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Tifa and Cloud -- Midnight Chat (2 of 2)

Tifa: "That would be the best thing to do. He's worried about Jenova as well, so looking together, or at least collaborating in some way might help us all sleep a little easier or something." From the last meeting Tifa had with Rufus, it was clear that Jenova's silence worried him. Working together was the only way to work through it, that way they would be prepared enough in case an emergency ensued instead of waiting for Jenova to make the first move. If she made the first move, she could strike harder and no one would have a clue to what she would do. "Give him a call. I'm sure he'd appreciate that."

She couldn't deny it, so she smiled innocently and shrugged her shoulders. Placing a hand on the top of his leg, she leaned over so she could whisper in his ear. "I wouldn't keep saying it if you didn't respond so positively, Mr. Cloud Kristoph Strife." Backing up a few inches, she had a thought. "Our son will be batting away the girls with a stick if he has a name like that, you know. Especially if he finds someone like me when he's older." Not wanting to say it, but she had a feeling that his name wouldn't be the reason for their son to be beating away girls, especially if their son resembled Cloud. "O...Oh. Right." She couldn't tell if her statement went over his head, or if he just didn't want to show a reaction to what her statement meant. "Then I don't have to worry about it since I don't think you have any plans to leave me any time soon."

In response to the shove, she didn't bother to stop herself from falling, so she landed back on the bed with her arms outstretched toward Cloud. Motioning with her fingers for him to lay next to her, she chuckled. "I think you're just over thinking it all. He gave that look to all the boys in Nibelheim when we were younger, but that's just because he was protective of me. Don't make me point it out when you give the boys in town that same exact look for eyeing our little girls when they're older."

Cloud: "True... and each of us has a different view on how Jenova operates as well. We might be able to give each other insight on where she might strike next though... my feeling is that it will be close to home, possibly even in Edge itself." He didn't want to scare Tifa, but that was what he was feeling. It made no sense for them to be so silent if they weren't planning on hitting them all hard and where it would hurt the most. Edge was a large city now, and perhaps Jenova and her children were scoping out the various points of attack or even locating people. "I will... later on. I've got a few deliveries to make tomorrow."

He let out a soft grunt of approval to her saying his full name, trying to shrug his shoulder casually but failing halfway and giving up the other half. "What can I say... I like it when you say my name like that, though... 'Mr' makes me sound really old." He thought for a moment then looked at Tifa, doubting that it would actually be the name that caused any son of theirs to chased after and hounded if Tifa's popularity in Nibelheim had anything to say about how their children might look. If he was lucky, any son of his would have his childish awkwardness for awhile and be ignored by the female population. He would hate to have an arrogant boy. "If he finds someone like you when older... I would have to expect another stalker to the family? I'm not sure I can handle more than one, Tifa." He gave a soft smirk as he shot Tifa's attempt to prod him about proposal down and gave a shrug of his shoulders. "Like you would let me go anywhere anyway. Seems to me that I'm chained to you for life or you might do something drastic like... cut my legs off or something."

Watching her fall over onto the mattress again, he didn't follow right away, simply gazing down at her a little. He looked at the space next to her then the one on the other side. "I thought he would kill me when he found me carrying you back from the bridge falling out to the reactor. He was a very possessive man, that one... I see where you get it." He slid closer and lay himself down on top of Tifa instead of beside, curling his arms up and around her shoulders as he lay his head down on her shoulder, pulling one arm back at the same time he shifted his body over enough to set his hand down on the bump forming on her stomach. "Pluralizing now? Just how many children are you thinking of down there, Lockheart."

