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Cloud/Tifa -- 7 Week Ultrasound (Part 2 of 2)

Tifa: She let out a sigh, knowing that the doctor was right, yet didn't exactly want to listen to him. She had to go through the pregnancy test all by herself, but having to see the baby for the first time was something she didn't want to do alone. Not when Cloud was there already. It wasn't easy to get him there, obviously, but now that he was there... No, she couldn't see it by herself.

"I figured that if I had to come back, I would come back by myself, but he would be so upset," she muttered out, knowing that was the complete truth. Even if he didn't want to go into the hospital, he would be really hurt that he wasn't there. Perhaps he wouldn't say anything about it, but it would make Tifa upset, and in response, he would be upset for making her upset. She was transparent, so her feelings would be quite clear, even if she tried to conceal them. It did make things slightly complicated since there were a lot of things dealing with a pregnancy that had to be done in hospitals, such as the ultrasounds that were needed throughout her term. "Well, I suppose if he'll snap out of it a little bit, I guess it's okay."

Slowly walking over to the table, she kicked off her sandals, then sat down, lifting her shirt up to her bra line as the doctor instructed before lying down. She wasn't truly convinced that it would all take enough time, so she thought if she stalled a little, it would give him more time to come back with it. "Oh, there's a question that I've been meaning to ask you actually, now that we're on the topic of Cloud not liking hospitals." Pausing for a minute to make sure that she had his attention, she sat up a little and rested back on her elbows. "I'm not fond of them either, but I can at least handle them. What I'm trying to say is that I want him to be there for the birth of the baby, and you know I want you to deliver her... him... whatever the gender is, so do you do births at home? I'd feel much more comfortable back at home, and I'm sure Cloud would agree."

Cloud: Cloud lulled his head back to rest against the wall, still watching the situation to a point but more a casual watcher rather than someone that should have been there completely. He simply made a humming noise to himself and settled his hands sluggishly into his lap, aware of Tifa moving away from him. He thought that he should be upset with the loss of her being close by, but he simply remained silent and seated in the far corner, trying to remember how he got here in the first place as it had slipped his mind.

He turned his eyes slowly to regard the old doctor, lazily regarding the man. "You did the right thing by trying to get him here once, and it is only lucky that he had the attack while he was in a place that he could be treated before he did damage. At least now, he will know he cannot enter hospitals anymore without tranquilizer or do it on his own terms... which are still probably never." He watched as the nurse bustled around seemingly as distant in the conversation as he was, even if he had already forgotten the beginning of the conversation already. He supposed it wasn't important and Tifa would tell him about it another time. "He will come around. I know you don't doubt his abilities to physically overcome most obstacles. He has an amazing knack being more than meets the eye."

He was watching the nurse now as the funny machine was set up and there was a clear gel put on Tifa's bare stomach. He thought that it looked odd, but he wasn't about to protest, not when the chair was so comfortable. He closed his eyes and lulled his head forward with a yawn, dozing off right then and there. The doctor continued talking though, and he was still somewhat half listening. "Given his reaction to the hospital just having to walk into it, I hardly think it is beneficial to make him or you stress with having to come back. I will make arrangements to have any other ultrasounds for the baby at your house and it would be best for you and the baby if you were in a comfortable place for the birth. If you wish it at home, it can be arranged, don't worry." Little did he realize, the ultrasound had begun and the nurse began checking the infant, but he was too busy dozing in the chair to notice.

Tifa: Looking over at Cloud to make sure that he was still okay, she tried to smile. This wasn't the way that she planned this to turn out at all. Tifa wasn't a control freak by any means, but she did want this to go remotely well and close to the way she wanted it to go. It was the first ultrasound of her first child, and she wanted Cloud to be sitting or standing next to her throughout the whole thing, holding her hand. Things were a little different than that, but she couldn't help but think that this wouldn't have been a problem if she listened to him and allowed him to stay outside.

