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Date Night! -- Cloud and Tifa (Part Two of Two)

Okay, this rp is backdated to a few days after the last Cloud and Tifa one, and it's just composed of fluff. Tifa and Cloud go on their date! No plot, nothing important, but fluff that makes me squee. And make out rain. :D (Which is VERY important)

Cloud + blue silk shirt + makeout rain = *fangirl squee*

Tifa: "Ha, yeah, we won't have any problems here or when we get home. Therefore, the way you're talking now is perfect for a public environment and the lower voice when we're alone. That way, I won't make a fool out of myself and pounce. I think some customers and the restaurant staff would frown upon my manners if I started stripping you down right here," she clarified, gesturing toward him with the wine glass in her hand, unable to hide the growing smirk that was playing on her lips. Whenever he whispered to her, she had a harder time gripping her self control than usual. In fact, it was as if her small amount of self control went out the window. "Innocent head means innocent thoughts." She blinked and smiled as innocently as possible, although she knew her thoughts were anything but innocent. Especially now because he was in a suit and that tie....

"It really just depends on if we challenge each other, otherwise our 'innocent' thoughts will get the best of us and, well, yeah, get us both into a lot of trouble." Rubbing her leg against his, she felt herself blush slightly. "Oh, really?" Even though he stopped rubbing his leg against hers, she moved her ankles together to trap his foot there, watching where his eyes were. "That's all wonderful and all that you know what is going on in your head, but I don't know what is going on behind those blue eyes of yours. Part of me wants to ask you what those thoughts are, but the other part of me is saying to keep my mouth shut because that would be a challenge. You would probably talk in a lower voice so no one could hear you and then..." She trailed off to dramatically sigh. "We all know what would happen then."

"Freshly fallen snow," she stated, giving his hand a squeeze. She looked up to see the waiter approaching their table, and thanked him when he placed her dish in front of her and refilled her wine glass. She only drank about half of it, but she just wanted to make sure that she kept a count. Once the waiter walked away, she looked back at Cloud. "Only maybe? That's rather disappointing..."

Cloud: Nodding his head in an obedient manner, Cloud made sure to make note that his whispered voice was the one that got Tifa more than his normal voice did. He wasn't entirely surprised, but he thought for a moment that she would try to throw in his 'groggy' voice that only happened when she woke him up in the middle of the night demanding something, usually snuggling. He complied, of course, but his voice was softer and usually accompanied with many yawns. "You never know... the customers and staff might come to watch you getting me undressed and admire me too. Then you would get jealous, I'm sure... or embarrassed with an audience."

He took note of her blush even in the dim lights and had a moment of looking smug. He didn't move to pull his foot away from her grasp, casting his eyes about, mostly towards the window where he noted that it looked to be raining now. So much for not getting wet on the way home. Perhaps it would stop before they got home. "It's the mystery that keeps you coming back for more," he said simply, allowing his eyes to dart back to her revealed cleavage before returning to the window. "Not really... I don't nearly have as much of an imagination as you do, so I'm sure there is nothing of interest for you there." He ran a hand over the fine table cloth and looked at Tifa, stating in a perfectly neutral voice, "you would look good begging me on the table cloth... accents your eyes."

He leaned back as his meal was put in front of him and drew his hand back to pick up his fork, ignoring his previous comment. Instead, he thanked the waiter and began to eat, speaking to Tifa in a low voice where no one else could pick up what they were saying, keeping the conversation light even if he occasionally stroked her legs with his affectionately during the course of the meal. It was a wonderful meal, and he was pleased that it was so private and out of the public's eye. It was partly because the rain had picked up by the end of the meal, and he would give Tifa his jacket to keep her dry as possible on the way home.