Tifa: "Yep. Different minds have different ideas and so on and so forth, so I'm sure you guys will be able to think of something. Not to mention that it'll give the Turks something to do in their downtime... if such a thing exists." The Turks always talked about their paperwork and how much they had to do on a daily basis, but somehow they still found time to go drink and socialize quite a bit. Tifa was honestly a little surprised that they weren't knocking on the bar door asking her when she was going to open it back up again. The 'closed' sign had been hanging in the window for quite a long time. Tifa cringed a little at Cloud's intuition, but she reluctantly nodded. "I hate to say it, but I think you're right. If anything, it'll make sense. She'll want to make sure her presence is known... especially to all of us." Especially if she finds out we're expecting a child... she added in her head. "You do? Are you going to be home for dinner, do you know? Just so I can plan ahead."
Unable to hide her smirk, she said, "You're almost a quarter of a century, you know." Wrapping her arms around him, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. Having him be 24 years old was more of an accomplishment than anything, given all that they had been through. Cloud had been through more in his 24 years of existence than people who had lived to be 100. At the mentioning of being a stalker, she laughed, not taking it as a compliment, but it didn't bother her in the least. "Ha! I don't know if our son would be able to handle a woman like myself. I won't lie, sometimes I wonder how you deal with me on a daily basis. I'm surprised that I haven't scared you off yet, but like you said, if you try to leave, I would pounce and threaten to cut off body parts. It's just because I love you... and I'm selfish because I don't want anyone else to have you."

Playfully rolling her eyes, she tilted her head so her cheek was resting against his forehead and she placed a hand on his that was over the baby. "Perhaps the stalker gene is hereditary, but I don't exactly see you complaining... somehow you deal with it." She rubbed the back of his hand with her fingers and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, there's just the one in there now, the ultrasound pictures prove that. But I told you, I want to have a big family. Plus, with the way I can't keep my hands off of you, I suspect that we'll have quite a few."

Cloud: "And here I thought Turk downtime involved pranks and getting drunk on regular basis," Cloud remarked dryly, not entirely certain of just what the Turks actually did with themselves when not doing paperwork. He supposed that they did a whole bunch of undercover work and scouting for information, but he hadn't heard anything recently about that. Still, if they had information that he could garner, it would be much better than not having them know anything, and perhaps that mission to Nibelheim had been successful and information on Jenova had been brought back that they could study and perhaps find a weakness for her. He didn't want to say that he was Jenova's most likely target given how he took out Sephiroth, so he simply looked at Tifa and said nothing on that subject. "I should be no later than seven, but I expect more to six."

He groaned at the reminder of just how old he was getting, though he supposed that most of the other members of AVALANCHE were older than he was. It just seemed old when he compared himself to Tifa who was younger than him, not by much but still younger. "Don't remind me... I might start getting facial hair someday or even a chest hair if I try really hard." He rolled his eyes at that thought, pretty sure that it wasn't going to happen in his lifetime. He quirked an eyebrow and coughed a little. "Yeah seriously... one family stalker is enough. I suppose that I just have a high level of tolerance and if you anger me enough, I can punish you by sleeping on the couch or something."

His eyes drifted down to where their hands were, one of the rare occasions he dared to touch. It was also the first time he noticed the significance of the bump there. It wasn't flat anymore, not like he remembered at all, and his hand stroked up and down so that it rose and fell as his palm traced the swelling. He seemed to zone out as he simply concentrated on the feeling, allowing it to finally hit home that he had no time. Tifa was going to be showing plainly soon... with his child. His baby! It was in there, growing and being nourished on Tifa and soon enough it would be more than a spot on a fuzzy screen.

He jerked his hand away like it had been burned, staring through the darkness at where his hand had been, unsure of what to think or do. Slowly, his eyes drifted from the spot on her abdomen up to her face, blinking his eyes rapidly. "...quite a few?" He only caught the last part of her statement and his eyes returned to the bump again as his jaw worked and finally his eyes closed. Before he could stop himself, his arms snaked around her shoulders and he held her desperately tight against his chest as he slid down to be beside her, hauling her weight easily to be held against his own. He buried his face into her hair suddenly and kissed her head. "It's... our baby. I... I felt it. You're going to get fat and I can't wait!"

Tifa: Holding in a snicker, she said, "I wouldn't say that you're wrong. If anything, that's part of the job description, but I'm assuming that they get some stuff done every once and a while. They've just been kind of quiet because I haven't held 7th Heaven open, so we just don't know what they've been up to. Rufus no doubt keeps them hopping with things to do. Either that or I've just been a little wrapped up in us that I haven't noticed much of the outside world." That could've been the more accurate assumption, which, although true, wasn't that wise for the planet could've stopped rotating and Tifa might miss it entirely.