Not taking her eyes off of Cloud, she sighed at what the doctor said. It made her feel a little better. Only a little. "I'm trying to think that, I really am. But he didn't want to come in the first place and I practically forced him to. I knew that he wasn't going to react well, but not like that. It's just his past..." She turned to the doctor as she trailed off, not really wanting to go any further than that. The doctor had a vague idea of what she meant. It was clear when Tifa was very adamant to bring Cloud back to 7th Heaven after the torture. She smiled widely about what the doctor said next, then said, "Really? Oh wow! Thank you so much, that means so much to me... and Cloud will appreciate it too. I wasn't sure if ultrasound equipment was transportable so I never really asked, but if you could do that for us, that would be great. And having a birth at home... that would be perfect." Having Cloud freaking out during the birth would no doubt make her more nervous, so to be at home, it would be a lot more comfortable.

Moving off of her arms to lay flat on her back, she watched as the nurse put the gel on her stomach, giggling a little at how it was so cold. Her stomach was still flat, it was hard to believe that there was something living inside of there. When the nurse put the ultrasound probe on her stomach, Tifa instantly looked at Cloud, who was sleeping. "Wait a second," she said, clenching her eyes shut. As hard as it was to say, she knew she had to say it, "I don't want to see the baby until Cloud does."

Cloud: Cloud's head lulled forward so his chin came to rest on his chest, dozing in the chair he had been left in, even if his senses were sluggishly aware of the doctor standing near him. He doubted that it was to keep him from running out of the room, but more to grab him if he slumped himself off of the chair he was currently resting in instead. He let out a heavy sigh and ignored the world for the better choice of just sleeping away his time and the tranquilizers coursing through his system.

"I understand that your intentions were pure, and this is a happy moment for the both of you, I'm certain. There was no telling he would have a panic attack either, but it is good to know to help him through it the next time it might happen." The doctor sounded like the man was droning, and Cloud thought that the tone of voice would only put him further into sleep if it continues. It did, and he did feel himself drifting off deeper, not bothering to resist. "It is not impossible to get a moveable unit in, and given all that you and Cloud have done for the world, I don't see a point in keeping that technology away when it is needed. I will put in an order for the transportable one, and it should be here in time for your second ultrasound."

Cloud grunted and lifted his head at the sudden 'wait' cry from Tifa, jerking himself out of sleep even before the hand lay on his shoulder to try and shake him awake. He murmured incoherently and looked around the room, staring up at the doctor. "Miss Lockheart, be calm. The first half an hour is images for the nurse alone, so you have no worries about spoiling the moment. Once she is finished, then she will get a good picture and show you the baby." He looked over to the nurse to confirm in his own mind, and it did appear that the screen was turned towards the nurse and not towards Tifa, which made him shake his head and close his eyes again, going back to dozing in the chair. There was a chuckle, but he ignored it. "I should have given him these when he was bed-ridden. He would have slept through the entire ordeal and not pulled all those stitches out. Oh well, too late now."

Tifa: "It is a very happy moment," she said, not wanting to explain to the doctor how Cloud didn't believe the whole 'diagnosis' in the beginning. Now things were much better and she was able to fully enjoy the pregnancy. The good parts anyway. Morning sickness and fatigue she wasn't enjoying, but planning motherhood and a family was definitely making it all worth it. There was still so much to be planned out though, baby name, changing Cloud's old room into a nursery, she wasn't sure if she was going to have a baby shower yet... None of that was important just yet though. Now was the time for her and Cloud to enjoy it. ...even if he was asleep ten feet away from her.

Chuckling softly at the doctor's reasons, she gazed over at Cloud again. He was still asleep, but she figured even if his eyes were open, he wouldn't have made sense to what she was saying. "See, Cloud? Look at that. I knew saving the world would work in our favor one of these days." She was partly joking, for there had been many things that came out of saving the world. Most of the things were media related which didn't make either of them happy, but it came with the package. Unfortunately.

When the doctor spoke, she opened one eye to look at him. "Oh. Okay, I just wasn't sure and I didn't want to see anything without Cloud more awake." That was perhaps the tenth time she said something like that, but she didn't care. She wanted to make sure that she wasn't going to see anything yet... even though she wanted to so badly. Trying not to be jittery, she looked down at her stomach and watched the probe go over her skin. Unable to contain herself anymore she asked, "Does the baby look okay? Healthy and all that?" She wanted to ask if it was 'cute,' but it would've been a silly question. Even if it was only about an inch big, it was Cloud's baby, so it had to be cute. All tiny and alien looking... Suddenly that expression scared her. But, no... No Jenova related aspects in the baby. She hoped. "It... is healthy, right?"