Tifa: "That's a very good point. They will all be able to see me undress you and finally see everything what the public has been waiting to see of Cloud Strife ever since your sexy face has been plastered all over the tabloids. You always wear the baggier style of clothing, but to see you completely nude? I might have to fight everyone off and I didn't bring my gloves. I might break a nail." She completely serious, except about the nail part, then before she could stop herself, she continued. "But, you have to think that while you are naked, I will be too. As if that short little skirt I wore all those years ago didn't tease the male population enough, maybe the white shirt did. Don't think I don't hear what my patrons say while they're in my bar. I guess that means that I'll just have to find a way to distract you so you won't get jealous yourself."

She wondered why he kept on looking outside, so she finally gazed out the window and saw that it had begun to rain. Not very hard, but enough for it to be noticeable and a few droplets to hit the window. There goes my hair... she thought, biting her lower lip. It took her a very long time to do, but at least they made it to the restaurant okay, she didn't care what she looked like after they left the building. "You are a mystery sometimes, Cloud Kristoph Strife. That's half the reason why I love you so much. Always keep me guessing and no shortage of excitement. Keeps things entertaining if you're a mystery like that." She sipped her wine again, then shrugged her shoulders. "I beg to differ. I think I have every right to know what you're thinking about." Just to end her tease, she sat up straight again and fixed her dress so her cleavage wasn't as noticeable. "Ohhh, would I now? Are you trying to get me to go through with it?"

Half thankful that he didn't answer her question, she began to eat and focus on Cloud speaking to her. He was starting to get her going a little bit, and any more pressing of it and she would've pinned him down right then and there. That was not exactly how she wanted Gaia to know that the two of them were dating. After she was finished, she took a final sip of her wine and looked out the window again. It was now pouring. "I'm going to melt," she murmured.

Cloud: Looking to the window, Cloud nodded his head a little to Tifa's comment. There was not much that they could do about the rain, and it wasn't the longest trip back to 7th Heaven, but it would still be an inconvenience. It was nice that the evening had gone so well at least, and he was pleased to see that Tifa seemed to have enjoyed herself and the meal that she had ordered. "A little rain never hurt anyone, and besides, it isn't that far back to home. I will go and make sure that they bring Fenrir up as close as possible so you don't get that wet."

He stood from his chair casually, unbuttoning his suit jacket and slipping it off of his shoulders to grip it in his hands. He walked around the table and set the jacket on Tifa's shoulders, running his hands down her arms affectionately as he leaned down and kissed her head. He took a moment to simply remain like that, breathing in her scent and remaining close, massaging her shoulders a little as he stood silently protective in his own way of her. "Just wait here and I will go and pay then go and get Fenrir," he murmured into her hair before forcing himself away. "Come to the front door when you are ready, okay? If not, I'll come back for you."

Walking away from her, he quickly paid for the bill before adventuring out into the downpour that didn't take long to soak his clothing nor his hair. The valet had brought Fenrir forward, but it would mean that Tifa would have to wander out into the rain just to get to the motorcycle. He slipped an arm around to handle-holds even as the rain came down on him, and he lifted the machine up enough to step onto the sidewalk and set it down next to the door that would limit the amount of wet that Tifa would have to get when leaving.

He pushed soaked blonde hair from his eyes and stood for a moment with his blue silk shirt clinging desperately to his chest and arms and his white pants gripping to his legs while going a little translucent from the water, not enough to show anything thankfully. Shaking his head, he spattered water over himself as beaded droplets trailed down his skin as more raindrops replaced the ones that he had shaken off. Rolling his shoulders in an attempt to get his shirt from clinging to him, he turned towards the door and waited to see if Tifa would appear or if he would have to retreat from the warm summer rain to bring her out.

Tifa: "That's true, I guess I can manage," she said, pouting a little outside as she watched the rain come down. The people who were outside were quickly running to their destinations, trying to stay as dry as possible, not like it made a difference with the way that the rain was pouring down. Slowly, she turned back to look at him and nodded at his plans. "Okay, that sounds good, but don't go to any trouble. It's not like we're going anywhere but home, so no one has to see me all wet except you.." He had seen her wet from showers, so it wasn't anything new between the two of them. As much as she didn't want to ruin her hair or her make up, she really did like rain. It was soothing.