"Oh, don't sound like it's the end of all things, Cloud. Several years ago, we didn't think we'd make it to the next weekend yet alone to the ages that we are. Twenty four is just a number... one that I will hit in just a few months and then I give you permission to start calling me old too." For some reason, although 24 felt a little old to Tifa, it wasn't all that big of a deal to her. Not to mention that she would be the mother of a baby by the time her 24th birthday rolled around, so that was something to look forward to. Rubbing her hand over his smooth chin, she wondered why he had always wanted facial hair. "Even if you did have facial hair, I like you freshly shaven and smooth, so I would heavily hint toward shaving it off. But, I love you just the way you are." She set her lips into a small pout at the notion of him sleeping on the couch. "That would be the ultimate punishment for me. I like snuggling up close to you when we're in bed. You're comfortable and warm all the time. If you weren't here, who would I be able to put my freezing cold feet on in the middle of the night?"

She closed her eyes as a smile remained on her face when his hand stroked her belly. It was something she hadn't felt him do very often. If anything, he touched her while sleeping or she placed his hand there, but it was the first time in a while. Now she could feel that her stomach was no longer flat, and by the way he wasn't paying attention to her, he was focusing on it. However, when she felt him move his head off of her shoulder, she opened her eyes to nod. "Well, I don't have a set number or any--"

Her sentence was cut off when he held her tightly, so she jumped a little at his fast move. She was a little tired and curious to what he was up to, but when she heard his muffled words from where his head was against her hair, she said, "What!?" She couldn't help but laugh because he did have a point, and he was perhaps the only person who could say that to her without her getting offended. "I can't fit into any of my old pants anymore, so it's only a matter of time before I'm going to need maternity clothing." She couldn't do much besides wrap her arms around him and kiss his cheek.

Cloud: Giving Tifa a look, Cloud was pretty sure that Tifa was more than wrapped up in the whole baby topic to really notice the world around her sometimes. She seemed to focus down on the whole thing and it seemed to have already consumed her life. He was now certain just why she moved him into her room with him as the entire topic of baby was probably set in her mind long before he had ever moved to the new room. Now that he really thought about it, he was certain that his room was going to become some sort of baby room, and he dared not ask what colour it would be as he was quite certain he would get the list and all the furniture names that would be place and where. "I think... you might be a little wrapped up to notice..."

He gave Tifa that, since, at one point, he never thought he would make it passed the age of seventeen then he was convinced that his life would end at twenty-one. Now that he was twenty-four, he wasn't sure which age he should have been aiming for. Dying young never seemed like a nice idea. "I suppose we can be old together then... though Barret might yell if he heard us talking like this." He leaned into her touch to his face and allowed his eyes to close, opening one at the fact Tifa would urge him to shave any facial hair off. "You... heavily hint? So, you would hand me a razor and shaving cream then tell me either the hair went or you would shave me in my sleep?" Her level of bluntness never ceased to amaze him. "That's the point... I have an advantage as I'm the only thing in this house you can legitimately jam your cold feet against."

Refusing to remove his perhaps clumsy and hard grip, he simply clung desperately for a few moments as he felt the gentle rise and fall of her abdomen pressed against his own. He could already imagine how big she might get later on, and he was certain that they would eventually only be able to give arm-length hugs to each other. He cuddle close, daring not settle on her stomach in case he injure the little bump with his weight, instead choosing to rock her back and forth against him as one hand slid down to curl around her waist to ensure the little one was protected between them. He pulled his head back slowly, perking slightly. "Maternity clothing...?" He smiled hugely in the darkness. "You're going to waddle," he announced with a strange sound of giddiness in his voice, meaning no harm as he cuddled closer again.