Cloud: Cloud dozed for a considerable amount of time before he found himself snapping awake naturally and blinked his eyes open, peering around his surroundings before his eyes lazily turned to regard the nearby wall. He wasn't really paying attention to anything, and it seemed to him that the walls had very interesting wallpaper on them. The light green colouration seemed to swirl against the white, and it captured his attention for as much as he had left. He vaguely heard people talking, recognizing Tifa’s voice instantly and somehow managing to keep it intact with his study of the wallpaper nearby. He lifted a hand and traced his fingers over the bumps of white, lifting and lowering his finger with the common rise and fall of Tifa's voice. It was a moment that he was enjoying, having completely forgotten his surroundings save for the wallpaper and Tifa's voice.

He didn't even know how much time had passed, but the conversations were still going on, reminding him of the first time he had seen the sea. The in and out of the waves, sand turning one colour than lightening as the water went out. He hummed softly to himself as his fingers continued to trace over the pattern, his head nodding down whenever he nearly went to sleep and then shot up again to continue where he had left off. He tilted his head to the side lazily and nearly fell asleep again, drifting off even as information battered against his eased mind. "...assure you that the child appears to be perfectly fine and well developed. Everything that should be there is there, and there appear to be no abnormalities in development. So far, you have a perfectly healthy child. We will get a better gauge when the fetus is older and more well-developed..."

He fazed out again as his eyes drifted over to the scratchy screen that the doctor and nurse were looking at. There was an image there, frozen on the screen while the nurse took some measurements. Somehow, his brain was functional enough to provide him with insight as to what that image was, and he slowly climbed to his feet. His eyes never left the frozen picture even as the doctor's attention shifted over to him and he was urged to sit down. He didn't even bother to hear that command and took a long stride forward, closing the distance and peering right over the nurse's shoulder at the image. Slowly, he raised a hand and stroked a finger down the screen as if to verify its existence, the barest of drunken smiles appearing on his lips.

In a single motion, he shifted his hips around and knocked the nurse right off the stool to take it himself. Plopping himself down, he leaned in close and began to trail his fingers over the image, disearning little scratchy features for himself and providing whatever was missing in his own mind. He ignored the doctor who seemed reluctant to make him move from his new spot. "Er... well, it appears that Cloud is ready to look at the baby now. I... don't think he's going to be moved easily..."

Tifa: Tifa let out the breath that she didn't realize that she was holding when the doctor told her that everything was fine with the child. It was something that she didn't want to admit to thinking, but she was a little scared that perhaps all the Jenova cells weren't removed with the water from Aeris' church. But, needless to say, it was a fear that had popped into her mind and at least everything was okay for now. She just hoped it all stayed that way and there weren’t any remaining Jenova cells that could decide to travel to the baby. "Okay, good. That's... very good." With that, she felt her lips turn into a smile and she watched the probe go over her stomach a few more times.

All in all, there wasn't much for Tifa to do while the ultrasound was being done besides wait patiently to see the baby. That's what she wanted to do... what she was there for; for her and Cloud to see the baby and have a visual that there was a life growing in her belly. So, she looked around the room for a little while as the doctor and the nurse examined the screen that was still facing away from her, then started to look at Cloud. He seemed perfectly fine, just drugged up, but she wished he was a little more coherent of the world around him. Once he froze in his spot, she felt her heart race as she said, "Cloud? What's wrong?"

Sitting up a little bit to prop herself up on her elbows, she watched him move over and touch the screen and she was unable to stop herself from saying, "He sees the baby..." She chuckled for a moment, then heard the nurse gasp as she practically went flying off the stool, lucky to keep her footing for the most part, even though the doctor had to grab her from falling over. That was the least of Tifa's worries, she was too focused on the way that Cloud was looking at the screen, and only broke out of her amused stare when the doctor spoke. Flicking her eyes up at him, she let a pleased noise escape her throat. "It sure looks that way." She tilted her head to the side a little, cranning her neck to see if she could see the screen, but she couldn't at that angle. "Can I see?"