She watched him take off his jacket, her eyes focusing on the way the blue silk shirt fit him. Even though it wasn't skin tight, the material still showed off his well toned muscles of his chests and arms, and she didn't even realize the extent that she was staring until he placed the coat on her shoulders, snapping her out of the daze she was in. She closed her eyes as he kissed her, leaning against him slightly to feel closer to him, not saying a word. It was nice to be affectionate to him in public and not worrying about anything. Sure, there was a possibility that it could be spread, but part of her didn't care. Having that moment with him was enough. Opening her eyes as he backed away from her, she nodded. "All right. I just have to put my shoes back on and I'll be right there."

Instead of bending over to grab her shoes right away, she watched him walk away until she couldn't see him anymore, keeping a silly smile on her face. He always had that affect on her and it made her feel like a little school girl in love, but she wouldn't want it any other way. Knowing it was their first time in public with each other, she wasn't exactly sure how he would act around her, but it wasn't any different than when they were in 7th Heaven by the kids. It was the small, subtle touches and kisses that proved that they were more than friends, but it showed their true feelings for each other. At least it would be known that they were both sincere.

Again she had to snap herself out of her day dreaming and bent over to slip her feet back into her heels again. She wasn't looking forward to walking in them again, but it wasn't going to be a long distance. Just to Fenrir and then from Fenrir to 7th Heaven, so she could manage without falling on her face or breaking an ankle. Standing up with a small grunt, she adjusted her dress on her frame and held Cloud's jacket a little closer to her, smiling before she made her way toward the door... where she stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing Cloud outside. She wasn't the only one staring, she noticed the hostesses pointing and giggling, which only made her smile wider... and couldn't stop herself from thinking that, unlike them, she was going home with him.

Forcing herself to walk again, she walked through the door and out into the rain, feeling herself become drenched, she snuggled up closely to him, looked at Fenrir and said, "All right, I'm ready. Wow, apparently so are you, look at this. Curbside service," She went on her tiptoes and after nibbling on his earlobe, she whispered, "You look good all wet like this."

Cloud: Spotting Tifa staring at him from the doorway, Cloud glanced down at himself. Was his fly undone? A quick check-over revealed that he was fine aside from his wet clothing clinging to him and rain pouring down his body. He shrugged his shoulders a little, having no way to prevent getting wet as he was, but it appeared that his appearance had caught Tifa by surprise. He waited for the moment she squealed and ran at him, and he was thankful that she managed to contain herself enough where a simple walk into the rain was all that she would - or possibly could - manage.

He noted the hostesses watching, and it was clear that Tifa had a bit of a smug walk as she came over to him in the rain, leaning down into her nibbling even though he thought she was going to whisper something to him. "It's not my fault that it's raining and silk clings to me," he said in mild protest. He tucked the jacket around her as snugly as possible to limit the amount of rain that would soak her before gripping her about the waist and lifting her up and setting her down on Fenrir. He slipped into the spot in front of her and turned on the engine, shaking a few strands of blonde from his eyes. "Can you contain yourself until we get home?"

He didn't want for her to answer before revving the engine and taking off into the streets through the rain. He set his shoulders to block as much of it as he could from hitting Tifa, though he was certain that his efforts were wasted as she was probably going to be just as soaked as he was no matter what he did. Being away from the restaurant, he released an arm from the handle bar and reached back and stroke a hand down Tifa's thigh. "Wet enough for you?"

Tifa: "Don't make excuses," she whispered, placing one of her hands on his stomach, feeling his muscles under her touch. "I told you that you would look good in blue and now I am just thanking you that you took my advice. Every once and a while I make sense." Giving him a kiss on his neck as she went down on flat feet, she tried to ignore the way her feet were kind of slipping around in her shoes. Sliding her arms in the arms of his coat so it wouldn't fall off while driving, she put her hands on his as he lifted her and put her on Fenrir. That was much easier than being afraid of flashing everyone her panties or having to cringe from the uncomfortable pain between her legs.