Tifa: “Maybe a little. All right, maybe a lot.” She admitted and bowed her head slightly when she thought about just how wrapped up she had been in the pregnancy. As a matter of fact, she started to feel like a domesticated life was all she had thought about the entire year thus far, ever since Cloud told her that he was in love with her. She wanted her life to change from the way that it had always been; fighting and helping to save the world. She wanted to get married, raise a family… perhaps move out of Edge to a house in the middle of the country somewhere, build a little white picket fence. Perhaps it was a little too fairy tale, especially with the threat of Jenova still lingering, but it was a childhood dream that was in her grasp, and she didn’t want to loosen her hold on it. Looking up at him through her bangs, she felt a little ashamed. “Is it that obvious? I’m sorry, I’ll… try to focus on the important things and calm down a little.”

“What? Us talking about being old at the age of 23 and 24? We could point out to him that he’s getting closer and closer to 40 with every passing day, but I think he might upgrade the yelling to shooting a round of bullets us. I wonder how he’s doing. We haven’t seen him in quite some time…” Pointing with a finger, she said, “I would add a ‘please’ in there. ’Please shave off your scruffiness or I will lather you up and shave you in your sleep.’ What kind of a rude woman do you think I am not to use a ‘please’ first?” She laughed only because it was the truth, but she couldn’t see him arguing about it. There was a large possibility that he would shave if he asked her to, but she could see a little bit of stubble being very sexy on him. Smirking, she placed her icy cold feet on his legs just for effect. “You’re my own personal heater. I don’t know how I was ever able to sleep without you next to me.”

Tifa returned the hug, ecstatic that he was finally showing some kind of excited reaction to the pregnancy. It was shocking for she wasn’t expecting to be upset at him for not showing said reaction and then have him be giddy in the same conversation, but it wasn’t something she was going to point out to him in fear that he would calm back down. It was the first time that Tifa had ever seen him so giddy… or giddy in general. He could have a good time and laugh about things, but most of the time he was just neutral, so to see him like this… she hoped that it lasted for quite a while and it wasn’t just because of sleep deprivation. Wrapping a leg around his waist, she leaned forward and gave him a kiss. “Yes, maternity clothing. Wearing unbuttoned pants isn’t exactly the most classy thing in the world, not to mention that my pants are getting uncomfortable anyway. I’ll have to go soon, so if you want to help me pick out some cute clothes, you’re more than welcome. If not, I’ll just model them for you when I get home.” Usually when she went shopping, she didn’t want to drag Cloud along, even though he probably would’ve gone with her anyway. She was more than aware of her shopping style, so indecisive of what she wanted to buy that it usually took her several hours to pick out an outfit, that she didn’t want to torture anyone into going with her. She chuckled at him then said, “You are so lucky that I love you so much, because if anyone else said that to me, they would walk away with a black eye. Oddly enough, when you say it, it makes me more excited.”

Cloud: Only raising an eyebrow in the darkness of the room, Cloud thought that answering or needling Tifa about just how much she was wrapped up in the baby topic could be potentially hazardous to his health. He snorted softly at her apology and let his chin settle on the top of her head, his fingers moving up to caress up and down her neck. "You forget how obvious you are to me. I doubt you could change your focus to anything else even if you really wanted to... plus, I don't want you to change your focus. This is what you have wanted for a long time." He trailed his fingers down to flick one of the straps to her tanktop.

"Given when we thought we would die, 23 and 24 is old." He thought for a moment about how long it had been since he had seen Barret, and he admitted that he missed the disgruntled and often times over-excitable man. Things were always more interesting with Barret around. His blue eyes crossed in the darkness to regard her finger. "I wouldn't want to see you with a blade in the dark. I would be worried about losing something important to me... like my nose or an ear." He rolled his eyes and pulled her harder up against him. "What kind of woman? My woman, of course... and you only say please when you want something." He hissed loudly at the feel of her cold feet pressing up against his warm legs, but he didn't withdraw from the contact. "I'm a lot of personal stuff for you, not just a heater." He smirked in the darkness and simply said, "you couldn't miss what you didn't have at the time, remember?"