Cloud: Cloud simply continued to stare at the screen in front of him, petting the image with gently fingertips as if his strength would be enough to hurt the image that was frozen on the screen. The world seemed to fade down to the little image there, noting that even the voices seemed to have faded down, and that was good enough for him as his attention refused to be swayed from this moment. He swore that he was looking at a little face, able to trace what appeared to be eye-sockets and the outline of a little ear, something which simply tickled him completely as his fingers played over the screen and refused to budge even at a gentle tapping at his shoulder. When it endangered his concentration, he growled loudly.

"He appears to be a little enraptured at the moment," came a male voice nearby. "I would like to leave him at it, but I doubt he will stop for as long as there are tranquilizers in his system. His attention appears completely focused..." He didn't even look away when hands appeared on either side of his head and took ahold of the screen, slowly turning it towards where Tifa lay on the bed. He growled again, but he leaned himself over to follow the screen as it turned, near blocking it with his head. When he could lean over no further without falling off the stool, he simply shuffled his way over until near-tripping on the bed.

Determined to keep the image in his field of vision, he started to crawl on the bed until he found a warm body next to his. He turned his blue eyes down to figure out what he was about to crawl all over and blinked rapidly as he found himself staring at a slick patch of flat skin. He looked between that patch of exposed skin and the image then back again, repeating the gesture several times before he completely avoided the area and slid further up the bed and pointed at the image that came back into his view. "That's mine," he stated softly, his words slightly slurred with tranquilizer. "'m gonna be a daddy," he muttered and pet the image again.

Tifa: Tifa didn’t want to say anything, or perhaps it was the fact that she was too speechless. All she could do was watch Cloud’s actions, knowing that even though he was rather drugged up, he was completely aware of what it was that he was looking at. He said he believed her, but he still needed more proof than Tifa’s word, that had been clear to her from the beginning, and now he had it. She wasn’t sure if what she was feeling could’ve been expressed into words… she was just so incredibly touched and in awe of him. Moreso than usual.

She barely heard what the doctor said, but she still managed to nod her head in his direction. “Cloud…” she said softly as he practically growled at the nurse when she tried to move the screen, yet she was amused at how the nurse gave the doctor a pointed look that she wasn’t going to go any closer to Cloud. Tifa partly didn’t blame her. From now on, there wasn’t going to be anything separating Cloud and that baby… no force on the planet was strong enough. Especially when Cloud was drugged up on tranquilizers and didn’t realize his own strength.

When the doctor moved the screen to face her, Tifa moved her head a little so she could see around Cloud’s spiky hair that seemed to take up the entire screen. It was useless until he moved out of the way and moved closer to her, but once she had a clear view, she couldn’t take her eyes off of the screen. The features were a little hard to make out, but it was clear enough to see the tiny figure. “Oh my god…” She said with a small laugh. “Cloud… that’s our baby… wow.”

She jumped a little when Cloud practically sat on her, but she put her hand on his leg, giving his knee a little rub with her fingertips as she continued to look at the baby. It was at that moment where Tifa realized that maybe she needed proof of the baby inside of her as well. Even though she had the morning sickness, the positive pregnancy test and missed menstrual cycles, it was a little hard to believe. It was something she had always wanted, always dreamed of… and once she heard the news, she thought that she would wake up from that wonderful dream at any given moment. But now, looking at the screen… it really was happening. She was truly looking at the baby that she and Cloud made together.

Out of her peripheral vision, she saw Cloud point, so she looked up at him and smiled. “Yeah… it is…” She whispered. Hearing his words, she sat up a little more so she could reach out and touch the screen, tracing the outline of the baby. “You’re going to be a daddy. I’m… going to be a mommy.” She retracted her hand from the screen and brought her hand up to her mouth as she chuckled in disbelief again, not sure exactly what to do as Cloud touched the screen again. “We’re really going to be parents.”

Cloud: Making a soft grunting sound to the call of his name, Cloud didn't bother to take his eyes off the blurry image on the screen. His fingers simply traced lazily over the blurred lines to outline the part which he thought was a head, but he had to lean back quite far to make sure. Even then, his vision had the tendency to blur a little at that distance, so he simply just believed that he seeing what he thought that he should be. It was a lot easier that way.