Once he sat down, she pushed back her hair that was clinging to her hair and neck then put her arms tightly around his waist. Scoffing slightly at his remark, she moved her hands to his thighs. "Yes, I am fine. I told you that I would be a good girl until we got home and I don't want to break my word. It would hurt my pride." When Fenrir sped off, she quickly wrapped her arms around his waist again, not even sure if he heard what she said over the roar of the engine. It didn't exactly matter anyway, so she enjoyed the feeling of the rain on her as she snuggled closely to him. At least it was warm rain, it could've been worse. As a matter of fact, she found herself enjoying it quite a bit.

She jumped slightly when he touched her, so she tilted her head up. "Yeah, it feels good." She wasn't sure if she was talking about the rain or the way he was touching her. Even though he couldn't see her, she smirked and, when she made sure that she was balanced, moved one of her hands to his inner thigh before moving the other down to the button of his pants, releasing it. He had a belt on, so it wasn't as though his pants were going to fall down once he stood up, but teasing was fun. Pressing her chest up against his back more, she began rubbing his thigh as her fingers untucked his shirt and slipped down his pants about an inch.

Cloud: Taking Tifa's words to heart about her being good and leaving him be until they got home, Cloud concentrated on driving through the rain. "And we wouldn't want you to hurt that pride of yours," he called back to her, his hearing good enough where he could pick up on her voice even over Fenrir. He turned into the main street and dodged around a parked car as he turned before increasing his speed to the speed limit. His hand settled on her thigh still, he slid it up and down before giving a comforting squeeze to assure her that he would get them home safely despite the rain.

Or he had a higher chance of it if she had actually stuck to her word. His first indication that it had slipped her mind was the hand that ventured between his thighs, and, had his attention not already been directed downwards, he might not have notice her release the button of his pants thanks to his belt. Her hand made it obvious though, and he groaned softly to himself that she was not going to go easy on him in the least. His shoulders jerked a little as wet water droplets spattered against his lower back thanks to her tugging up his shirt, turning his head to give her an inquiring look. "You are in trouble, Lockheart. We aren't hope yet, so you just broke the deal... I'm putting a blackmail photo in the paper tomorrow."

He sat up straight, releasing his other hand from the handlebar and simply steered with his legs, an act he had mastered long before this moment. Watching the traffic, he swiveled his upper body around and attacked her neck with his lips, licking and biting at the water that had dripped down along the heated skin as one hand slipped right along her thighs, flicking her panties with a finger as his other hand came up and flicked open her bra. Once finished, he turned back to regard traffic and corrected himself before turning another corner where 7th Heaven came into sight. He leaned himself back against her and curled his fingers into her damp hair, releasing a soft moan into her ear meant to punish her with having to wait for more of them.

Tifa: Her fingers continued to slowly move downward as the hand on his legs started to venture toward the zipper of his pants, just seeing what he would do. She was curious to see if he would just pull over, but even if he didn't, it was still fun to tease him a little bit. Most of the time he was the one teasing her, but now that he had to concentrate on the road, she had a little bit of the upper hand. She heard the sound that he made, causing her to giggle and look up at him innocently. "I love it when you say that..." She frowned at the mentioning of a photo in the paper. "Oh, you so wouldn't. I'm not humiliating you in public, I'm just trying to get you worked up a little bit and see how far you'll let me tease you."