Still refusing to give up his hold on her since she hadn't complained about it, he rubbed one of his hands across her shoulders at the same time that he buried his face into her warm neck and simply breathed in her scent. His other arm tightened around her waist as he was unwilling to let go any time soon as he continued to rock her back and forth. He liked the thought of her having to wear maternity clothing for some reason, and it wouldn't seem to him that wearing tight pants would be terribly comfortable. "Well... if they are uncomfortable you should take them off and not wear them! You can buy whatever you want that would be comfortable... I don't mind at all." He thought about whether or not he would go shopping but still shied away from the idea. It was too public for him just yet, but perhaps when she was bigger. "Maybe... later on, but I'll stay home and watch the kids."

Tifa: Resting her cheek against his chest, she closed her eyes and nodded her head. She smirked, even though she knew he couldn't see her face. "Ha, I don't think that is something that I would be able to forget. You have told me on numerous times that you can see right through me, which I have no problem with, really. I have nothing to hide, nor do I have any shame." With a sigh, she continued. "It is something that I've wanted, but it's also not all that wise to forget about everything else that is going on right now. There's enough focus to go around. I think." It was almost amusing to think of, she was more than aware of her attention span level, but Jenova was something that she couldn't ignore. Jenova held plenty of Tifa's focus.

She tilted her head up a little to give him a small kiss on his chin. "I never thought I'd make it to see 21, really, so I do feel old every once and a while. Now I know that I'm going to turn into a little old lady one of these days, and I have different things to think of. Like, hoping that I don't get a lot of wrinkles. The day I find a grey hair is the day I go out and buy a box of hair dye... stuff like that. I really haven't given the concept of growing old all that much thought because of the lives that we've had. It's kind of scary, you know?" Adjusting her hold on Cloud, she wrapped one of her legs around his waist. "Oh don't worry, I won't cut off anything besides facial hair... I'm good with my hands and I have excellent aim, so you shouldn't be worried." A surprised 'ooh' left her lips as he pulled her closer without warning, but she responded by backing up her head and kissing his neck gently. "I am yours... and you're mine. No running from me now... or ever. I'd miss you too much." At the sound he made, she moved her feet to a different part of his legs, so the spot would be warmer. "I happen to call them 'perks' not 'stuff.' I never hear you complaining, either."

Over thinking his statement, she gave his sides a slight squeeze. "Oh, is that so? Well, if you're going to start the 'no pants' rule, I'm going to have to add onto it that you can't wear pants either. It's not fair if you get to wear more clothing than I do. I happen to like you naked... just in case you haven't figured that out yet. But, I do have to go shopping soon." Looking up at him, she brushed a few of his bangs off of his forehead. "Once I... start going into maternity clothing, more people are going to know. There's no way to avoid it." She never liked being the center of everyone's attention, but it was something that had come to accept... and then not mind if everyone knew that she was happy. Being hounded by media was the only thing that she didn't want.

Cloud: Slowly nodding his head, Cloud almost wished that Tifa could just focus on the one thing that was important for a future family. The stress of knowing that Jenova was out there and no one knew where she was would eventually weigh heavily on Tifa, especially as she became less able to defend herself against an attack. He was certain that Jenova would always play a large role to caution them from doing anything too outrageous in the way of announcements. "I suppose... I do somewhat wish that you could just let your focus go to this. You do get rather interesting when you are obsessing over the baby... don't think that I haven't seen it when you think I'm not around."

Thinking for a moment, he had to agree with her. He had never spent the time to consider actually growing old and dying an old man. Of course, he silently wondered if Hojo had altered him enough where he would not show signs of his true age anymore or whether he could grow to be old and grey. When he thought of Sephiroth, he thought that perhaps he would be young looking for a long time, since he had never been able to see any signs of age on Sephiroth or even Loz. "It is... but growing old and stuff like that is technically a long time away anyway, so I doubt either of us should worry about it any time soon. Maybe when you're forty or something." He tried to snort some laughter, but he managed to sigh slightly instead. "I still can't say that I trust you with a bladed weapon in the dark, since I don't trust myself fully with one." He chuckled softly. "Like you would ever let me get away if I tried... and I won't be going anywhere but to work."