Gently kicking his legs forward and back, he turned his head as Tifa's hand passed by his head to touch the screen as well. He nodded his head in understanding to her repeated words, liking the sound of them as it reaffirmed his own beliefs in what looking at the image meant. He glanced over at her at the sound of the chuckle, trying to decide if it meant some form of distress or real happiness but then decided that it probably meant neither.

He scratched the back of his head and watched the doctor and nurse working on the computer, doing whatever it was that doctors and nurses did. He shifted higher on the bed away from the pair, slowly coming around to know where he was and how he had come to be here in the first place. This was not somewhere he wanted to be, and there was no escape from this room either.

"Here you are Miss Lockheart," the doctor said, handing over some pictures. He lifted his head in an attempt to get a look, and he merely caught blurry black ink, nothing of interest as far as he was concerned. "There are some pictures to take home with you. We can arrange another appointment closer to the date and have it arranged. Do you have any questions for me?"

Cloud turned his head to look at Tifa, looking plenty uncomfortable where he was with the effects of the tranquilizers wearing off rapidly. "We go now? I would like to go home, Tifa… please?"

He didn't notice the doctor nodding behind him and laying a towel to wipe the gel off. "It might be best if he is allowed to leave on his own two feet while the tranquilizer is at least somewhat in effect. He might need some sleep and plenty of water, depending on if he is hit with any of the side-effects."

Tifa: Tifa took the pictures from the doctor, not able to really thank him as she traced her finger over the image then looked down at her stomach. "I... wow." As her fingers trailed over her stomach, she noticed the doctor with a towel to remove the remaining gel, although most of it had absorbed into her skin. It must've been water based, although Tifa wasn't really sure. "Uh, questions?" She asked, trying to think if she had any. She knew that she had originally thought of some before coming, but now that she was looking at the first pictures of her child, she wasn't sure if she could remember them. "I guess if I think of any, I can ask them when I schedule the next appointment."

Leaning over, she kissed Cloud on the cheek and nodded her head. "Yeah, let's go home. We can show Marlene and Denzel the pictures of the baby.... I'm sure they'd want to see them." After running her fingers through his hair a few times, she fixed her shirt, rebuttoned her pants, then hopped off the examination table. Without looking up from the pictures in her hand, she reached for Cloud's hand. "He'll probably be fine after he sleeps it off, that's what happened earlier in the year when he had enough tranquilizers in him to maim an extremely large animal anyway. No worries, I'll take good care of him." She smirked and gave Cloud's shoulder a gentle pat. Doting over Cloud was something that she definitely didn't mind doing. She just couldn't wait until he had his wits about him and they could look at the pictures together.

"Thanks again," She said as she started to lead Cloud toward the door. Before her hand reached the handle, she turned around and gasped. "Oh! I thought of a question, but I'll make it quick so I can get Cloud out of here. Is it possible to tell a due date yet?" With a small chuckle, she added, "It's not like I'm overly anxious or anything."

Cloud: Cloud murmured softly and eyed Tifa as she worked her fingers through his hair, not sure how that was supposed to be a leaving motion since the door was across the room and they were still sitting on the examining table. He said nothing though, instead thinking about how strange it was to start to be able to see passed the fog that had appeared over his mind. He watched her fix up her clothing before standing up on his feet, only swaying a little before he regained his normal balance and shuffled his way towards the door until he found Tifa had somehow got in front of him and was leading him instead. He tried not to think about it.

He walked faster the closer that they got to the door, forgetting to stop when Tifa suddenly did. He nearly bowled her over by slamming into her, grunting softly even as his arms instantly jerked out and caught her up in his hold. He drew her back almost greedily, pressing his chest against her back and holding her steady as his hands passed down her sides and around to feel her belly and hips to access if any damage was caused by his run-in. He leaned in more and sniffed her hair before his arms curled entirely around her waist and swayed them gently. He stopped when there was the clearing of a throat behind him, considering not letting go before reluctantly doing so to keep from making a scene.

"The due date will be around April 16," the doctor said, and Cloud managed a minor glare at the man. He never liked those white coats the science people wore. Suspicious... with all those pockets and pens and... was that candy? He hoped that was candy, but he dared not go over to check in the old doctor's pockets. He was over the age of ten and didn't need to do that anymore.

