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Cloud/Tifa -- 7 Week Ultrasound (Part 1 of 2)

Back dated to Tifa’s 7th week of pregnancy… which was… um… A long time ago, knowing that she’s on her 12th week. LOL, sorry. Real life got the best of us! YAY SCHOOL AND WORK!

Anyway, it’s Tifa’s ultrasound appointment … at a hospital! …we know how much Cloud and Tifa, especially Cloud, loves those! Buuuut... they get to see the baaaaaaaaaaby!

And now... SLEEP!!!! *falls asleep on keyboard* zzzzzzzzzz....

Cloud: Nervous was such a simple word for the turmoil that he was currently experiencing. He really just wanted to turn around and walk back the way that he had come without looking back and without even thinking about stepping through those sliding doors. He hated hospitals, a developed reaction since he received all of his memories back way back in the day. Before, he had been alright with them, the oversight of Zack's personality covering over his own fears about them since being an experiment of Hojo’s. Now, he was nervous and afraid just going too close to one, which was ironic given that he was one of the most powerful men on the planet... and he was scared of hospitals.

Swallowing the lump in his throat, he looked around for a quick escape. He clenched his hands at his side to keep his feet moving forward even when all they wanted to do was turn him around and flee back to Fenrir. He just didn't want to go, and the only reason he made it this far was because Tifa insisted that he had to see the baby. He had sort of come to terms with the baby, but he knew it hadn't quite hit him yet, since he hadn't seen it. This was his opportunity to get his first look at the mysterious child of his, but the feat in order to have to do that made his stomach tie in knots. Maybe she could just bring him a picture and then he would see it then?

He glanced over to Tifa before back the way that they had come. His shoulders tightened with strain, all his muscles pulling hard against each other as he walked in a stiff nervous gait before stopping in thirty feet from the entrance. He really didn't want to go. "...Tifa... I don't know if I can do this."

Tifa: There were a mixture of emotions flowing through Tifa as she hopped off of Fenrir and looked at the hospital. She was mostly excited to finally be able to see the life that was growing inside of her, but she was also kind of scared. She was terrified when she was last at the hospital, to get checked to see if she was pregnant, and now she was back. Assuming that she'd have to be there quite a few times over the course of the term for ultrasounds and checkups, she figured she better get used to it. Or, as comfortable with the concept as she could. It was to see the baby, after all, which was what she really wanted. However, there were a million things that she had thought of since hearing that she was pregnant, things that could've gone wrong. What if something was wrong with the baby? Was it even possible to detect birth defects when the baby was only about an inch big? Especially since she was bringing Cloud with her, she wanted things to go flawlessly.

A silly grin was on her face and she had to refrain from skipping all the way to the entrance, although her fear of hospitals calmed her down slightly. Only slightly. Plus, this was the first ultrasound she had ever had to have in her life, she didn't know what it was going to be like. She had done a lot of research on pregnancies so she would know how big the baby was and all that information, and the ultrasound didn't seem like there was too much too it. For that, Tifa was happy. At least no blood would have to be drawn. No needles made Tifa happy.

Reaching her hand out, she took Cloud's hand in hers, thankful that he was going with her. He wasn't too happy with the concept, that she knew, but she wanted him to see the baby. He believed that she was pregnant, but seeing the baby for the first time was something that she definitely wanted to do with him. Actually, every appointment that she had she wanted to be with him. He was the father after all. This was something that she wanted to go through with him, the whole way.

She felt him stop, so she stopped as well so she wouldn't pull his arm off by continuing to walk. "Hmm?" She turned to face him, and furrowed her forehead a little bit. She knew exactly what he meant and why he stopped. Moving closer to him, she gave him a gentle kiss on the lips and put his hand on her stomach. "Cloud, it's okay, I promise. I'll be with you the whole time, and you can cling to me all you want. Besides, we're going to the doctor that saved your life, remember? Everything will be fine."

Cloud: Cloud refused to budge from the spot on the pavement that he had taken up, his eyes straight ahead watching as the glass double-doors opened slowly to allow an elderly gentleman out wheeling around an IV drip. The doors slowly closed again after a few moments, and he knew he really didn't want to be the next one to go through them. He was breathing heavier than he normally did, and it unnerved him more that he had lost his calm so easily after arriving at the hospital. If only ShinRa and the media could see him now, scared and white-faced and thinking he was going to be sick right then and there on the pavement.

