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ffvii_ac_rpg's Journal

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children RPG
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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children AU RPG

General Rules:

1.) No flaming, harrassment, godmodding, nonconsensual roleplay, or general assholishness. We're here to have fun.

2.) Adult content will be welcome, but should go beneath an lj cut with a warning of the content.

3.) No off-topic posts. This includes rants, quiz results, movie and game discussion, etc. Only RPG is allowed within the community.

4.) A relatively decent grasp of English is nice. I don't expect perfection- we all make mistakes- but it should be easy to read. Absolutely no netspeak, or MiXeD cApS, or l33t, or anything of that nature.

5.) Please, if you join, try to be fairly active. I don't want to see the community die a quick death because people drift away. If your character disapears into the ether for more than a few weeks, and you do not notify me that you'll be away, your role may be given to someone else.

Rules will be refined with time. If there is anyting you are unsure about, feel free to ask.

ffvii_ac_rp_ooc <-- OOC community for the RPG. All non-RPG discussion will take place there.
ffviiacrp_stuff <-- Art from the RP
Community Photobucket Account

Canon Characters:
Cloud- soldierrebirth, journal chibi_nataku AIM Lil Nataku
Vincent- vincent_2045, journal ravendarkangel AIM
Tifa- beatrush18, journal anrixan AIM beatrush18
Yuffie- materiamaniac, journal lante AIM Materia Maniac
Barret- fighterbarretto, journal devilsangelxx AIM pitytehfoo
Aeris- innocent_eyes__, journal anrixan AIM Virgo Sidus
Zack - knights_spirit, journal yashakizu AIM Illusion My Life
Marlene(11 years old)* - tifaslilhelper, journal lunarwolf2002 AIM Arcee 68 25
Denzel(11 years old)* - denzel_, journal superflavor AIM denzeruru

Reno- egojunkie, journal paako AIM egoistic junkie | Yahoo! Messenger metal_reflections | MSN Messenger metal_reflections@hotmail.com
Rufus- shotgun_poetics, journal valorously AIM darknationshinra
Tseng- ratiocinative_, journal danibennett AIM tseng01
Elena- x_compulsive, journal whim AIM compulsiverookie
Cait Sith- caitsithftw, journal souya AIM gilplzkthxbai

Original Characters:
Karina - xrosenightmare, journal lunarwolf2002 AMI YazoosLilSis
Alexandria - silver_solitude, lceruleanl AIM alex solitas
Lorelai/Jenova - eyestothestars_, journal chibi_nataku AIM Lil Nataku
Samantha - ojou_chan, journal superflavor AIM tehsamchan
Reija - sapphire_ninja, journal 24cylinders AIM headFUCED
Dr. Sita Lee - ravenerphoenix, AIM Ash and Feathers
Scarlet - scarletstilhawt, journal 24cylinders, AIM scarlet hawtie
Erianthe Downe - x_engraved, journal x_cicatrix_x, AIM CicatrixInfinite, Yahoo cicatrix_infinite@yahoo.com
Rafe Lander - technocide, journal whim, AIM compulsiverookie
Kazuki Keyser - grandis_loqui, journal valorously, AIM DarkNationShinra

Denzel and Marlene have been aged somewhat to help with their roleplayability. This won't effect the overall story arc in any way.

Click here for info to apply for an original character. ONLY exceptional applications will be accepted.


Maintainer: chibi_nataku/soldierrebirth

Relevant communities:

adventchildren_ <-- Excellent community for general Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children discussion, icons, screencaps, and loads more.