He made a soft noise and dodged around Tifa, making for the door and jerking it over, nearly taking the handle right off as the hinges creaked with his sudden forceful pull. He eyed the door before escaping out into the hall, looking around to find many pregnant women sitting around. They looked suspicious, so he grabbed Tifa and made her walk in front of him until they got out of the hospital. He didn't want to get a sneaky needle again.

Tifa: Turning for the answer of her question, she let out a small 'oomph' as Cloud ran into her. She probably should've stopped him or given him a warning that she was going to stop suddenly, but for the moment it was as though she forgot that his mind wasn't clear at all. Just as she was about to reach into his pockets to find the keys to Fenrir so she could drive home, she was pulled up against him. Small displays of affection were things that Tifa liked, so she leaned back against his chest and rested her head against his cheek. The expression on her face turned to embarrassment as he changed the affection level to something that shouldn't have had an audience, and she felt her cheeks flush as the doctor quirked an eyebrow and the nurse pretended to do something else so she didn't observe.

Nervously chuckling, she muttered, "Cloud, not here, please," and grabbed onto his hands so they stayed around her waist and didn't travel anywhere else, her cheeks flushing more when the doctor cleared her throat. It almost seemed like he was patronizing her a little bit, but she was thankful when he actually spoke. "April 16th? Oh wow... that doesn't seem very far away, does it?" When she thought about it, the due date of the baby would be shortly after her and Cloud's one year anniversary of dating, which really made Tifa feel like everything was rushed. Unable to help it, her gaze flicked down to her still ringless finger, but she didn't want to say anything about it. "Well, thank you again, doctor. I will call soon to make another appointment."
She blinked in surprise at the force that Cloud used to open the door, so she took both of his hands in hers just so he couldn't do any damage. Even though the drugs were beginning to wear off, they were still there and clouding his thoughts and not making him realize his own strength. She led him through the waiting room, and once they were in the elevator, she reached her hand into one of his pockets to fish for the keys to Fenrir. "I don't want you driving in this condition."

Cloud: Cloud paused when his hands were taken, not even noticing the looks that he and Tifa were receiving for his display of intimacy. He thought that he had just been checking for damage after running into her, and he looked down at his hands in hers. He noted that her fingers looked so nice and dainty against his own, which weren't much larger but certainly seemed more 'manly' than hers were. She could pack a better and more well-placed punch than he ever could, but he still liked to admire her fingers. He lifted one of her hands up to investigate it more closely, tilting his head from one side to the other as he stared at them.

His head shot up when he felt her hand in his pocket, giving her a look that crossed between contemplating getting aroused and shock at the public place that she was searching around his pockets for. He looked around and noted at least one pregnant woman eyeing the action and the one next to her saying something like, 'that lucky bitch'. He shuffled himself away from her grasping hand before the doors to the elevator opened, and he scooted himself inside rapidly, taking his keys still in his pocket along with him and huddling in a corner of the elevator eyeing Tifa. "I can drive real fine," he stated, even if the words sounded weird to his own ears. "I drive home...?"

Tifa: Just as she was about to leave the room, she felt Cloud lifting up her left hand to investigate it. She wanted to say something, but in the hospital in front of the doctor and his nurse was probably not the best place to pounce about an engagement. It was something that she wanted to bring up eventually, but the time for that was still in the works. Coming off as desperate was something she didn't want, even if it seemed that way more often than not with the way she pounced on him whenever he was in eyesight.

With her hand still in his pocket, and ignoring the look that she was given from him, she shook her head. "Not a chance, Strife. I'm not letting you in charge of any kind of heavy machinery... especially when your pregnant girlfriend is on board. I would sooner let Denzel drive Fenrir than you while you're in this condition." She patted the front of his pants to find his keys, then with a 'ahhh' she put her hand in the other pocket and grabbed them out. The elevator door shut as she jiggled the keys and kissed him gently on the lips. "If you behave, I'll let you snuggle up with me on the ride home."