Or so she thought. When he sat up straighter, she smirked, but as soon as he let go of the other handlebar, she moved both of her hands off of him and held onto his waist again. "Cloud! What are you doing!?" She was rather shocked when he took full control of Fenrir with just his legs, and even more shocked that he was able to kiss her like that and not kill them in the process. When she noticed that he had full control over the road and her, she let her eyes slip shut and her fingernails dug into his waist. The teasing was something she deserved back, but not when they weren't at 7th Heaven yet and it certainly didn't seem as though he was going to pull over. He was making her wait... and waiting was not one of Tifa's strong suits.

Her hand slid back under the shirt and up to his chest, pulling him closer to her when she felt her bra unhook. Knowing she was wearing a strapless, she could feel it slide down her torso and it made her gasp and pray that it wasn't going to completely fall down her dress. She removed one of her hands to hold her bra to her, and as he moaned into her ear, she moaned back, flicking her eyes up to see just how close they were to 7th Heaven. Almost there.

Cloud: "You only love it because it is true, and you said you would be good until we got home," Cloud playfully reprimanded. He knew she had gone for his zipper, but he was thankfully spared with her need to talk to him about the fact that he could and would blackmail her into leaving him alone. Technically, the worst threat he could give her at this point was to deny her sex and leave her cold, but that was much too cruel for the moment taking in everything that she had done. "No, you aren't. You're try to get me worked up so the moment we get in the door, you get to set in motion your ulterior motives."

Her reaction to him steering with his legs was priceless, and he must have forgotten to mention that he was proficient with Fenrir both with his hands and his legs. He smirked in their kiss and made sure to torment her back as wickedly as possible. He would make her wait for more, and that would be a bad enough punishment for her to endure given how little she liked to wait for anything, let alone something that had to do with him.

He slowed the motorcycle a little as her hands went exploring up his shirt, but he knew he was triumphant in defeating her when her bra slipped from his fingers and down her back. Strapless for the win, was all he could think while smirking to himself. He turned his head and once again attacked her neck, licking away lines of water before sucking on the warm skin until he left a nice mark behind. That was yet another punishment before he leaned himself forward again and took control of the motorcycle with his hands and drove into the parking lot of 7th Heaven, casually shutting off the engine before shaking water out of his hair, looking back at Tifa. He leaned in for a kiss as he swung one leg over and then stood, not bothering to help her from Fenrir this time.

Instead, he stretched and pulled his tie down so it hung loose around his neck, giving him a bit of the 'rebel' look. His shirt was drenched and hanging about his hips since being pulled from where it had been tucked. The material slid over his muscles as he stretched, showing off his figure with blue silk before he turned to face her completely. He reached up and pushed his blonde hair back from his forehead, slicking it to his scalp for a moment before the spikes fell forward again and dripped water down his body. He smirked and tucked some hair behind Tifa's ear. "Consider your challenge met, risen and beaten... I owned you on the road," he said, turned and then walked to the back door nd opened it before stepping inside.

Tifa: Feeling a little guilty that she couldn't even wait until they got home, she blushed a little, but decided not to even worry about it. She was good in the restaurant, which was an accomplishment because that was the first time they were out in public while dating and she wasn’t' sure if she'd be able to keep her hands off of him. "It's true, I can't deny that. Except I was more or less thinking that you would pull over but I have a very strong feeling that you're going to make me wait. Besides, Mr. Strife, you're the one who said that you might have ulterior motives as well." She lifted an eyebrow at him.

She leaned into the kiss as soon as his lips met hers, but she still felt a little wary about making out on the motorcycle while it was in motion. Cloud didn't seem worried about it, apparently it wasn't his first time driving Fenrir with his legs, which actually impressed her quite a bit. So he did have hidden talents that she wasn't aware of. She was growing a little impatient about how he was making her wait so much, she wanted to deepen the kiss, but she didn't want to jump on him and make them lose control. Dying wasn't on her plan for the perfect night with Cloud>

Once he began kissing her neck, she closed her eyes and scraped her fingers down his chest under she reached his belt on his pants. She wanted the belt off, but there wasn't a spot to put it since they were still in motion. Her eyes flicked open again, noticing that they were approaching 7th Heaven and it wasn't soon enough, and she gasped when she felt him suck harder on her neck. It was clear he left a mark by the look on his face, so she knew that she would be wearing her hair down for a few days until it went away, but it was more amusing to her than anything. "Thanks, Cloud," she muttered as he turned and parked Fenrir, leaning back on her hands as he got up.