He knew that Tifa would kill him if he didn't go, which added an extra weight to his shoulders that were already laddened with dread. He didn't want to disappoint her, but this was something he had continually told her that he would not be able to do because of his fears of the hospital. Somehow, he had allowed her to convince him to come along, but now he was faced with the reality that he would have to go in the hospital and talk to doctors, nurses and whatever else was in there. He and Tifa had kept their relationship a secret, and he hardly thought it would remain that way if he was wandering around to the ultrasound wing with Tifa holding his hand. It was yet another fear to add to all the others, and fleeing looked to be a viable way to keep everything quiet.

Still, he looked down at Tifa as she had his hand, and he doubted she would let go without a fight. He didn't know why he thought that, but he did. His eyebrows knit together even as he did his best to mask his fear with a neutral expression. He couldn't wipe away the minor downturn of his lips and the tremors that shook his shoulders a little nor the fear in his eyes. He didn't want to go. He shook his head a little as he finally looked back to the sliding doors. "I don't want to see the doctor or any doctor... do I have to come inside? I can wait here, you know." He rubbed his hand over her belly anyway, trying to calm himself. "...aren't you the one supposed to be clinging to me? Besides... people might see us together and... know. We'll never see peace again."

Tifa: She studied him for a minute, trying not to show her disappointment in him at the moment. She knew his fear of hospitals and she completely understood why he was so terrified, but it still really upset her. Perhaps she didn't understand as much as she thought she did, but to see him deathly pale was something to even unnerve her. Taking a deep breath, she calmed herself down, making sure that Cloud's fright wasn't going to add onto hers. She wanted to see her baby, not just say 'forget it' and leave the hospital because of a fear. No. If something was wrong, she'd want to know right away.

Of course, it was Cloud's only fear. That Tifa knew of anyway, and she considered herself very knowledgeable of Cloud's life. Mainly because of how often she was around him and worried about his well being, but she wanted to know everything about him. There was hardly anything about him that she didn't know, so she guessed anyway. She hated seeing him so scared though, and it really did upset her that she wanted to force him into a hospital, but it was the only way he was going to be able to see the baby.

"I know," she said softly, not letting go of his hand. She was not going to let him go and she figured he knew that. "I know you don't want to come inside, but, Cloud... don't you want to see the baby? Don't you want to be there the first time I see the baby so we can go through this together? This is a big step in our lives and we should go through it together, don't you agree? It's hard for you to see the baby if you're standing out here. Besides... it just won't be the same if you're not there with me, holding my hand, and seeing the little life that we created together." She smiled at him, and cupped his cheek in her hand so he would look at her. "You may be right, but I think a lot more people know about it than we think they do. Or assume it. I told you how no one at the hospital was surprised... but they seemed a little surprised that you weren't there when I was tested." Standing on her tip toes, she pressed her forehead against his and looked him in the eyes. "Please? Do this for me?"

Cloud: Cloud knew that she was disappointed in his refusal to go any further. He could see it on her face that she wanted him to come along and have this moment with her, and she was disappointed that he couldn't get himself to do it without having to make a scene first. It made him feel childish and silly that he was doing this at all, but one look at those doors and he remembered the exact reason he was disappointing her. He didn't want to, and he felt awful knowing that he was causing her a form of distress when she was obviously very excited about this day. He couldn't have the same feeling as she was, and it made him feel even more nauseous than he already was. He was a disappointment yet again.

He hung his head a little and turned it aside as her words, considering them and not wanting to let her down anymore than he obviously had with his stalling. He shuffled his feet and looked at the hand she had of his, more than aware that he would never be able to leave so long as she had his hand like that. Would she drag him in if he continued to refuse? That thought unnerved him most of all, knowing that there was a possibility that Tifa would make him go even if he fought her on it, that force was on her side because he wouldn't hurt her physically and allow himself to be overpowered.