Pausing at Tifa's response, he thought for a moment on how he could use this new rule to his own advantage in some way. He immediately thought of something, even if he decided that it was best to keep it to himself so that he could torment her with it when the time was right. "I suppose... I have no choice but to agree to no pants..." He nodded his head slowly, already more than aware that people were going to know after the ultrasound and anywhere else that Tifa might go later on. There would be no way to avoid the questions from people no matter how much he and probably she wanted to avoid them. "I know that... we'll manage," he replied and pulled the blankets higher up. "But... we should think about some sleep? Morning comes too early anyway."

Tifa: "I know," she said softly, almost as though she was being reprimanded. It might've been something that she needed, especially since wanting a normal life was something she had grasped so tightly ever since she found out she was pregnant. Worrying too much about Jenova... she was worried that would cause her too much stress during her term and it would harm the baby. But, Cloud's intentions were only for the best. She was completely obsessed with the little life that was growing inside of her, constantly rubbing her belly or planning preparations for when the baby was born. It would've been completely impossible for Cloud to ignore all of that. She didn't want to have the feeling that she needed to explain herself, but she still stated, "I'm thinking you don't mean 'interesting' in a good way. I don't know, Cloud. I'm not denying her existence, but thinking about her makes it more real. Everything that she can do..." Sighing, she placed her hand on his stomach, tracing the muscles with her fingernails gently. "Not much scares me in this world... but Jenova does. That's something that I can't deny. No one knows what she's fully capable of, and I can tell you right now that I don't want to be the one to find out. Not when there's so much at risk."

Not wanting to outwardly cringe at getting to the age of forty, she bit at her lower lip. "Don't remind me about being forty. I'm over halfway there... so it's closer than I'd like to let myself realize. However, okay. That's in 17 years from now..." Placing her hand on her belly, she added, "Our baby will 16 years old when I'm forty. Wow." Nodding her head at herself, she tapped Cloud on the nose. "...So, that's exactly what you meant by me being a little wrapped up in this pregnancy... isn't it?" Her lips turned into a small frown, exhaling the breath she was holding into small little puffs. "You're better with a blade in the dark than anyone I know. Don't doubt your own abilities, Cloud Kristoph Strife... or I might have to start making you blush." Clinging to him, she wrapped her other leg around his legs as well so he was trapped. "Nope! I'll never let you get away."

When he agreed to her new rule, she smirked and gave him a playful smack on his backside. "Rule starts now!" Before he had a chance to even move, she rushed her hands down to the waistline of his boxers and started to pull them down. "I'm not wearing any pants, so your panties need to come off too!" She couldn't help but giggle at calling his boxers 'panties,' feeling oddly giggly. "Pants off and then... maybe I'll allow you to go to sleep..." She smirked at him, showing that there were no thoughts of allowing him to go to sleep.

Cloud: Nodding his head slowly, Cloud couldn't deny that Jenova was still such a large threat to them all. Someone would have to at least know where she was before they could make any move to get her on a ship to shoot off of the earth. It was only then that he knew that everyone would be truly safe from the threat, and he fully intended on making that happen eventually, sooner rather than later as well. He didn't wish to upset Tifa with talk of Jenova again, as it had already come up earlier and it was not a subject that needed to be touched on again. He could handle her and perhaps at least find out where she was before making some plans with ShinRa to deal with her. "No... and she's unpredictable and having been quiet for so long, who knows where she is. But... let's not think about that. Focus on what is important, and that is keeping healthy and as happy as you can be."

He could only raise an eyebrow at her immediate calculation on what age the child would be, and he sighed heavily, shaking his head before kissing her forehead. "By that age, materia mastery and weapons training would already be in full swing. A sword would be a good start, since I've never been a fan of guns. Too messy." He thought for a moment as he pulled Tifa closer to him and slid a hand down the thigh around his waist before letting out a little snort. "Your ability to make me blush is in question. I almost never blush about anything, so you have your work cut out for you. I bet I could make you blush long before you could get one out of me." Noting the strangle hold on his waist, he gave in by relaxing. "That better not include bathroom breaks or work..."