Allowing the rain to simply fall on her, she looked up and took a moment to look at the way his wet clothes were hanging on his frame. "Fine, you did, like always." There was a hint of disappointment in her voice. Another challenge she brought up that he beat her in. Royally. Sliding a leg over Fenrir, she climbed off the motorcycle, liking the way the rain felt on her skin, even though she was completely soaked and her feet were sliding in her shoes. "Hey! Where are you going?" She asked, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him back outside. "You're already wet, let's stay out here for a bit."

Cloud: "My ulterior motives will obviously pale in comparison to yours, I'm sure.. the fact that I admitted that I had some just meant that you filled in the blanks on what they could be when perhaps... they weren't sexually oriented at all." He smirked down at her and tossed his head to the side to send a few strands of hair from his forehead. "You're still waiting now, aren't you? That's not my fault..."

He looked down at her simply sitting in the rain -in his jacket no less- and he admitted that she was looking very attractive like that. He let the rain drip down his face as he watched her, thinking that she may just spend more time sitting watching him. She was obviously admiring him a little, and he returned the favour, especially with the fact that her bra was loose and he had to guess where it had settled by now. "You just weren't trying hard enough... and I caught you by surprise, so that shifted it into my favour after your initial surprise attack."

Up the stairs and into 7th Heaven, he paused at the sound of her voice in question, turning a little before he found his arm grabbed, and he was wrenched back outside in the rain. He turned his head up to let the rain spatter against his features as his hands settled on her waist before he considered leaning against the side of the house and just watching her in the rain. Instead, he was overcome with another idea and grabbed one of her hands, holding it up as he pressed his body up close to hers, swaying his hips before the rest of his body followed in the movement, pulling her along as he danced with her in the rain. A sweet smile lighted his eyes as he leaned down the small height difference, blocking some of the rain with his soaked hair as he drew them slowly more into the open parking lot for a dance together. "I love you."

Tifa: "Oh come on, like they weren't," she said, softly clicking her tongue against her teeth, not believing him at all. "By the way you were looking down my shirt, I could see that sparkle in your eye. Not like I'm complaining or anything because I love seeing that look in your eye, but you can't lie to me." Lifting her hands to wipe under her eyes, she looked at her fingertips to see that they were still clean. Thank god for waterproof mascara... She thought, shaking her head to get her wet hair out of her face. With the hairspray that she used, she imagined that it was rather sticky, but as long as she showered sooner or later, she would be fine. As of now, ti was the least of her worries.

"I didn't know that you could drive Fenrir like that." She grunted a little as she reached to her back and readjusted her bra before hooking it back together so it wouldn't fall off. "You're just lucky that I didn't lose this bra. I would've been very upset because I just bought it today." It almost sounded ironic that she didn't want to lose her clothing knowing what her intentions were on Fenrir, but she was telling the truth; the bra was expensive and the only black strapless that she owned. "I'll get you back for the nice pretty mark that is no doubt on my neck. Just when you least expect it."

She was glad that he came back out in the rain with her for she didn't want to go inside just yet. It had been a long time since she just stayed out in the rain... the first time since she was 20 and traveling all over to find Sephiroth. Even then, it was only her and Yuffie and it wasn't for very long knowing that the rain was freezing cold and it began lightening and thundering. Melting into him as he started to lead them in a sort of slow dance, it made a smile grow on her face. It was just like Valentine's Day, only so much more different. They were together now, no more sneaking around and going behind people's back. It felt so much different. Lifting her head from his shoulder when he spoke, she whispered, "I love you, too."
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