He looked completely uncomfortable as his eyes flicked to the door again, watching as it opened and then closed again. It was going to swallow him into a nightmare if he went, but if he didn't, Tifa would be disappointed in him forever and never forgive him. He looked into her eyes as they came up to his level, but he didn't feel the warmth of her skin against his this time. His skin was clammy with fear and he was still convinced he would simply lay down and puke at any moment. Still, being a failure for her jarred him and he turned his face away to avoid her eyes that would probably see he wouldn't go had he been here on his own and that she was forcing him. "...lead the way," he said softly, hoping his voice didn't tremble even as he took a small step forward, forcing the move in every way.

Tifa: She allowed him some time to really think about it, but she knew that he wanted to see the baby, so she wasn't about to let him get away with not going. It made her feel like a horrible person, forcing him to go into the one place that he feared the most, but once he saw the baby, he would be glad that he did. Besides, she didn't care if everyone knew that they were in a relationship and expecting a child. As much as she didn't like the media, they wouldn't be able to hide it forever and she didn't want to hide it forever. It was nothing to be ashamed of. It also wasn't like some people didn't know about it, she was sure many people did from when she told Rufus about the pregnancy at the coffee shop. The news was probably spread through word of mouth... and she was nearly expecting people in the hospital to congratulate them anyway.

Her smile widened as he gave her consent to lead the way, although she knew that he still didn't want to go. He was doing it to make her happy, which he did a good job of. "Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you so much and I know you won't regret it." She gave him another quick kiss on the lips and would've hugged him tightly if he didn't look so sick in the first place. She knew that look, for it was how she felt often lately with the morning sickness and whatnot.

Giving his hand a tight squeeze, she started to lead them through the front doors and through the hospital. On the way, she pulled out the appointment reminder out of her back pocket and looked at it. "Okay, it's on the third floor, so we can just take the elevator and, if I remember correctly, it's to the right. There is a directory or something like that at the top of the elevator." She stopped in front of the elevator, pushed the up arrow, then faced him again. "We're almost there, okay? And we'll be right on time for our appointment so we won't have to wait."

Cloud: He was hoping for a sympathetic response from her, anything that would show that she knew just how scared he was and the risk to himself that he was taking. He didn't get it, but he forced himself to endure to happiness as it was something that he wanted even if crawling under the ambulance looked to be better than walking forward. He knew she was mistaken as well because he was already regretting coming this far, but he dare not say anything that might ruin her current mood. He thought to leave her in her bliss while he silently suffered but was unwilling to keep her from this moment as it was terribly important to her.

He felt himself half-dragged forward, forcing his legs to move as she pulled him along, and he had a moment of nearly bolting the other direction as the doors opened and the very hospital smell hit him full on in the face. He held his breath to avoid it after the initial inhalation, and he was certain that he had somehow just gone paler and swayed more as he walked. He simply nodded to appease her, trying desperately to concentrate on anything but the fact he was in a hospital for the first time since he was twenty. It was too difficult. There were sick people everywhere, needles in arms, bandages on body parts, sickly looking individuals swaying or laying around in hospital beds. He nearly wretched, but he managed to get his hand up fast enough to bite his knuckle hard enough to draw blood to keep it down.

The elevator was not terribly exciting, and he found simply standing there waiting was the most painful part. A woman in a wheelchair being pushed along pointed at them and cackled with her toothless grin and even reached out to tug at his trousers as if to prove he was real. He leapt into the elevator as soon as the doors opened, pressing himself hard against the far wall before sinking down to sit in the corner and forcing himself to breathe. He said nothing only because he thought he would be sick if he tried to speak so keeping his mouth closed reduced the risk.

Tifa: Tifa could feel her palms start to sweat as they waited for the elevator, but she wasn't sure if it was out of nervousness or by the way she was gripping Cloud's hand. Perhaps it was Cloud's hand that was sweating, she couldn't entirely be too sure. She was just afraid that he was going to freak out and bolt out of the nearest exit, whether it be a window or a door. She pressed her lips together as she watched the numbers light up and start to descend, wondering why there were so many floors in the hospital to begin with. That meant a lot of rooms with sick people... and needles... and blood... and... She started to feel slightly woozy, so she closed her eyes for a moment, and tried not to think of the operating rooms.

Her eyes opened when she heard some insane form of cackling that she knew wasn't from Cloud, and jumped a little when the old woman was wheeled by. Gripping Cloud's shirt a little bit, she looked up at the nurse, who only shrugged and continued walking. At least it wasn't a body covered by a sheet, but it was just about the next worse thing knowing the woman pretty much looked like death anyway. Once they were out of sight, she turned to Cloud and chuckled nervously, praying that was the most scarring thing that they were going to see while there. At least the Maternity ward only had crying babies and mothers to be. That wasn't scary. Or, as scary.

