while longer.
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