He shifted under the slap before finding himself unsurprised when Tifa immediately began to push down his boxers. He knew full well where this was going if she succeeded, but he decided it was not time to push away her attempts. "My panties? I've only worn yours... but that was at least a week ago and a case of complete mistakenness since I just reached in and grabbed. I had no idea they were yours until I was examining myself in the mirror..." He slid a hand around and grabbed onto her backside, jerking her hips down on his as he suddenly rolled and slammed her down on the bed in a pin, his smirk evident from the glow of his eyes. "Maybe I don't want to sleep now..."

Tifa: Tifa vehemently nodded at the notion to drop the Jenova subject. It was not a happy subject, and she would rather think about other things. It would eventually be dealt with, as soon as the plan was solidified and everyone banded together to rid Jenova from the planet all together.

Playfully glaring at him, she chuckled. "Well, it's good to know that you are already planning out the training schedule of our children... but I always thought that you would start the training before they were able to walk. Then of course, I would have to scold you. I figure we'll have enough kids that they can each master something different. Mommy wants to train a little martial artist, though, so I claim one child for that." Training her children was something that Tifa was partially leery about, but she always wanted to be secure in the fact that her children would be able to defend themselves. Especially the girls. It was a comfort to know that Tifa could protect herself from anything that came her way, basically. For some reason, Marlene was a different story, and she couldn't find it in her to train her without Barret's consent. Perhaps Barret would be fine with the idea, but something turned Tifa off from it. "I think I've made you blush a grand total of two times. And um, one was when you were extremely drugged up, but I still received a nice eyeful." She scrunched up her nose at him and nipped at his lower lip before planting a kiss there. "Of course. You're able to have some free time, and work is always important. Especially if I ever open up 7th Heaven again. Still not sure about that one. Sometimes I wonder how long we'll live here, ya know?"

She wasn't sure if she should take him seriously or not, but anything was possible when it came to Cloud. Snickering, she ruffled up his hair and gave him a kiss on the tip of his nose. "I hope they were a pretty pair... although it's rather sad if we can wear the same size panties." Her laugh was cut short when he pressed their hips together, and she didn't have to ask to know where he was going with it. Once her back was on the bed, she put her hand on the back of his neck to direct him to her lips, as the other hand continued to pull his boxers down his legs. "I like what you're thinking..."

Cloud: "I would... I believe in giving materia at least at three months old. A child can never learn materia early enough," Cloud said and nodded his head to his own words. He often times wished that he had been given that sort of toy to learn, and he had to wonder if things would have been different if he had been better with materia when he had been in the military. He was pretty good with them when he was allowed to actually learn. "I'll let the kids learn whatever they want to... just it will probably start at an early age. Not that we need any super children since... I'll be there to make sure everything is alright, but still... school bullies and all."

He let out a puff of air from his nose and then sighed heavily. "Two times and one of those was drugged up after you were blushing ten times redder than I ever could go? I'm not sure that last one actually counts given how out of it I was." He flicked some of Tifa's hair back playfully. "I'm sure you were so terribly upset with that eyeful you received as well... perv." He leaned into the nipping and stroked his fingers down the back of her neck, massaging the area before pausing at the mention of 7th Heaven, or more specifically, moving from it. He pulled his head back and considered a moment. "We'll stay a few years, at least... unless you have more plans you haven't dared to tell me about. If you've run off and bought a house without telling me..."

He smirked and licked a line up her jaw before softly growling into her ear. "They were rather flattering on me. A little tight in the front, but there's not much I could do about that... the little bow did well to distract from the fact I was a man in women's underwear." He leaned down as directed, pressing his lips to hers before nibbling on her lower lip, flicking it as he arched his back and shifted his legs up enough to get his boxers hooked on his knee, which he quickly shifted in a nifty move to remove them all on his own. He smirked against her lips and murmured, "the only way to properly get you to sleep for longer than an hour."
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