Once the elevator gave a small 'ding' to announce it's arrival, she realized that Cloud slipped from her grasp and practically ran into the elevator. Following him, she quickly pushed the '3' button followed by the 'close doors' button to hurry things up. Kneeling down by Cloud, she brushed his bangs out of his face and kissed his clammy forehead. He was not calming her down at all, that was for sure, and she felt her pulse race as she listened to him breathe. "Shhh, it's okay. Just breathe. Take deep breaths, we're almost there."

Cloud: Pulling his knees up to his chest, Cloud considered just not moving anymore since it would mean going further into the hospital. He shuddered as he sat against the wall, closing his eyes and forcing his breathing to calm down again since he was very obviously panting. He felt sicker than he had before, and he had to bite his knuckle again to keep him from panicking. He tried to remember why he came in here again, and his mind was coming up with blanks for the first time, which only made him more distressed as to why he was sitting in an ascending elevator in a hospital and not running from the building.

At the feel of Tifa's hand against his forehead, his eyes darted over to her before he leaned towards her and buried his face into her chest to hide himself. He shuddered and tried to concentrate on the sound of her voice instead of the rolling gears of the elevator that was taking them higher up. He was supposed to be braver than this, but he felt like any shred of courage was crawling out the door and hiding under his parked motorcycle to leave him to fend for himself. He let out a soft whimpering noise at the 'ding' of the elevator that signaled the arrival at their destination.

His eyes peeked out to the floor and instantly focused on the windows that showed the complex. He could easily handle the jump and the shards of glass wouldn't bother him in the least. This place was suffocating him and he felt cold sweat running down his spine as his hands took a death-grip on the rail of the elevator to haul himself up to his feet. He swayed forward and stood shivering in the elevator, focusing down to how to get himself out of this place. The window was the closest obstacle he would have to go through, and he moved to bolt out of the elevator to get himself to the window.

Tifa: "Keep breathing, Cloud, it's okay, I'm here," she said as soothingly as possible, as if she were trying to calm down a young child from a nightmare. This was something totally different though. Tifa knew how to calm down Marlene and Denzel from nightmares, especially with the practice she had when Denzel was suffering with the Geostigma. With Cloud, she wasn't sure what was going to calm him down, and she knew that if he wanted to get out of there badly enough, he could break free from her grasp. He was definitely stronger than she was, and that was what she was afraid of. She didn’t want to have to force him to stay, but... she wanted him to be there so badly that it hurt her.

When he put his head against her chest, she kissed the top of his head and played with the hairs on the back of his head, hoping that she was calming him down at least a little bit. She had a feeling that it wasn't working, for by the way he was breathing and shaking, he was on the verge of having a panic attack. Being in the small elevator wasn't helping at all, so she kept on speaking to see if it would distract him from his thoughts.

The door opened, so she quickly grasped onto Cloud's hand to make sure that he wasn't going to run off because she saw him look at the window. Walking out of the elevator, she wrapped him into a hug and brought his head down into her shoulder so she could speak into his ear, one hand still on the back of his head while the other was on his back, prepared to grip onto his side incase he decided to bolt out of there. "Cloud, shhh, listen to me. Focus on me for a moment and remember why we're here, okay? We're here to see our baby, that's all. We have the ultrasound appointment, so that is the only reason why we are here. Just to see the baby, shhh..." She gently rocked him a little, more than aware that people were giving them queer looks. She didn't care about them at the moment. "Look, there's the room right over there. We're almost there. Hold on, okay?"

Cloud: Even before he had gotten anywhere close to the window, Cloud knew in the back of his mind that Tifa had a grip on him and would wage a physical war with him to keep him in this place where he didn't want to be. He stepped out of the elevator with a start, but before he could disentangle himself from her grip on his hand, he found himself wrapped in her embrace. He froze and stiffened in her hold, more than aware that she was keeping him from simply escaping this nightmare. He shifted in her grip, noting from a warrior's stand-point where her hands were and knew she would fight him on this... whether because she was afraid he would hurt someone or because she just plain refused him, he couldn't tell.