Cloud: Tifa bearing down on him in an elevator would have been a scary sight if he wasn't already used to her doing such things to him on constant occasions. He settled his back against the wall of the elevator and eyed her beside him as he began to regain clarity in his mind, aware that it was probably not best that he drive at the moment. The mention of 'pregnant girlfriend' settled the deal as well, so he stood in silence as she found his keys and so easily robbed him of them. He could not risk endangering her or the child that she carried, not after he had seen it for himself and knew that it was there. He instead quirked an eyebrow when she kissed him. "...if you behave, I might make it home with clothing on," he replied with some of his old dryness.

He felt the elevator lurch and descend, starting to get antsy again and continually reminded himself that he was so close to being out of this dreadful place. The faster he left, the faster he would never have to come back unless Tifa beat him unconscious and dragged him back inside. He dug his hands into his own pockets to keep them from grasping onto the railings as if his life was in danger, feeling around his pockets instead only to find nothing of interest to keep him occupied. He shifted from foot to foot and made a soft groaning noise, thankful when the elevator came to a stop on the bottom floor and the doors opened.

"...I don't feel so good," he muttered as he walked out the door, bee-lining it for the entrance immediately. His gait was uneven and looking to be slightly on the drunk side, but he was making his way quickly and thankfully didn't hit anyone on his way. "Hurry up or I'll run home," he called back and escaped out the door, not even looking back. He was too relieved to get out of that place.

Tifa: With a low chuckle, she placed her free hand on his chest. "Oh please, I can behave when I need to. However, I can see that you're starting to get back to normal, and that makes me happy." As funny and entertaining as he was all drugged up, she wanted to share the moment with him when he was at a normal state. By the way he was acting, she could tell that the drug was wearing off quickly, and she watched the numbers descend in the elevator. At least they were going closer to the entrance instead of deeper into the hospital, and it would be the last time either of them would have to be there. Tifa couldn't explain how happy she was that she was going to be able to do everything else at 7th Heaven; the ultrasounds, and especially the birth. It would be easier on both her and Cloud.

She blinked in surprise as he booked it out of the hospital, but she wasn't going to argue with him or make him slow down. In fact, she sped up her walking pace to catch up with him, then looked up at the sky and inhaled deeply. She was a lot more relaxed outside and now she knew that she wouldn't have to worry about Cloud having another panic attack. Smiling in his direction, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him right on the lips, not caring that they were in public at all.

Cloud: Getting out of the hospital was the best feeling he could have ever thought possible, and Cloud never looked back as he made his way towards the parking lot, even if he couldn't remember where he had parked Fenrir. He didn't like that his mind was so fuzzy about locations and other small details that should have been clear to him, but he was not about to stop or slow down to ask where it was he had parked. He wanted the largest possible distance between him and the hospital before he would contemplate stopping to catch his breath or even turn around again. It was all planned out too. He would just take the stairs, run along the platforms in hopes that Fenrir was there and run along anywhere else that would take him away from the hospital.

Of course, Tifa appeared to have other plans entirely as he felt her arms suddenly appear around his neck, and he found himself either going to have to half drag her or stop. He was forced to stop when she lip-locked him in public, one arm curling around her waist to bring her up against him as the other curled around her shoulders. He dug his fingers into her loose hair and responded hotly to the kiss, pushing her down towards the ground so he could keep his weight above her in some sort of remembered gentlemanly conduct. Pulling back again, he shook his head to rid it of the cobwebs that were there, brushing a few strands of dark hair back, the corner of his lips quirking up. "Let's go home before my sense of nausea turns into something else, and I end up puking on you."

Tifa: She was quite surprised when he kissed her back with the amount of passion that he displayed, but she had to blame it on the tranquilizers. There wasn't a change that Cloud would kiss her like that if he was thinking clearly. If they were alone in the privacy of 7th Heaven, a kiss like that would've guided them both to the nearest flat surface, but that was the only place he would kiss her like that. He would only think of the consequences of what would happen if the media found out or something, which she couldn't blame him for. At least no media followed them to the hospital, for that would've been quite the sight to see; them kissing with pictures of an ultrasound in Tifa's hand.

Turning her head so she could kiss the palm of his hand, she nodded. "Cloud, you are the most romantic man in the world, but I won't lie when I say that was less than charming." Chuckling, she gave him one more kiss before she wrapped her arm around his waist, rested her head against his shoulder, and started to walk toward Fenrir.
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