He panted and struggled a little in her hold, testing it even as he sensed that he could overpower her if he needed to. He didn't as a part of him still recognized that he could risk causing her injury and that was the only aspect that kept him from breaking free and running away. Instead, he focused on her voice, not the words as he was too panicked to, but the tone she was using on him. She was trying to soothe him, and he grabbed her up and held her to him tightly, breathing heavily even as he felt sweat begin to slid down his neck and face, causing him to shiver and shudder more in the hallway. He didn't want to move from where he was unless it was to the exit, and his distress intensified as it was clear they were going in more than out.

He dug his heels into the floor in a show of his fear, shuffling himself more towards the window even if it made him go further into the hospital and closer to the room. He lifted his eyes to peer around at his surroundings and noted a nurse watching him wearily. He wasn't sure if it was because he was recognized or because she didn't want him to disturb other patients. Either way, he started to back himself up towards the window, willing to drag Tifa along with him if she refused to let him go. Another soft whimper left his throat, the edges of his vision darkening down to give the distinct feeling of tunnel vision, his stomach churning uncomfortably.

Tifa: Now Tifa was terrified. She had never seen him so scared in his entire life, and there have been some pretty dark times in his life that she had witnessed. Even seeing him in the Lifestream and trying to work him through the truth of his past... she had the right words to say to him then, to bring him back into reality. This wasn't like that though. Being at the hands of Hojo all those years ago built this phobia into him, and she was basically forcing him to be there. The only thing that was going to calm him down was to go closer to an exit and get out of the hospital, and she knew that if he didn't calm down, she would have to take him home. It was something that she didn't want to do, she wanted to go through this with him. It was hard enough taking the pregnancy test without him, and she knew that she didn't want to see their baby alone. So that meant she had to keep trying.

"Cloud, you're not listening to me," she said, a little louder this time, her hands still stroking his blonde hair, hoping that it would calm him down at least a little. "You know that I love you more than anything and I would never be putting you in any kind of danger. Nothing will happen to you here, okay?" Her own pulse was racing, and with the way his face was buried in her neck, she was afraid that he would be able to feel her heartbeat and become even more nervous. She could feel the sweat accumulating on his skin, and she knew that now it was a full blown panic attack. She had never had one, so she didn't know what to do to make it go away. Was it something that went away over time? No, she was smart enough to know that her first thought was right; she would need to get him out of that hospital.

Exhaling in a little bit of panic herself as he started to drag her toward the window, she made eye contact with a nurse. Apparently the nurse knew what to do, so she gave Tifa a nod and held up a finger in a motion of 'wait a minute.' There was nothing else Tifa could do, so she held onto him a little tighter, kissing his forehead.

Cloud: Despite himself not wanting to hurt Tifa, Cloud continued to shuffle his way towards the window, the only place where he could see actual freedom to get out of his place. Memories of the lab flooded him, bombarding him with the same smells, the same noises, the same white walls that had once contained him. He had never been so frightened in all of his life, and he wanted to get out of this place no matter what it took. His superior physical strength had him moving at his own pace, meeting some resistance but nothing that his body found overly difficult to pull with him. Tifa would have to let go of him eventually, and he could sense her fear which only succeeded to make him think that he was in danger which in turn panicked him more.

He struggled in her hold, not prying her off of him but simply moving to the window until he felt his hip bump up against the wall and he could look down at the parking lot of the hospital. It calmed him a little to see the outside world, his vision still darkening as he considered how to remove the other disturbances from his mind, the smells, the sounds, the cool circulating air. He wanted more than to just see that there was a world outside that he could go to, and he ripped an arm away from gripping Tifa and raised it up towards the window, fully prepared to smash it and jump out. It was the only thing that he could think of, clouding his logic to simply the instinctual need to escape.

He stopped before swinging his fist into the window at the sudden feeling of pain in his lower back, whimpering and jerking a little away from the source. The pain went away after a few moments, leaving him feeling the wash of drug through his system. It would have panicked him to the point of violence had the drug not been a tranquilizer meant to calm him down. He leaned heavily against Tifa, his arms sagging as he breathed heavily and closed his eyes as the drug eased his muscles down to relaxation and turned his mind away from the fact he was trapped in a hospital. Instead, he simply recognized the warmth of Tifa's arms and lay in them a little while.

"I had a feeling he would be difficult to bring here. I almost thought you wouldn't bring him at all, not after refusing to do so when he was so gravely injured before," an older man's voice said behind him, but Cloud was hitting the stage of being too out of it to know it. "Miss Lockheart, you realize the dangers you have just put him and everyone else in? Did you have any idea he would have a panic attack here? Hmm, nevermind that... let's get him and you into a room to keep people from gawking at the both of you." He heard footsteps walking by him and managed to lift his head enough to recognize the older doctor who had once been his keeper after his torture. He sighed heavily and relaxed against Tifa, his brain too fuzzy for anything else but he was fully ready to be lead around as long as he could be with her. She would take care of him, wouldn't she?

Tifa: Tifa looked up to the desk where the nurse disappeared from, hoping that she would reappear soon with a good method to do something to calm Cloud down. It was her job, she would know better than Tifa, that's for sure. Her shoulders were starting to shake to hold in the tears that wanted to fall, mainly because she knew how strong Cloud was and she wasn't sure what he was going to do. He probably wasn't thinking too clearly, or at all, except wanting to get out of that hospital by any means necessary. At the moment, it looked like it was going to be out of that window and Tifa wasn't sure if he was going to bring her with her. What would happen to the baby if they both fell? Even if he didn't bring her with him, he would have to completely struggle out of her grasp and physically harm her to do so since she didn't have any intention of letting go.

Fortunately, she wasn't able to dwell on those thoughts for very long because she saw the nurse walk in with Dr. Godwin, and she let out a sigh of relief. She felt a twinge of panic herself when she saw the needle in his hand, but if anyone knew what it was to calm Cloud down, it certainly would be him. He drugged up Cloud pretty well before, so he knew how much of what solution he needed to use. Not many doctors could claim that knowledge, for he was the only man who had ever worked on a man like Cloud Strife. He didn't say a word as he injected Cloud with the needle, and Tifa felt Cloud go slack after a moment.

"Thank you," she said to the doctor, resting her cheek against Cloud's damp forehead, then looked down as she was reprimanded. "I knew that he wasn't comfortable with the idea but, I didn't know he would react like that." It was the truth, but it didn't make her feel any better. At least he was calmer now. Whatever the doctor injected into him worked and worked very fast. Kissing Cloud's forehead, she nodded at the doctor and adjusted her hold on Cloud. "Okay, we're going to go into a room. Just hang onto me, I'll get you there. I won't leave you, I promise." With that, she started to follow the doctor back into one of the rooms.

Cloud: Tifa's words floated through his mind in a fuzzy haze, and Cloud had trouble picking out what it was she was saying. It seemed as though it was something about discomfort and then something about a room, not sure why he would want to go to an uncomfortable room at all. Maybe she just wanted to sit him down, and he didn't resist as Tifa held on and started to drag him off after the retreating doctor who seemed to be unconcerned with him being a once unwilling participate in some sick joke that involved him being in a hospital. At least, he thought he was in a hospital if any of the fat pregnant women and nurses had anything to say about wherever he was.

He sashayed his way with Tifa's holding, using her to keep him on track or he was certain that he would simply drop off the sleep right away. He wanted to, but there was a warmth about him that wouldn't allow him to go just yet, so he just followed passed all the staring people. He hoped he didn't look odd and that it was something else they were staring and pointed at. He hated the publicity most of the time, and now he was just too out of it to make a fuss about it.

He found himself entering a small room with a few machines in them, a bed and a couple of chairs. There was a female technician sitting by a computer screen looking at fuzzy imagines. He lay his head down on Tifa's shoulders and let out a drowsy murmur to her that made no sense him or her he was sure. The doctor was staring at him and walked around to shut the door behind him to keep them all inside the room before the doctor (what's his name now?) gestured to the empty chair. "Place him there... I doubt he'll do any harm to himself or anyone else for a few hours. He's going to be out of it as I gave him a strong tranquilizer to calm him down, and he might not remember a lot of what he hears or sees while he's on it. Still... better than him jumping out the window, wouldn't you say?"

Cloud didn't really know what was said and just pushed some sweat-damp hair from his eyes even as they remained closed. "Now Miss Lockheart, you are here for an ultrasound. Once you put him down, go and lie on the table and pull your shirt up to just below your bra line. Lillian here will apply some gel and we will get started..." Somehow, he knew the fact the doctor trailed off and gave him a pointed look since he had opened his eyes to stare back. "...best we not keep him long. His metabolism is higher than normal people and I do not wish to be in a confined room with him if it wears off too quickly."

Tifa: It wasn’t hard to half carry Cloud through the waiting room, he was practically walking by himself, besides, it wasn’t the first time that she had carried him. Everyone in the waiting room tried not to gawk, but they were clearly watching what was going on, but it didn’t exactly matter to Tifa. For the most part, they kept to their own business, more occupied with their own pregnancies and concerned if Cloud was okay more than anything. She was just thankful that she didn’t see any of the fangirl receptionists that were there when she had the test done, for she was afraid they would’ve rushed up to him and crowded him.

She helped Cloud sit into a chair, then brushed his bangs off of his forehead, murmuring, “I’m still here.” He was looking at her, but he wasn’t comprehending what she was saying very well, if at all. It was definitely a powerful drug. Her lips turned into a semi frown, more upset at herself than anything as she continued to run her fingers through his hair and said, “I’m sorry. I hope you’re not cranky with me when you’re more with it.” She felt terrible, not to mention a little selfish that she made him come with her. He didn’t want to, no doubt for the fear of panicking, yet, she didn’t exactly give him a choice in the matter. She didn’t want him having the regret of not seeing the baby via ultrasound, but maybe he wouldn’t have had the regret. Again, she felt selfish, so she let out a sigh.

Turning her attention to the doctor, she slowly stood up, then stopped when she heard what he said. “A few hours?” Instead of obeying, she looked back down at Cloud, at the examination table, then over at the doctor. “Y… You mean he’s not going to remember this? But I…” Slowly looking down at Cloud again, she shook her head. “No. I’m sorry, I want him to be more conscious so he can remember seeing his child for the first time. I forced him to come here and I told him that he would see the baby, so I want him to see it at the same time that I do. I don’t want him to have to go through all that he did without getting anything out of it.” With a sigh, she added, “please, respect my decision. I feel badly enough that I pretty much forced him here. I … can handle him if he gets out of control, but I don’t think that he will. I’m pretty sure that he’ll be fine when he sees the baby, but if not, I’ll take him out of here and I’ll reschedule my appointment.” She just hoped it wasn’t going to come to that.

Cloud: Cloud followed along with where he was being taken, not in any form to actually protest what was going on now. He was calmed down, not even aware that he was in a hospital more because he wasn't paying attention anymore. His brain felt warm and fuzzy, clouded with drugs so that he couldn't react badly to his surroundings, so he just allowed himself to be half carried by Tifa into a darkened room without protest. The chair he was placed in was nice, and he lulled his head forward then back with Tifa's hand going through his hair. He didn't even bother to keep up with the conversations that were going on around him, thinking that the floor was an interesting shade of gray.

He did note a male voice, one he thought he recognized but couldn't be bothered to think on. He knew Tifa was in front of him, and just be the tones, it seemed like the conversation was starting to get emotional on Tifa's end. Normally, he was very aware of her moods and would come running right away when she was upset, but the most he could manage was to lift his head a little and peered over between Tifa and the doctor at the bed, making a soft 'hmmm' noise. He closed his eyes after a moment and said nothing, simply relaxing like he had never been able to before in his entire life that he could remember.

"Miss Lockheart, I understand your wants and needs, but it's not a matter of controlling him that worries me. What I'm more concerned with is if he damages himself or other patrons of this hospital. You and I are both well aware of his strength, and if he is even remotely out of control, he could severely damage himself, others, or property. It's best we do this now while he is calm and not force him to endure yet another trip to the hospital, only for a repeat of today... and I guarantee that getting him into the hospital a second time will be even more difficult." The doctor was looking at him. He could feel the eyes on him, but he didn't move to look back. "We need to do some analysis of the child anyway, which will take about half an hour. With his metabolism as it is, he should be alright enough to respond and see the baby. He'll work the drug quickly, even if he might not appear to... so please, make this easier on him and lie down so we can make sure all is well. He would do much better slightly out of it than panicked to a point where he won't concentrate on anything but trying to escape this place."
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